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The best things to do after dinner in Vienna let you see the capital of Austria in a totally different light. The city is great for exploring at sunset, with stunning architecture and atmosphere providing travellers with a hugely rewarding experience. Whether you prefer to wander the age-old streets after dark, catch a movie at a historic cinema, or party until your legs give up, you can do all this and much more during your stay.

Once you’ve finished up feasting on a delicious dinner at one of the city’s famed restaurants, the next thing to do is decide on how to spend the rest of your evening. With Vienna almost overflowing with memorable venues and adventures, consider these tips before having a great post-dinner stroll through its winding streets.

Innere Stadt

Discover Vienna’s most famous historic landmarks after dark

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Innere Stadt is where you can find many of Vienna’s most stunning venues. Recognised as a UNESCO World Heritage site, this incredibly historic district dates back to early Roman times. As you wander along an opulent circular ring road built on top of the ancient city walls, a series of grand buildings remains lit up in the evening.

The medieval St. Stephen’s Cathedral features ornate architecture and an instantly recognisable multi-coloured roof. The 13th-century Hofburg is another lavish landmark – a former imperial palace that’s now home to several fascinating museum spaces that document its remarkable history.

Danube Tower

Indulge in wine and 360-degree views of the cityscape

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Danube Tower is one of the most popular landmarks in Vienna, with this iconic structure stretching 252 metres above the landscape. Opened in 1964 in Donau Park, this soaring destination offers more than just incredible views across the city. The viewing platform also features 2 revolving restaurants, Turm Restaurant and Turm Café.


Whether you choose to have dinner at the Danube Tower or head there following a nearby reservation, this vantage point ensures you receive unbeatable vistas of the capital and its famous river. With delicious regional cuisine and wine on the menu, you’re bound to have an unforgettable visit.

Location: Donauturmplatz 1, 1220 Wien, Austria

Open: Friday from 11.30 am to 9.30 pm, Saturday from 10 am to 9.30 pm, Sunday from 10 am to 11 pm

Phone: +43 (0)1 2633572

Viennese Giant Ferris Wheel

Ride one of the world’s oldest Ferris wheels and soak up the views

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The Viennese Giant Ferris Wheel (or Wiener Riesenrad) is certainly one of the city’s more enduring symbols, having been around since 1897. It inherited the title of the world’s tallest Ferris wheel in 1920 when its ta and, although lost it again in 1985, this year-round attraction continues to be a hugely popular destination with tourists and locals alike.

Rising almost 65 metres above the city, the Viennese Giant Ferris Wheel serves as an appropriate entry point to the surrounding Prater amusement park. With each ride lasting about 15 minutes, you’ll get to admire the dazzling city lights from this remarkable height. You can also book lavish private dinners here to celebrate a special occasion.

Location: Riesenradpl. 1, 1020 Wien, Austria

Open: Daily from 10 am to 7.45 pm

Phone: +43 (0)1 7295430


Watch classic and indie movies in this throwback cinema

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Filmcasino offers an undoubtedly unique cinema-going experience, with this historic theatre maintaining the charm of the 1950s and 1960s. While the cinema was first built in 1911, an extensive renovation decades later is what lives on through throwback architecture and interior design, including the seats, ticket counter and snack bar.

This longstanding cinema might have an edge due to its eye-catching decor, but it’s also beloved for its screening of cherished indie, art-house and classic films that you won’t find on the big screen anywhere else. If you’re looking for a low-key event after dinner, catching a flick at Filmcasino is definitely a wise choice.

Location: Margaretenstraße 78, 1050 Wien, Austria

Phone: +43 (0)1 5879062

Vienna State Opera

Attend a world-class performance or take a guided tour behind the scenes

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The Vienna State Opera is a wonderfully engaging experience, with this venue hosting numerous acclaimed productions touring the globe. Opened in 1869, this ritzy landmark amazes audiences with an exceptional programme that changes daily. With around 50 operas and ballets presented each season, finding a stunning performance to watch post-dinner is never a problem.


Outside of these world-renowned productions, the Vienna State Opera also hosts guided tours that delve into the building’s fascinating history. You’ll receive an up-close glimpse of the extravagant architecture and get to explore the grand sections that make up this massive institution.

Location: Opernring 2, 1010 Wien, Austria

Phone: +43 (0)1 514442250


A historic theatre showcasing celebrated productions

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The Burgtheater is Austria’s national theatre, ensuring it’s a great place to attend a dramatic performance that leaves you laughing or crying. Established in 1888, the towering facade is one of the oldest structures in the city. Head inside to discover an extravagant design that resonates with history and glamour.

On the schedule, acclaimed modern plays showcase international playwrights. Shakespearean classics are regularly presented with incredible acting talent. The Burgtheater also hosts guided tours of the venue’s iconic features – its ceilings and grand staircases were produced by notable Austrian artists.

Location: Universitätsring 2, 1010 Wien, Austria

Phone: +43 (0)1 514444545


Explore this inner-city neighbourhood for late-night drinks

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Schwedenplatz is an ideal place for an after-dinner stroll and a drink in Vienna. The central square is surrounded by venerable architecture and buoyant revellers enjoying a night out. You’ll find dozens of charming bars, wine cellars and pubs ready to serve you a delicious cocktail or beer.

There are almost endless options to choose from, but First Floor is always a good pick. Featuring wonderful Modernist Viennese styling, this place is renowned for its potent cocktails and great tunes. Bermuda Bräu is another popular choice, with this cosy Viennese-style pub offering local beers and good vibes.

Vienna rooftop bars

Admire the skyline and sip on an after-dark beverage

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After you’ve experienced a sumptuous dinner, rounding off the night with a top-notch rooftop bar sounds like the perfect idea. In Vienna, there’s no shortage of stellar candidates, with inner-city neighbourhoods on either side of the Donaukanal ensuring you enjoy a tasty drink with the view to match.

Lamée Rooftop always attracts a crowd, with its refined selection of cocktails accompanied by picturesque citywide views. Forming part of the lavish The Ritz-Carlton Vienna, the Atmosphere Rooftop Bar is another stunning venue where you can sip down refreshing drinks and dance to DJ sets.

Casino Wien

Enjoy late-night table games and dining in this opulent venue

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Casino Wien is the premier gaming venue in Vienna, with an enormous variety of table games and slot machines ensuring you have an exciting night. Situated in the heritage-listed Palais Esterhàzy, this extravagant setting is a great spot to test your luck and soak up Vienna’s late-night scene.

After you’ve had a go at roulette, blackjack, or poker, you can hit up the casino bars for a tasty refreshment. Indulging lady luck with some casino fun is a lively way to close out your night in the city.

Location: Kärntner Str. 41, 1010 Wien, Austria

Open: Daily from 9 am to midnight

Phone: +43 (0)1 5124836

1st District nightclubs

Dance the night away at some of the city’s top nightlife spots

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The 1st District (Inner Stadt) has one of the largest concentrations of nightclubs in Vienna. Like most European capital cities, it’s home to a myriad of thumping clubs that let you keep the party going until the early hours. With bustling spots dedicated to house, techno, and rock music, finding the ideal venue for your taste shouldn’t be an issue.

Flex is arguably one of the most famous nightclubs in the city, hosting live concerts and DJ sets from some of the world’s biggest names. Club U is loved for its themed parties and outlandish decor, while the likes of Celeste and Volksgarten are geared towards underground electronic acts.



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