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An increasing number of Americans are moving to Canada and are settling in cities and towns all over the country. Each city, large or small, has its own unique set of characteristics that differentiate and define it. The unique characteristics of each city are evaluated in choosing the best places to live in Canada as an American.

It is recommended that you work with experts in planning an international relocation so that you take care of all aspects of the move. You need to know the most appropriate visa options, the best cities to move into depending on your lifestyle needs, and find employment. Generally, the cities are the most preferred places to live for expats due to the standards of living and diverse culture.

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1. Vancouver

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Vancouver is a popular destination for Americans moving to Canada due to its natural landscape and diverse cultures. Vancouver has breathtaking mountain views and the Pacific Ocean which makes it ideal for a wide range of outdoor activities such as surfing, skiing, and whale watching.


Vancouver has world-class education and healthcare facilities as well as a multicultural environment which make it the best place to live in Canada for Americans. The fact that more than half of the population speaks English makes it ideal for Americans to relocate to Canada.

The multicultural nature of the city makes it people highly tolerant of other people and their unique cultures. Settling down in the city is therefore quite seamless with plenty of places to meet and interact with people. The tolerant nature of the city is evident in hosting one of the largest gay pride parades and legal recreational use of marijuana.

Finally, Vancouver has a strong economy and plenty of employment opportunities in a number of industries such as telecommunications, technology, mining, construction, tourism and hospitality, finance and forestry.

However, it is important to note that the cost of living is high in Vancouver, one of the most expensive cities in Canada.

2. Toronto

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Toronto is the largest city in Canada and also the fourth largest in North America in population. Toronto is Canada’s financial capital and has something for everyone with many Americans living here compared to any other city.

The cost of living in Toronto is high seeing that the city has the most expensive property prices in Canada and even in the world. A good thing about the city is the extensive public transportation system which will make it easier for people moving here.

3. Montreal

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Even though Montreal is a French-speaking city in Canada, it still ranks highly as a destination of Americans moving into Canada. Statistics indicate that there were about 18,000 Americans settled in the city in 2016 and many more living there as students and on temporary work permits.


Montreal is the second-largest city in Canada and is therefore a multicultural and bilingual center. It is referred to as the cultural capital of Canada. There are numerous options that you can choose from if you are looking for places to hang out or things to do.

Compared to Toronto and Vancouver, Montreal has affordable property both for purchase and rental purposes. The city is served by extensive public transportation in the form of a metro and bus service that adequately serves the needs of all inhabitants.

4. Calgary

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Calgary is yet another city that is attractive to Americans looking to settle in Canada. It is the warmest and youngest city in Canada making it one of the most livable cities in the world. The city also boasts of having some of the most breathtaking views in North America.

There are more than 12,000 Americans permanently settled in Calgary and Alberta which is home to 95% of Canada’s oil reserves. There are more American workers in the mining, engineering and construction industries that are found in Calgary. Housing is affordable in the city and car ownership is a necessity since it is a sprawling and driving city.

5. Ottawa


Ottawa is the nation’s capital and is yet another location for Americans seeking to relocate to Canada. The city is a multicultural and is home to many technology startups.

Property prices in Ottawa are high and are steadily on the rise. The city is prone to traffic congestion even though the recent launch of the light rail system is expected to address the movement of people.

6. Victoria

Queen Victoria Building (QVB), Sydney

The small city of Victoria is an attractive option for Americans who are seeking a slower pace of life and living in sync with nature. It has been considered a progressive and environmentally friendly city. There are employment opportunities in sectors such as technology and tourism.

More than 6,200 Americans are permanently settled in Victoria and a good number has been attracted by job opportunities in the political and media fields. Victoria is the provincial capital of British Columbia.

7. Edmonton

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Edmonton is home to a growing number to Americans attracted to opportunities in oil and gas and a booming sports scene. Edmonton is ranked top for the highest average income in Canada aided by affordable housing and relatively lower cost of living. Public transportation is not reliable which means that owning a car is absolutely necessary since shopping malls and other attractions are situated away from downtown Edmonton.

Edmonton is the capital of Alberta and the employment hub. It is close to the Jasper National Park in the Rocky Mountains. More than 8.600 Americans have settled in Edmonton as residents or dual citizens.

In conclusion, there are other upcoming destinations for Americans relocating to Canada including cities such as Windsor, Hamilton, and Winnipeg that offer something different from the large cities. Canada has a long history of welcoming American citizens and there are numerous cities in which you can settle and start a new life depending on lifestyle and financial priorities.



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