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I’m a big craft beer fan. I love trying new beers and adding them to my Untappd. You can easily find me browsing in the app, checking out the menus of Verified Venues (shops & bars). It might not surprise you, that also in Rotterdam, where I live, I’ve done my best to discover many different places to enjoy some craft beers. Interested in or already visiting Rotterdam? This is an overview of the 12 best beer bars in Rotterdam (in my opinion). Or if you’re Dutch: De Beste Bierbarren in Rotterdam!

Looking for a place to stay the night during your trip to Rotterdam and after visiting all these beer bars? I could highly recommend the Nhow (great Erasmus bridge views), The Bellhop Hotel (in the Witte de Withstraat!), SuperNova or Hotel Unplugged.

1 || Brouwerij Noordt

I’m a huge fan of this place. When I moved to Rotterdam in 2015, Brouwerij Noordt had just opened. We went there a lot and quickly got to know all their beers. We even got an unlabeled beer with us to try and report upon the next week when visiting. The beers of Brouwerij Noordt are now also served in different cities in the Netherlands. You can enjoy the beers in their brewpub or sit on the huge terrace. Don’t forget to try my favourite beer: Seven Hops!


Brouwerij Noordt, Rotterdam, Beer Bar

2 || Proeflokaal Reijngoud

Proeflokaal Reijngoud is based in the famous Witte de Withstraat, and is my personal favourite of this street. Their beer menu is extensive, but rather basic. They have a terrace and inside area, and especially during the weekend it gets completely packed.

Proeflokaal Reijngoud, Beers in Rotterdam

3 || Kaapse Brouwers

Another brewery based in Rotterdam. Kaapse Brouwers is located in the Fenix Food Factory, where other food & drink companies are based. The great thing is, that you can get a lovely burger of a plate of Mezze in one place and get your Rotterdam-based beer from Kaapse Brouwers, after which you can enjoy the sun and outlook on the water!

Kaapse Brouwers, Rotterdam, Fenix Food Factory
Fenix Food Factory, Rotterdam

4 || Brewdog

Brewdog only opened in 2020 in Rotterdam and is therewith the first Brewdog in the Netherlands. If you are a fan of BrewDog beers, you are definitely at the right spot here. If you don’t know them yet, they are worth trying. My personal favourite of Brewdog is the Hazy Jane. also looking for a bite, they have amazing burgers and a lot of vega/vegan options as well. Their cauliflower wings are also amazing!

Brewdog Rotterdam, Beer Bar

5 || Belgisch Biercafe Boudewijn

The patio of Belgisch Biercafe Boudwijn (Belgium Beers) is probably the most striking about the place and a great place to spend your summer evenings. They also do have a cosy insight area and another terrace in front of the place. When you are into Belgium beers, this is the place to go in Rotterdam.


Biercafe Boudewijn, Rotterdam

6 || Bierlokaal Locus Publicus

Bierlokaal Locus Publicus is located on Oostplein and focuses mainly on Belgium beers, however, they do have a broader selection. With around 15 beers on tap, there is enough choice to receive your favourite draft beers. When I’m finding myself on the east side of the city, this is one of my favourites to go to. The inside area is rather small but cosy and they do have a terrace with lovely evening sun.

7 || De Gele Kanarie

De Gele Kanarie is a very popular place in Rotterdam and you’ll find it completely packed every weekend. A large terrace on the corner of the Mariniersweg and a large restaurant/bar area make it a popular place for many. They do have a couple of beers they brew down in the basement but also have a nice assortment of other beers.

8 || Bokaal

Bokaal used to be my favourite terrace in Rotterdam, as it was located close to my first place in Rotterdam. Bokaal is easy to reach from Blaak station and is very popular with the Friday Afterwerk Socials when many citizens gather for a beer. Their beer menu is not very excessive and special, but they do serve something suited for you.

9 || Kaapse Maria

Kaapse Maria is the little sister of “Kaapse Brouwers” mentioned earlier in this overview. They do serve the beers of Kaapse Brouwers and are located in the city centre. So are you craving some freshly brewed beer from Rotterdam, but don’t want to head down to Katendrecht, Kaapse Maria is a great alternative.

Kaapse Maria, Rotterdam

10 || Biergarten

Biergarten isn’t one of my favourite places in Rotterdam, but I know for many people it is one of the places they like to visit best. The Biergarten is an outside area, relatively close to the Central Station where you can enjoy your beer. Don’t expect many different beers, but you definitely can have a German experience going for a cold Weizen.

11 || Cafe Walenburg

Another place is located within walking distance from Rotterdam Central Station, but this place can’t be compared to Biergarten. Whereas Biergarten might be the largest place on the list, Cafe Walenburg is the smallest. Changing beers on tap, a changing menu and helpful personnel. Cafe Walenburg is your neighbourhood corner cafe (quite literally) and a great place to go for a more local

12 || Bierboutique

Last, but not least, Bierboutique is located in the famous Witte de Withstraat, the bar street of Rotterdam. On a bar crawl? Combine this one with Proeflokaal Reijngoud located nearby.

Bierboutique, Best Beer Bars Rotterdam



By Lala