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Den Haag is a beautiful city to explore, but not many tourists know where to go to find the hidden gems. This to do list will help you discover some of the best places to visit in Den Haag that are off the beaten path and will show you what locals love about their hometown. You’ll have a better time exploring what to do in Den Haag if you start here!


What to visit in Den Haag? You should start with the best of the best.

Haagsch Broeder is a brewery in the city center of Den Haag, and it’s one of a kind. It was founded as a monastery brewery back when beer was considered to be safer to drink than water! There’s nothing else like it anywhere near this side of town. And you can taste for yourself why everyone who visits Den Haag has to come here first.

I’m not exaggerating when I say that one of the best things to do in Den Haag is to visit the monastery and sample the beer! There’s nothing like it in this side of town. And I can guarantee you’re going to love it.


Kloosterbrouwerij Haagsche Broeder offers a one of a kind experience for those who visit what to do in Den Haag.

what to do in den haag

2 – HAAGSE MARKT what to do in Den Haag

Next stop is de Haagse Markt, one of the biggest markets in Europe, located in de Schilderswijk in Den Haag.

The Haagse Markt is one of Europe’s biggest markets.

It has a long history, and to this day it remains the best place to buy fresh produce in Den Haag. It’s also an excellent center for local arts and crafts, and has lots to offer shoppers who want to find something that’s uniquely Dutch.

I could write to you a long list of why to visit the Haagse Markt, but here are just three to get you started:

  • – You’ll find a great selection of local produce to buy.
  • – There’s an excellent selection of arts and crafts.
  • – It’s one of Europe’s biggest markets, so something is always going on to keep it interesting!
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De Haagse Markt is weer open, maar niet alle kramen zijn elke marktdag te  bezoeken - indebuurt Den Haag

3 – KOMPAAN what to do in Den Haag

Kompaan is a brewery in den haag that has to be seen to be believed. You’ll never find anything like it. It’s not too big or to small, and it’s just the right size for what you need to do some serious drinking! A certain visit for when you are wondering what to do in Den Haag.

– Kompaan was founded by two friends who always loved to drink together – They’re so good at drinking beer they thought they should open their own brewery. – The name of the brewery is based on these two friends: “kompaan” because they are companions when they drink beer together. And I can promise you one thing, if you come to Den Haag and don’t visit this place then there is no hope for your soul!

De Kompaan Craft Beer Bar, open four days a week on Saturnus Straat has a rough and authentic design that fits the look of this industrial location. The tasting room is furnished with 20 taps. Be surprised by the fresh own beers, freshly from the craft brewery and amongst which Vrijbuiter, Handlanger, Bondgenoot and Bloedbroeder. While Kompaan doesn’t have beer from well-known breweries, they do offer a selection of craft beers from both domestic and foreign brewers. Drafts are on tap at all times.

Kompaan Brewery & Bar |

Kompaan has to be seen to be believed! They’re so good at drinking beer they thought they should open their own brewery. The name of the brewery is based on these two friends: “kompaan” because they are companions when they drink beer together. And I can promise you one thing, if you come to Den Haag and don’t visit this place then there is no hope for your soul!”

4 – Catshuis what to do in Den Haag

Jacob Cats built the house near Walk from Den Haag to Scheveningen. He never called it Cat’s House, but Huis Sorghvliet. It was also Prince Willem II’s property for a time, but he never lived there.

Catshuis | Ministerie van Algemene Zaken |

The House of Cats is traditionally the residence of the prime minister in The Netherlands, but Mark Rutte lives in a double downstairs house in Benoordenhout.

If you are going to be traveling with your kids, it can be a challenge anywhere you go. The Catshuis is now only used as a reception area for the prime minister and government ministers. Former US President Barack Obama has been here too.

Looking inside

There are more conference halls, a basement and a kitchen. Upstairs is an apartment that the minister can use as a second home. If you are wondering what to do in Den Haag this is worth a visit.

What to do in Den Haag? Do a tour!

