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At We Love Small Hotels we wish for your unforgettable trip to be in Portugal. In this sunny, small country, but with so much diversity, we leave you with an irrefutable invitation.

Discover the coastal and fishing villages, walk through the countryside and vineyards of the interior regions, stroll the deserted beaches, know more about the history through the monuments or immerse yourself in a typical cuisine workshop. Take Portugal with you, in the memories that will remain forever.

Here are the 12 unique travel experiences to do in Portugal:

1. The Portuguese Route 66

Cross the entire country from North to South on an unforgettable journey through one of the longest roads in the world, the National Road 2 (the Portuguese Route 66). An adventure through the most varied landscapes, from the vineyards of the Douro, the Alentejo fields, to the beautiful beaches of the Algarve. It is just you, the road and a beautiful country to discover.

Get on the road to The Portuguese Route 66

2. The Tunnels & Bridges Route in Douro International Park

Once a railway that connected Porto to Paris now is a path of tunnels and bridges that stretches for 17 kilometres to give breathtaking views and a unique sense of nature and silence. The railway was deactivated for more than 30 years ago and connects Barca d’Alva, a Portuguese station and La Fregeneda, in Spain. The path is surrounded by nature and with the rivers Águeda and Douro.


Adventure yourself into the Tunnel Route in Douro International Park

3. Reconnect with Nature in Azores

Now more than ever we are eager to get out from home and reconnect with nature. The Azores is the best place to do it.

The archipelago has a unique ecosystem, and some places are practically untouched. You might find a true paradise and once there there’s nothing better than to Walk in Azores. Discover the lakes and protected areas, be dazzled with the views that some viewpoints offer and taste some unique delicacies of the islands.

Discover São Miguel, a unique island, and adventure yourself in the Azores Walk Tour

4. The Portuguese Camino de Santiago

An emotional walk and one of the most famous paths in the world, the Camino de Santiago is something you should do at least one time in your life, so why not this year?

Pass through beautiful landscapes, charming villages and live the positive energy of the path. In the end, when you arrive at Santiago de Compostela, walking so many kilometres will be totally worth it and you will have many memories to share about your journey.

Discover our Portuguese Camino de Santiago Tour

5. A genuine green experience in Portugal

This one is an invitation to a genuine green experience while discovering the country – Portugal. Our eco-tour will lead you to three top green hotels in Portugal. Pedras Salgadas Spa and Nature Park that has a collection of unique tree houses, Areias do Seixo with its matchless natural decoration and sustainable operation and Torre de Palma Wine Hotel, a place that combines the wine and horse-riding culture, with stunning golden valleys and vineyards’ landscape. Embark on this journey, from North to South of Portugal.

To have the best of both worlds, luxury and sustainability, find more about this Eco Tour of Portugal

6. Schist Villages Walking Tour

In the centre of Portugal, there are some historical and picturesque villages. They are known as Schist Villages, small villages where schist was the main building material. Our suggestion is to visit more than one village, make your way and discover natural trails through the mountains and rivers.


See all about the Schist Villages Walking Tour

7. Jewish Heritage in Portugal

Portugal is an old country full of traditions and with a lot of heritage throughout the territory. In the Alto Alentejo, you not only find a beautiful region with a lot of plains, hills, castles and vineyards but it’s where you can also find out more about Jewish Heritage in Portugal and the Sephardic Jews.

Their story can be discovered in this Jewish Heritage Tour in Portugal

8. Authentic Portuguese Foodie Tour

Through scents and flavours discover the Portuguese cuisine in this foodie tour. This one is for food lovers, for those who really appreciate sitting at the table enjoying a good and real meal. This tour will guide you through many authentic foodie places in Portugal. In the end, you will turn yourself into a connoisseur of the Portuguese gastronomy.

Find out all about this Authentic Foodie Tour in Portugal

9. Discover Lisbon through the poet eyes, Fernando Pessoa

Maybe you already heard about or visited Lisbon, but you never truly discover this city with a passion like the famous Portuguese poet Fernando Pessoa had for it. The legacy left by Fernando Pessoa allows you to look at Lisbon with different eyes and discover places you never saw.

Grab his book that will be your guide map and discover Lisbon through Fernando Pessoa’s eyes

10. A Unesco Heritage Tour in the Douro Valley

Discover Portugal distinguished places classified World Heritage by UNESCO while also experiencing the wine culture and the unique flavours of Portugal. Wander through the North of the country searching for UNESCO sites, you will be amazed by the history and heritage Portugal has. This tour ends in Porto, a chance to mix both old and modern.

Embark in this UNESCO Heritage Tour in Northern Portugal

11. Rota Vicentina Walk Tour

Another opportunity to be in the middle of nature, far from noise and crowds, is the Rota Vicentina. This route is very special to the hearts of locals, that spread along the coast. It mixes both natural and man-made paths. You can do it at your own pace, but most important is to absorb everything around you.

Rota Vicentina starts in the southwestern Alentejo, a land of great people, typical food and wonderful beaches.

Discover all about Rota Vicentina Walk Tour

12. The most beautiful roads in Alentejo

Fan of road trips? The most beautiful roads of Alentejo are waiting for you. From Comporta to Costa Vicentina, enjoy every kilometre and appreciate nature around you, the typical villages, local people and the typical delicious food.

Find out more about the Scenic Routes Tour in AlentejoDiscover 5 reasons more to visit Portugal.

You should never run out of ideas, so visit other Custom Made Tours in Portugal and find the most suitable for what you are looking for. We can also personalize your experience, as we are here to help and welcome you. Contact We Love Small Hotels.


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