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Bright blooming tulips, delicious Stroopwafels and cheese, bicycle and picturesque windmills – Netherlands is one our favorite places in the world! The small towns of Netherlands of look like they were taken straight out of a storybook – pretty, traditional and colorful. So, put on your clogs and join us as we visit the 10 most delightful small towns in the Netherlands. Let’s go!

Giethoorn Attractions

This dreamy town is charming beyond words. There are so many things to do in Giethoorn, a car-free town that only allows cycling and sailing on one of the many canals in the village, or crossing over one of its many bridges. Known as “Venice of Netherlands ,” the village shines in bright colors, adorned in blooming flowers and boasts traditional houses. It is a “must” for your Holland trip.

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Giethoorn, Netherlands

Things to do in Volendam

Picturesque Volendam is a traditional Dutch fishing village, with quaint little houses and cobbled maze like streets. This charming village should be on every list of small towns in the Netherlands.

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Volendam, Netherlands


An idyllic little village in Netherlands, with a beautiful harbor and charming lanes. Don’t forget to eat some freshly caught fish!

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Monnickendam, Netherlands

Things to do in Edam

We can talk about how pretty Edam is, with its storybook canals and charming atmosphere, but we want to talk about cheese! Edam cheese is one of the world’s most famous cheeses and in Netherlands, covered in red or yellow wax. Make sure not to miss out on the annual cheese market!

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A traditional little Dutch village, Marken boasts charming wooden houses and serene lush scenery.

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This pristine town is known as the cleanest town and it’s lovely as it is clean. Colorful 17th century wooden houses resting near a natural tranquil lake will make you feel like you have stepped into a fairytale world.

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Charming canals & scenic harbors, Harlingen has a stunning ocean view.

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Have you ever seen a star shaped town? This fortified town is shaped like a 12 pointed star and is still remarkably preserved and looks like a work of art.

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This historic small town is mostly famous for its secret underground world – a maze of manmade and natural tunnels and caves. Don’t miss out on the beautiful and historical buildings and the magical underground Christmas market.

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Although not as small as the others, Delft is nonetheless charming and traditional town in Netherlands. Home to the famous and beautifully crafted blue and white Delftware pottery. Its medieval town center is still busy and full of life, and surrounded by maze like lanes and romantic canals.

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Tulips of Amsterdam

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Windmill and tulips in the Netherlands

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Cheese in Amsterdam

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