Of course you can discover this all by yourself. Another way of discovering is going with a local guide showing all these hotpots! And find out what to do in Den Haag.

den haag hofvijver

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5 – VAN KLEEF what to do in Den Haag

It’s very long ago but once there was a factory brewing gin, bitters and liqueurs in the old center of The Hague. Today it houses Van Kleef Steam Distillery 1st class -founded by Lamberthus Theodorus Van Kleef which is still located at the Lange Beestenmarkt in the old Heart of Den Haag.


A wide variety of drinks could be brewed in the adjacent shops.

Van Kleef |

The Van Kleef Distillery was first established in 1842. In 1986, the last Haagse distillery closed its doors for good. The decision was made to completely demolish the building and surrounding 19th-century commercial shops that ran along one side of it.

`You can see the history of Alcohol production “in action” in the Museumtuin, which used to be a distillery. UntiI 1999, when it was closed and completely renovated under an original architect’s plan. A new bottling line was built on the spot. Today’s Van Kleef is once again open for business.


One of the oldest streets in Den Haag is Molenstraat, which was named after a flour mill that disappeared with time. As you wander through the old city, be sure to notice the grand building with historical significance on your right. This is not one of my favourite places in Den Haag, but it should be at least admired from a short distance before continuing on your walk along beautiful brick-paved streets and past famous monuments. At this point you’ll need to ring the bell to come through…very James Bond.

7 – SPINOZAPOORT / DUNNE BIERKADE 29 what to do in Den Haag

We just love the entrance to this scenic hofje, which dates back to the 1700s. This hofje was used for workshops where tables, chairs, and textiles were produced for the city’s wealthy citizens. If you’re close by De Paas be sure to stop off here!

8 – Theesalon de Waterkant what to do in Den Haag

As a counterpoint to the generic beachside suburb in Scheveningen, there is Waterkant. Crossing over to Haringkade with hand-operated pontoon boat, you’ll discover one of the best terraces in all of Den Haag on this secluded south-facing plot. The higher temperatures here even during winter make it a favorite to escape the cold.

There’s more to Waterkant than just rental boats, picnics, lunches, a drink on the terrace, paddleboarding and bungee exhibitions. This oasis outside the city is also a perfect place for your wedding ceremony, open-air meeting or event. With the floating silent restaurant any business outing becomes an extraordinary experience!

9 – James Turrell – Celestial Vault what to do in Den Haag

There is a place in the dunes of Den Haag that has been created by James Turrell to allow people look up at the sky, Hemels Gewelf in Kijkduin.On top of one edge of the polders is a reservoir built in the form of an ellipse, 30 meters wide and 40 meters long. An embankment about 5 meters high encircles the reservoir.

In order to get inside this crater, you need first climb on wooden steps up the dune and then through a 6-meter long concrete corridor. Even though the area around the crater was cultivated over time, this mound is special. On top of a monumentous bench shaped from natural stone stands two individuals who can lie down and watch how the sky encompasses an arch shape. Nearby sits another similar bench with a panoramic view overlooking sea, beach, and flat land in the distance.

10 – TRAMPOLINE CHURCH what to do in Den Haag

In the street Stadhoudersplantsoen you will find a very special church, this church is actually used as a big trampoline amusement park.

Planet Jump, the coolest indoor trampoline park in Scheveningen/Den Haag, is also unique because it resides in a former church.

Parents and caretakers can grab coffee, read a book, or enjoy WiFi in the lounge area of the church. And you don’t need to worry about missing any action on the bouncy flooring because you’ll have a direct view!

11 – BINK what to do in Den Haag

We already mentioned the industrial area Binckhorst, this is a up and coming neighborhood with a lot of new and cool start ups. Another cool spot is the Bink36 building.

One of the most underrated spots in Den Haag is not the Binkhorst complex yet it’s one with a view. The roof deck on top features a cafe, bar, and restaurant – all making for an ideal gathering spot during large events or even just when you need a break from everything.

what to do in den haag bink

Conclusion what to do in Den Haag

If you’re looking to explore all the hidden gems of Den Haag, we have a bike tour to show you around. It’ll take about 3 hours to cover 18km and it’s an excellent way to get to know the city on two wheels! We also offer private tours for groups as well as customized group packages – just contact us with your interests and we will help create something that is perfect for your needs!



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