10 Hawaii Sunset Photos That Will Take Your Breath Away


It’s common knowledge that Hawaii has sunsets to die for, right? We’ve compiled a list of 10 Hawaii sunset photos here for anyone who might be needing a reminder. Take a load off and travel to the beautiful Hawaii islands and take in a beautiful sunset.

1. This is a typical Hawaiian sunset.


No big deal, right? Yeah right! Just look at it!

2. A Gorgeous Sky Over a Beautiful Ocean

Flickr User Ernesto Borges

Pretty amazing, in our humble opinion.

3. You’re likely to See a Hawaii Sunset Like This Daily

Flickr User Shelli Kelsey

We could frame this and stare at it all day long.

4. Someone Out on That Boat is Basking in the Golden Rays

Flickr User Ryan Cummings

Surely they wouldn’t mind a couple of visitors…

5. You Never Know What Kind of Sunset You’ll Get!


Will it be pastel pinks and purples of bright orange and golden sun rays?

6. You Can Look Forward to This Every Evening

Flickr User shamsazizi

Ko Olina sure puts on a show. The purple and orange skies reflecting off the surface of the ocean with silhouettes of palm trees in the foreground make for one of the most beautiful sunsets I’ve ever seen.

7. Even as it Gets Closer to Getting Dark, the Sky Holds Onto the Colors

Flickr User 5D Guy

This sunset in Waikoloa village on the Big Island is definitely holding on.

8. What’s More Calming Than This?

Flickr User Beth Sundahl

The pink and orange clouds over a deep blue ocean is very calming. I’m not sure there is anything more calming. The sound of waves crashing, maybe?

9. You Get to Watch the Sun Sink Into the Water

Flickr User digital204

Stick your toes in the sand and enjoy the greatest show on Earth.

10. If These Colorful Sunsets Aren’t Art, I Don’t Know What Is

Flickr User Kate Rutherford

Ahhh. Breathtaking and relaxing… What more could you possibly ask for? You have to get out to Hawaii and take in these sunsets as soon as you can!

By: wheninyourstate.com