Sun. May 19th, 2024

The new year is always a good excuse to plan your next trips. If you’re thinking about visiting Braga or you live in the city, use 2018 to take a few trips in close-by destinations that have a lot to offer you (beach, country side and city).

Check out our list of locations near Braga that you should visit and decide if it is or it isn’t worth including them in your plans:


It’s located about 50 km and a quick trip away from Braga. It was elected the best European destination and it’s the eternal “Cidade Invicta”. Like Braga, it’s part of Nor therner Portugal, region where the oldest traditions are still really a part of the culture and where the value of the past and the future is huge. Walk through the picturesque streets with clothes hanging on the windows, enjoy the beauty of the river and the flavor of Port wine. Visit Clérigos Tower, the Cathedral, the gardens of Chrystal Palace and the famous Lello Book Shop, which inspired the unmistakable Hogwarts’ stair case from Harry Potter universe.



It’s where the nation was born and only that would suffice to justify a visit of all the Portuguese people and of all of those who love Portugal. It shares the University of Minho with Braga and, together, the two cities make a center of knowledge, youth and innovation. It’s located about 26 km away from the capital of the district and, even though it’s a small city, it has many interesting spots to visit. The castle, the Dukes of Braganza’s palace and Alberto Sampaio Museum are places of mandatory stop and will teach a bit more about the country’s History.



It’s a vast area with breathtaking natural landscapes. It’s quite close to Braga and, at the same time, it offers a tranquil refuge of the city’s movement. Green is the main color but the blue of the sky reflected on the water courses offers a nice contrast, as well as the white of the snow seen on the top of the mountains during winter. It’s the only natural park in the country and a great location to spend a calm few hours or days in contact with the stunning nature, revealed in water falls, wild animals and unique botanic species.

Viana do Castelo

It’s a part of Alto Minho and it’s about 60 km away from Braga. It’s a small city by the sea, perfect for a few days of relax and tranquility next to the beach. The historical center looks like it came out of a fairy tale, quite small but very cozy and pretty, with houses and monuments very well-taken care of. When in the city, it’s mandatory to go to Santa Lúzia’s mount to enjoy the amazing view, to Gil Eanes Boat to witness the eternal link of Viana with the sea, and, of course, it’s indispensable to go to Natário for a hot bola de Berlim, filled with cinnamon and sugar.


By Lala