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Germany is a beautiful country filled with culture and history that is all it’s own. It can be hard to find things to do when you are on a tight budget. Everything costs money, and you have to be able to feed yourself for the entire trip as well. Luckily, there are several free things you can do throughout the country to keep yourself busy.

These free things cover a broad range of activities that are suitable for any lifestyle. You don’t want to break the bank and these activities help you avoid that misfortune. Keep reading to learn about 10 free things to do in Germany!

10. Stop By Mauerpark On Sundays For Karaoke

10 Free Things To Do In Germany | TheTravel

Karaoke happens every Sunday in Mauerpark in Berlin, and it’s a sight that you have to see to believe. This is a day meant to relax, and many choose to spend it watching others try their hand at Karaoke. It was a tradition started back in 2009, and today, thousands come to watch strangers perform in what they like to call the “Bear Pit.”

The crowd supports everyone whether they are good or bad, and the same applies to their dance moves. Several people wander around the crowd selling cold drinks, so you don’t even have to worry about growing thirsty.

9. See The Vehicles At BMW Welt

10 Free Things To Do In Germany | TheTravel

This is a BMW facility you can visit that is located near their official factory. It showcases BMW’s past, present, and future, and it comes free of charge to interested guests. The tickets to the BMW Welt are free, but if you want to see the museum, then you will have to pay a small fee.


It is the perfect place for any car lover to visit as you can see new and old vehicles on display. There is so much to see and do, with the most notable being the BMW Vision iNEXT where you can take a virtual ride to learn about their technological advancements.

8. Walk Across The Hohenzollern Bridge

This bridge is located in Cologne, Germany, and it doesn’t seem all that special until you take a closer look. It is covered in locks that are placed by people who are in love and it all started back in 2008.

You can travel here with a loved one after purchasing and decorating a lock of your own, then throw the key into the Rhine River below. If you don’t have a special someone, it can still be fun to wander down the bridge and look at the creativity others have left behind as they proclaimed their lasting love.

7. Visit The Brandenburg Gate

10 Things Not to Do in Berlin, Germany

This is a monument located in Berlin that was built years ago and served as the dividing line between East and West Germany. Visitors used to climb to the top for a glimpse of the other side of the wall, and today it serves as a reminder of what happened as well as a symbol of unity.

You can also visit the Holocaust Memorial while you are here as a somber reminder of what happened during the days of the Holocaust. These places are both free to the public, so there is no reason not to visit these important pieces of history.

6. Stop By An Outdoor Market

There are markets all over Germany that provide visitors with a variety of fruits, vegetables, freshly-baked goods, and souvenirs. It doesn’t cost anything to visit them, but don’t be surprised if you come out with at least one item during your trip.


The best market is located in Muenster and people rave about the wide selection offered to them as merchants sit on every corner. There are also some other markets popping up as Christmas is just around the corner so you can pick up some international gifts for your favorite someone.

5. Sign Up For A Guided City Tour

There are free walking tours all over Germany in many of their major cities. These seek to educate guests on the historical significance of the area, as well as promote some of their shops to help their economy.

A few of the cities offering tours include Berlin, Hamburg, Frankfurt, Cologne, and Munich. There is so much to learn, and it can even help you plan the rest of your vacation as you spot certain venues along the way that you decide you have to pay a visit.

4. Add Frankfurt’s St. Bartholomew’s Cathedral To Your Itinerary

This is considered an Imperial Cathedral and is one of the few to ever receive this designation. It has been rebuilt a few times due to a fire and the destruction that occurred during World War II.

You can take a free tour of the place where emperors from the Holy Roman Empire were crowned, but it is still an active church so be sure to be respectful of any visiting for religious reasons. There is a museum on-site as well, but it does cost 2 euros if you want to enter.

3. Visit A Few Museums

There are several free museums across the country that cover a variety of topics. One of these museums is located in Berlin and it is called Deutsch-Russische Museum. The explores the happenings of World War II and the relationship between Germany and Russia.

There are so many exhibits with artifacts from this time period, as well as a Soviet T34 Tank that sits outside of the museum. A quick search will bring up a list of any free museums in the area you are staying and some even have certain days of the week where admission won’t cost you a thing.

2. Look Upon The Neuengamme Concentration Camp

This is a lesser-known concentration camp, but one that is just as somber as the rest. There is no price for admission, and no tours available, but you can walk through and see the multiple exhibits.

It’s a memorial to the people who lost their lives and suffered here, and you can learn all about it, as well as read the names in the death register. It is best to see the museum first before walking the grounds, as that closes before the rest of the area.

1. Walk Along The Rhine

Several walking tours will take you along the Rhine River. You can see old villages, tourist attractions, as well as shop and eat until your heart is content. There are also several trails you can take to see the natural area instead of the congested city life.

It is also wonderful to travel down the trails to different castles that are hidden away from the public’s eye but give you a better view of the area and its immense historical value.



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