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Welcome to Canton zurich (Switzerland) . Whether you’re a local or a visitor, we have a list of 11 top malls and shopping centers you must see. Discover 11 hidden malls and shopping centers gems to experience Canton zurich (Switzerland) like a local. Get ready to be amazed by 11 incredible malls and shopping centers that will leave a lasting impression.

Information about Canton zurich (Switzerland)

Visitors to the canton of Zurich will have the opportunity to enjoy the traditional buildings and the beauty of historical Swiss architecture as well as the picturesque pristine nature of the region, and at the same time they will be able to enjoy the luxury of modern cities and the spirit of the West and the latest skyscrapers and means of transportation, and this combination of historical and modern details makes the region one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world A haven for people of all tastes and classes. This canton also has a large number of Alps mountains, which makes it one of the best destinations in the world for winter tourism.

A picture of the Canton zurich makes it easier for you to know the country
Canton zurich

A list of the best Malls and shopping centers in Canton zurich

Looking for the best malls and shopping centers spots in Canton zurich (Switzerland) ? Our curated list features the most exceptional destinations, meticulously selected by our team, and based on the experiences of fellow travelers. Start planning your next adventure with us.

1- Im Viadukt

A picture of Im Viadukt
Im Viadukt

Im Viadukt – cool, funky shopping center where shops are nestled inside the arches of 19th-century railway bridges. Along the rail and its arcs, you will find about 30 wonderful stores that sell a variety of goods, most of which are fashion stores and restaurants. The shopping center is suitable for visitors with a limited budget, as most of the prices of the stores in the place are average. It is one of the places preferred by tourists for shopping in Zurich. In it, you will definitely have a wonderful shopping experience that you will not forget!


Place address: Switzerland, Zürich, Viaduktstrasse, Markthalle im Viadukt: 8005

2- Airside Center

A picture of Airside Center
Airside Center

Airside Center – shopping center located inside Zurich Airport, and shopping is allowed in it for passengers and transit only. In it, you will find more than 60 various stores for local and international brands, in which you can find anything you are looking for, whether it is Swiss watches, fashion, or souvenirs, and in the center you will also find the Zurich Free Market that provides a variety of high-quality products, including Perfumes, cosmetics, tobacco products, and many more. There are many distinctive restaurants in the center where you can relax while waiting for your plane.

Place address: Victorinox Store Zürich Airport (Airside), Airside Center, 8302 Kloten, Switzerland

3- Einkaufszentrum Glatt

A picture of Einkaufszentrum Glatt
Einkaufszentrum Glatt

Einkaufszentrum Glatt – The most famous shopping center in Switzerland, and it is a very large center whose building extends over an area of 43,000 square meters, and there are stores that sell products for various international and local brands, including Swiss watch stores, stores that sell famous Swiss knives, luxury jewelry stores, fashion stores, and many others, Specifically, there are a total of 100 stores in which you can definitely find everything you are looking for. You can accompany your family and friends on a shopping trip from this distinctive mall, and you can also relax in the existing restaurants and cafes.

Place address: Glatt, Neue Winterthurerstrasse 99, 8304 Wallisellen, Switzerland

4- Migros

A picture of Migros

Migros – Migros is a wonderful five-storey shopping center in the heart of Zurich. The center was completely renovated in 2014. It houses many famous Swiss and international brands of fashion, electronics and makeup. And many wonderful facilities, including restaurants, cafes, children’s playgrounds, and a pharmacy, and in this center you will find everything under one roof. It is distinguished by providing its customers with free internet service, delivery service, and electronic payment service.

Place address: Migros, Löwenstrasse 31-35, 8001 Zürich, Switzerland

5- ShopVille Zurich Hauptbahnhof

A picture of ShopVille Zurich Hauptbahnhof
ShopVille Zurich Hauptbahnhof

ShopVille Zurich Hauptbahnhof – This shopping center is located under the famous main train station, and there are about 180 diverse stores offering goods from local and international brands. Including stores for fashion, books, flowers, electronics, pharmacies, and many more. This mall is open throughout the year and at late hours, and it is characterized by the fact that you can easily reach it because it is located in the main train station, and through which you can shop for everything you want. This center is frequented by tourists from all over the world.

