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Bayreuth is a lively and beautiful town in Germany. Having a great history, well-known for its famous Wagner Museum, the town has much more to bring to its visitors and discovering the place is like traveling back in time, passing by the Renaissance until the middle ages. With these 7 top-ranked attractions and sites of interests around the city, you’ll find many exciting things to enjoy while your stay around Bayreuth.

1. Neues Schloss

Bayreuth Neues Schloss Front 1

The new Schloss Bayreuth is not as new as its name would suggest. Indeed the castle dates back from 1758 and is the reconstruction of the former one (destroyed in a fire). Here, visitors will appreciate the decorations and the rococo-style of the whole palace, built primarily as a leisure castle. From “the Cabinet of Fragmented Mirrors”, the Old Music Room, the uncountable chambers, etc., you’ll walk through another world passing by many paintings and greatly designed objects of all kind. A worth taking tour through the Renaissance German bourgeoisie.

2. The Margravial Opera House

Margravial Opera House

Built between 1744 and 1748, The Margravial Opera House, a Baroque opera house, might be one of the most outstanding sights of Bayreuth. A UNESCO World Heritage building, the impressive theater is one of the few of this period remaining nowadays in Europe but also one of the greatest examples and a testimony of the architectural knowledge of the mid-18th-century. Actually under restoration due to its age, the wonderful building is one of the jewels of the city of Bayreuth, and worth going to see.

3. The Ökologisch-Botanischer Garten der Universität Bayreuth

Ecological-Botanical Garden of the University of Bayreuth

The Ökologisch-Botanischer Garten der Universität Bayreuth is a 16 hectare (39 acre) botanical garden founded in 1978 and is managed by the University of Bayreuth. Ecology, environmental field research and teaching are the main aims of this beautiful space which is nowadays including over 10,000 plant species from around the world, transforming the place into a real microcosmos. Here, while walking across the many varieties of plants (woodland and grass plants, aquarium plants, succulents, and plants of tropical mountains and cloud forests) you’ll travel around the world, discovering species from the Americas, Asia, and Europe. It is the right place to go for those looking for a quiet and instructive time while enjoying the surrounding nature.

4. The Richard Wagner MuseumHaus Wahnfried

You might have heard this name already but if “Wagner” is still blurry for you, you have to go there! Consisting of three buildings, the Richard Wagner Museum is a mammoth space hosting several permanent exhibitions around the life, works and influence of Richard Wagner, but also a special exhibition area where you’ll access further information thanks to the Richard Wagner Foundation research center. Here, visitors will learn about everything related to the great composer as the aim of the place is to “preserve the artistic legacy of Richard Wagner, its research works, in the long run for the public (specifically the younger generations of artists)”. From reports, documents, shop, cinema and cafe, the space has all the infrastructure to please and welcome all of its curious visitors. A must!

5. The Kunstmuseum Bayreuth

Opened in 1999, The Kunstmuseum Bayreuth is located in the former baroque town hall and is one of the best art museums in the city. In this building dating back to the middle ages, you’ll first enjoy the elaborate Renaissance-style ceilings of the space but, most of all, you’ll gaze at some great contemporary art and classical modern art (Abstract Expressionism, Abstraction, Concretion, Concept Art, Fluxus and Happening. Abstract: Expressionism, Constructivism, Surrealism, New Objectivity, etc.) exhibitions displayed in the building. Furthermore, you’ll appreciate being guided by the experienced staff who’s also driving educational and art workshops in the place. A good spot for art lovers!

6. The Hermitage Park

Bayreuth Eremitage Park 1

some time for family, groups or couples, picnicking, enjoying a leisurely walk or just to rest in a calm and peaceful atmosphere. One of the major city sights, the garden has been built on an old zoo and here, you’ll love the traditional baroque elements in this mixed creation where independent smaller diverse spaces are scattered all over the place. Everything here—the natural stands of trees, the meadows, the cascades, the hilltop gardens, etc., will bring you a great feeling of peace and calm. A great day out in a serpentine outdoor park that’ll please any kind of visitor.

7. The Urwelt-Museum Oberfranken

Bayreuth, Urwelt-Museum Oberfranken 07 Dinosaurier

The Urwelt-Museum Oberfranken in Bayreuth is an impressive natural science museum that has been gathering around 19,209 fossils 3,000 minerals and rocks since 1833. Nowadays, this mammoth building displays paleontology, geology and mineralogy exhibitions of the nature of the Oberfrankens. Here, with this extensive collection, you’ll see many skulls, minerals, bones, fossils and representations of old dinosaurs, expositions of gigantic skeletons, and you’ll gaze at the incredible history of nature and its awesomeness. A great place to go for nature and history lovers.

Discover the history of Bayreuth

Marktplatz Bayreuth

With these 7 activities and sites to enjoy around the city, you’ll discover Bayreuth and its historical, cultural background in an interesting and fun way!


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