6 Amazing Things To Do in Lagos, Algarve


Lagos, a vibrant beach city in the Algarve, features everything visitors love about Portugal. There are beaches of every shape and size, from wide sandy bays to small coves surrounded by ochre-colored cliffs. At Ponta da Piedade, these rocks produce an incredible view where the sea is a clear emerald colour and the bluffs and obelisks are covered in tunnels and arches.

With Portuguese pavers laid in elegant patterns on its streets and sites that take you back to the Age of Discovery when explorers sailed from the harbour in Lagos‘ old town is an exploring paradise.

Let’s explore the top activities in Lagos:

1 – Visit Ponta da Piedade

Ponta da Piedade

A Portuguese natural wonder is located on a headland a short distance south of Lagos’ historic area.
The Ponta da Piedade features 20-meter-high red and yellow limestone cliffs, outcrops, and stacks, as well as twisted walls and sparkling transparent water below.

But ascending a stairway carved out of the cliff face on foot is equally as memorable, and from the summit, you can see all the way to Cape St. Vincent in the west.

2- Enjoy a unique Dolphin Watching Tour

Dolphin Watching by Zawaia Experience

Watching wild dolphins in their natural habitat is a one of a time experience aboard our new rib LIVIDUS, designed and built in 2019 to provide all comfort and the best visibility while observing these magnificent animals.

Join our friendly and experienced skippers departing from the Marina of Lagos who will take you on this adventure searching for dolphins. Our crew always go to the areas where the sighting of cetaceans is also more likely so you can get the most out of your journey and create the best moments you can here in Algarve.

On our coast we can find multiple species such as: Common DolphinsBottle Nose, Risso`s DolphinHarbour Porpoise, as well as other species of animals like tunas, turtles, Minke Whales and different types of birds.

3 – Visit Old Town in Lagos

Slave Market, Lagos, Portugal

The historic core of Lagos has whitewashed houses on a warren of patterned streets still partially contained by its 16th-century walls.

The Jardim da Constituição by the water, which served as the Algarve province’s governors’ seat from 1576 to 1756 when Lagos served as its capital, is the place to see them best. The Mercado de Escravos, Lagos’ slave market for about 250 years starting in 1444, is a monument to a dark time in the city’s history that is nearby and serves as a reminder that the Age of Discovery came at a human cost.

D. Henrique, Henry the Navigator, whose expeditions left from Lagos’ harbour in the 15th century, was one of that era’s heroes.

At the Praça Infante D. Henrique, he is honored with a statue.

4 – See the Church of Saint Anthony

Saint Anthony of Lisbon Church

You might be perplexed by this church’s inclusion on the list of Portuguese National Monuments from the outside. A simple whitewashed front with two bell towers on top gives way to a magnificent nave. Every surface is covered in intricate murals, azulejos, or carved woodwork.

The paintings on the walls and the frescoes in the ceiling vaults both highlight the life of St. Anthony of Lisbon. From the 18th century until 1929, when it was turned over to the government for immediate repairs, the church was owned by the Portuguese military.

There is currently only one ceremony held here year on June 13 to honor the patron saint.

5 – Visit the Municipal Museum Dr. José Formosinho

Municipal Museum Dr. José Formosinho

You might be eager to take advantage of sites like this because Lagos still has an intriguing story to tell despite its extensive tourist infrastructure.

The museum was established in 1934 and is housed in a wing of the Igreja de Santo António. From the Neolithic era through the Luso-Iberians, Romans, and Moors to the Age of Discovery, every era of the region’s history is covered.

A scale model of the city, several coins, equipment for old-fashioned local trades like cork production, and a lavish collection of religious artwork from the sacristy of the church are all present.

6 – Visit Lagos’ Centro Ciência Viva

Centro de Ciência Viva – Lagos

A nice science museum may be found in the heart of Lagos if you’re on vacation with your family and want to get out of the midday sun.

This describes all the developments that made the Portuguese Age of Discovery possible and is located in Casa Fogaça, a manor home from the eighteenth century.

There are interactive exhibits that cover astronomy, shipbuilding, and cartography.

These are integrated with more general exhibitions on science and technology, and interested kids can explore the educational playground in the courtyard, learn how to utilize morse code, operate 3D printers, and create their own radios.

Final Toughts

Lagos has become so well-known due to its pristine shorelines, golden-orange cliffs, and Atlantic beaches. It’s one of the Algarve’s best towns.

These beaches provide ideal coastal pleasures to their guests and are renowned for their breathtaking scenery, which is admired around the world.

Travellers might find boutique hotels and extraordinary facilities here.

As well as the ideal location to achieve the summer body tan.

The adventurous visitor can take part in water and air activities like paragliding and snorkelling. When visiting the Algarve, make sure to take a guided tour of the Benagil cave, Dolphin Watching tour, and a Sagres Coastal Tour.

Since the majority of the beaches in this area are lordes and protected by high cliffs, they have calm waters and are a good choice for families vacationing with young children

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