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Want to discover the hidden treasures of Portugal only known to locals? The best way to do this is to book a walking tour in whatever city you plan on visiting. From the bustling streets of Lisbon to the quaint corners of Porto and the historical landmarks of Évora, each city offers a unique experience. Put on your walking shoes for an unforgettable experience with the 9 best walking tours in Portugal.

1. Lisbon Essential Walking Tour: History, Stories and Lifestyle

An incredible walking tour through Lisbon’s vibrant streets, this tour is filled with history, stories, and a glimpse into the local lifestyle. Led by a local, this tour takes you on a journey through charming neighborhoods and iconic landmarks.

You will get to explore the neighborhoods of Chiado and Bairro alto, enjoy the panoramic view from Miradouro São Pedro de Alcântara, visit the Alfama district, and much more. You’ll also enjoy a ride on the Eleléctrico tram for an authentic Lisbon experience!

2. Highlights and Hidden Gems of Porto Private City Walking Tour

This delightful walking tour of Porto takes you through the city’s iconic highlights and hidden gems. In the three hours of the tour, you will get to explore the historic São Bento Station, renowned for its beautiful tile panels, and admire the breathtaking views from the top of the Clérigos Tower.


You will also be able to take in the atmosphere of the Ribeira neighborhood, with its colorful houses and charming riverside setting. After that, the tour crosss the magnificent Dom Luís I Bridge, and a food tasting of Porto with wine and traditional Portuguese snacks are served.

3. Old Funchal Walking Tour

Led by a local guide, this Funchal walking tour allows you to explore the enchanting streets of Funchal, discovering the city’s fascinating past. You will get to see historic landmarks such as the Sé Cathedral, with its impressive Gothic architecture, and delve into the secrets of the charming Old Town. Plus, the picturesque squares and narrow alleys of the Old Town make for incredible photography!

4. 3-Hour Guided Street Art Walking Tour of Lisbon

A great way to learn more about Lisbon is through its street art. In this street art tour, you will get to discover the hidden corners and colorful murals that make Lisbon a street art lover’s paradise. Explore the vibrant neighborhoods of Bairro Alto and Mouraria, where renowned street artists have left their mark.

You will get to see stunning graffiti pieces, mesmerizing murals, and thought-provoking street installations, as well as learn about the stories, techniques, and cultural significance behind each artwork.

5. Guided tour of the University and city of Coimbra

The best way to explore the city is by foot through this walking guided tour. Through this tour, you will also explore the prestigious Coimbra University, one of the oldest in Europe, with its stunning architecture.


The tour stops at the Joanine Library, filled with ancient books and intricate woodwork. You will also get to walk through the picturesque streets of Coimbra, visiting iconic landmarks like the Monastery of Santa Cruz and the Sé Velha Cathedral.

6. Évora With Love Walking Tours

This Évora walking tour is one of our favorite ways to see the city, led by a local guide. You will be able to explore the well-preserved medieval walls, the impressive Évora Cathedral, and the Roman Temple, reflective of the city’s long history.

Take photos while you walk through the charming alleys of the historical center and admire the traditional whitewashed houses decorated with colorful flower pots.

7. Angra do Heroismo Walking City Tour

If you’re visiting Terceira island, this Angra do Heroísmo City Tour is one of the best ways to explore this UNESCO World Heritage Site. The tour allows you to explore the historic center and admire iconic landmarks such as the Cathedral of Angra and the impressive Duke of Terceira Square.

Led by a local, you will learn all about the story of Angra do Heroísmo, a city steeped in maritime heritage. You will also get to learn all about the city’s strategic importance during the Age of Discovery and its role as a hub for transatlantic trade.

8. Best of Lisbon Guided Walking Tour

Guided by a local, this walking tour allows you to immerse yourself in the Lisbon culture. You will wander through the historic neighborhoods of Alfama, Baixa, and Chiado, soaking in the picturesque atmospheric and colorful tiled facades.

This tour includes stops at Elevador de Santa Justa and Terreiro do Paço, as well as other historical landmarks. You will also get to learn about Portugal’s history and role in maritime exploration, as well as what it’s like to live in Lisbon.

9. The Best of Porto: 3-Hour Guided Walking Tour

Last but not least, this 3-hour walking tour of Porto allows you to uncover the hidden gems and iconic landmarks of Porto. You will be able to explore the charming Ribeira neighborhood, a UNESCO World Heritage site with its narrow streets and colorful buildings, as well as admire the stunning Dom Luís I Bridge.

Other stops include Lello bookstore, Sāo Bento Station, Clérigos Tower, and the vibrant Bolhão Market. Your guide is a local that will give you all the interesting history facts and lesser known information about this beautiful city.



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