12 Reasons to Visit Edam Other Than the Cheese

The Netherlands

For obvious reasons, most day trippers to Edam tend to travel to the city to sample cheese. While this is certainly one of the city’s main draws there are other many other reasons to visit Edam which aren’t necessarily related to its famous dairy industry.

It’s really close to Amsterdam

Edam is only a short bus journey away from Amsterdam and it is also easy enough to bike to the city via several well-kept cycle paths which takes roughly 90 minutes from Amsterdam’s Centraal Station.

The city’s surrounded by charming countryside

Edam is part of a larger region in North Holland called Waterland that is renowned for its fertile farmlands and picturesque polder landscapes. There are many other rural towns around Edam, most of which are only a few kilometres from the city’s borders.

Grote Kerk

Edam’s largest church is known as de Grote Kerk and features many interesting architectural details including a particularly venerated set of stained glass windows.

Grote Kerk, Grote Kerkstraat 57, Edam

© Arch / WikiCommons


There are several campsites dotted along Edam’s coastline which look onto the rugged Markermeer sea. These campsites are particularly popular during the warmer months of the year and attract many water sports enthusiasts.

Edams Museum

Edam’s city museum preserves and curates an impressive collection of artworks and artefacts related to the area’s history. This modest institution is housed within the oldest stone building in Edam was completed around 1550.

Edams Museum, Damplein 8, Edam, +31 299 372 644

Fort bij Edam

Fort bij Edam was created as part of a larger series of fortifications around North-Holland that completely encircle Amsterdam and were designed to protect the city from invaders travelling by land. Today the fort is open to the public on Wednesdays every week, between 10.30 to 15.00.

Fort bij Edam, Oorgat 10, Edam

© Janericloebe / WikiCommons

The canals

Much like many other cities in North Holland, Edam was partly built around its canals and still features several historical waterways. While walking along their banks is already extremely rewarding, it is also possible to take a boat tour through the canals.

The harbour

Edam was once one of the richest and prosperous cities in the Netherlands partly due to its booming harbour. Although it is now quite small compared to other larger Dutch settlements, Edam still has a charming docklands which is mainly populated by recreational vessels.


While strictly speaking Volendam is a different city altogether, this adjacent settlement shares a long history with Edam and both city’s are governed as a single municipality. Volendam is well-known as one of the most devotedly Catholic places in the Netherlands and became a tourist hotspot during the 20th century partly due to its residents’ traditional way-of-life.

Volendam, the Netherlands

Volendam’s harbour | © pixabay


Like most other Dutch cities Edam is extremely accommodating to cyclists. There are hundreds of nearby cycle paths that trail into North Holland’s picturesque hinterland and the city itself is easily navigable by bike.

Exhibitions and Concerts

Edam’s Grote Kerk regularly hosts cultural events and other longterm projects such as exhibitions. It is even possible to dine inside the church while listening to a classical concert at certain times throughout the year.

The Cheese Market

While this item is obviously related to Edam’s dairy industry it is worth highlighting that visitors at the market don’t necessarily need to consume or even buy cheese to enjoy the event. The market happens every Wednesday between early July and late August and involves massive wheels of golden cheese, traditional all-white clothing and many other old-timey features.

Kaasmarkt, Jan Nieuwenhuizenplein, Edam

© pixabay

By: theculturetrip.com