Place address: ShopVille – Zurich Main Station, Zürich Hauptbahnhof, Museumstrasse 1, 8021 Zürich, Switzerland

6- GLOBUS | Zürich Warenhaus

A picture of GLOBUS | Zürich Warenhaus
GLOBUS | Zürich Warenhaus

GLOBUS | Zürich Warenhaus – The traditionally styled Mall Globus enjoys a privileged location in Zurich, and was founded more than a century ago on the model of Parisian department stores that sell all kinds of goods under one roof, and its products nowadays focus on fashion, beauty, home living and luxury, and as a result Discerning customers can find the latest fashion trends, stylish furniture and furnishings, as well as delicious food items from around the world.


Place address: Schweizergasse 11, 8001 Zürich, Switzerland

7- Sihlcity

A picture of Sihlcity

Sihlcity – The largest shopping center in the city center of Zurich, a modern shopping center established in 2007, in which you will find 80 various stores, including fashion stores, electronics stores, make-up stores, toy stores, and many facilities, including restaurants, and some cinemas. You can reach this center easily by trains or public transport, given that it is located in the city center. If you want to shop, go to this wonderful and nearby center where you can find everything under one roof.

Place address: Sihlcity, Kalanderpl. 1, 8045 Zürich, Switzerland

8- Letzipark Shopping center

A picture of Letzipark Shopping center
Letzipark Shopping center

Letzipark Shopping center – One of the relatively small shopping centers, which includes many places of stores and stores that provide everything that visitors need under one roof, as there are a number of wonderful clothing and fashion stores suitable for all ages and designed with elegant modern designs, and it also includes many distinctive gift shops, and children’s supplies stores Children, in addition to toy stores, electronic and modern technology stores, in addition to that, the center includes a number of distinctive cafes and restaurants that provide the most delicious meals, drinks and delicious desserts. This center provides visitors with free parking for three hours.

Place address: Einkaufszentrum Letzipark, Baslerstrasse 50, 8048 Zürich, Switzerland

9- Letzipark

A picture of Letzipark

Letzipark – shopping center located next to the main railway station, newly renovated and increased in size to meet the requirements of the times. And you find a variety of stores selling fashion, books, flowers, electronics, and shoes, and there are also more than 20 grocery stores and food products such as meat and vegetables. The center provides its visitors with free internet, a children’s play area, and many more. You will definitely have a unique shopping experience in this shopping center, which is easily accessible by public transportation.

Place address: Einkaufszentrum Letzipark, Baslerstrasse 50, 8048 Zürich, Switzerland

10- Bahnhofstrasse

A picture of Bahnhofstrasse

Bahnhofstrasse – Bahnhofstrasse is a wonderful shopping street in which you will find many shops that offer luxury and high-quality products, and the stores in it are varied, as there are fashion stores, some cafes, and many grocery stores. It is easy to reach this shopping street, as it is located in the express train area, and it is possible to shop and buy wonderful gifts. It is a market loved by locals and tourists coming to the city alike, when they can visit it to see beautiful old buildings and many distinctive statues.

Place address: Bahnhofstrasse, 8001 Zürich, Switzerland

11- Europaallee

A picture of Europaallee

Europaallee – great modern shopping center in Zurich that is easy to get to as it is located near the central train station. Although it is a small center, there are many shops selling a variety of goods from international and local brands. You will find souvenir shops, clothes, shoes, makeup and much more. There are also many facilities, including cafes and cafes, where you can relax after a tiring shopping day. It is a suitable place for shopping with friends and family.

Place address: Europaallee, 43, 8004 Zürich, Switzerland


We hope our guide has inspired you to explore the unique and fascinating region of Canton zurich (Switzerland) . From its stunning natural wonders to its rich cultural heritage, Canton zurich (Switzerland) is a destination that promises to leave you awe-inspired and enriched. We encourage you to take your time and immerse yourself in the local culture, learn about the history and traditions of the region, and connect with the people who call it home. Remember that every journey is a personal one, and your experience in Canton zurich (Switzerland) will be different from anyone else’s. So, don’t be afraid to follow your instincts, take a detour, and explore the unknown. As you journey through Canton zurich (Switzerland) , we invite you to embrace the unexpected and discover the hidden treasures that await. We hope that our guide has been a valuable resource in planning your trip, and we look forward to hearing about your travels. Safe travels, happy exploring, and until next time!



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