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Are you ready to restore balance in your life and reduce your stress levels? If so, then a visit to Park Igls Health Retreat near Innsbruck, Austria may be just what you need.

One of the best medical spas in the world, this luxurious retreat offers tailored programs designed with the intention of improving both physical and mental well-being for each individual who visits.

From traditional spa and wellness treatments using age-old methods practiced by Austrian healers to modern technology such as haemo-laser therapy and laboratory diagnostics – this unique health retreat promises an experience unlike any other. Read on to learn more about my own personal journey at Park Igls.

Park Igls bath department
Park Igls bath department

Overview of Park Igls Health Retreat

The Park Igls Health Retreat is an award-winning medical spa located in the breathtaking Tyrolean Alps of Austria. The clinic offers a holistic approach that puts the Mayr Method at the core of its services, and has helped almost 40,000 guests. Celebrating 30 years of caring for their guests, Park Igls recently won the prestigious Condé Nast Traveller Wellness & Spa Award.

Austrian researcher and physician Dr. Franz Xaver Mayr recognized that health begins in the intestines. The philosophy and principles behind the Mayr Method is to create balance and harmony between body, mind, and soul. Modern Mayr medicine focuses on the relationship between the gut and a well functioning immune system.

In order to achieve this holistic well-being, Park Igls provides its guests with healing nutrition programs, daily activities, relaxation treatments and educational lectures.

All these options come together to create the ultimate experience in natural health while allowing guests to connect with nature amid the stunning backdrop of mountains and valleys of Austria.

Snowy view from my balcony at Park Igls
Snowy view from my balcony at Park Igls

Advantages of Park Igls Health Retreat

Park Igls is an acclaimed retreat offering good health benefits for guests, through a combination of invigorating treatments and restorative yoga. The initial examination by Dr Peter Gartner, Medical Director or one of the other Mayr physicians is hugely beneficial for setting up your body with the necessary balance to get the most out of your stay at the retreat.

As you are under medical supervision, you can be sure that the therapeutic programme is tailored specifically to your needs. It’s more than just a detox, as there are therapies available to help boost your digestive system as well. Each guest receives a personalized programme designed to optimize their health.

While you may lose weight during your stay, it’s important to stress that this is not a weight loss clinic, but a medical spa with a holistic approach. If you wish, you can opt for blood tests for early diagnosis of any potential health issues.

Kneipp circuit at Park Igls

Highlights of the Facilities and Services at Park Igls

Park Igls has a picturesque location with stunning views and an extensive range of amenities. One of the most notable highlights is the aromatic steam room

, perfect for soothing sore muscles after a day of exploring the Tirol region.

The saunas, cold plunge pool and infrared cabin create a calming atmosphere which help individuals to relax and rejuvenate. There is a textile sauna as well as textile-free saunas inside the wellness area.

Additionally, Park Igls boasts a beautiful indoor pool overlooking the nature park. This charming garden is being expanded to stretch over 6,000 square meters.

Park Igls wellness centre
Park Igls wellness centre

On the third floor, there is a panoramic gym where visitors of all fitness levels can get in a workout. Head to the basement studio for classes such as Pilates, yoga and more!

For those looking for a little extra pampering there is even a hairdresser and beauty salon available for microdermabrasion, cold plasma and other face treatments. This incredible health retreat really goes above and beyond with its own nature park featuring a chipping and putting green and an outdoor Kneipp circuit. Inside, there are many other entertainment facilities including table tennis, billiards and a library.

Park Igls swimming pool
Park Igls swimming pool

Details about Park Igls Accommodation

Park Igls offers contemporary rooms with plenty of amenities, such as a flat screen TV, along with complimentary internet access, a safe and air conditioning. Private balconies and the modern design make it ideal for those seeking tranquility.

Two rooms at Park Igls are wheelchair accessible, and there are also Deluxe Plus rooms with their own infrared sauna. Each room provides views of lush green gardens or Igls village, ensuring relaxation and peacefulness while taking a break from your everyday life. Furthermore, guests can easily access local attractions and skiing spots due to the hotel’s convenient location in this beautiful landscape.

With contemporary design, cosy environment and great facilities, Park Igls is an ideal destination for anyone looking to take a respite from the hustle and bustle of daily life.

Bathroom with a view at Park Igls

Modern Mayr Cuisine

Park Igls offers the absolute finest in modern Mayr cuisine, prepared by chef Markus Sorg and his team. Guests of the retreat take their meals in the intimate, elegant dining room with views of the Alpine mountains.

Everyone is on full board at Park Igls, which is a good thing to avoid any temptation! There are 7 levels in Mayr cuisine, and depending on which level you are on, you will experience different culinary experiences. I started on level 3 and progressed to level 4 during my stay. At the latter level, you get to combine vegetables with your lunch dish. You’ll even enjoy a healthy dessert on your last evening.

There’s a wide choice of protein options, with a focus on alkaline-oriented food. I strategically chose those that felt the most filling, such as the Alpine cheese and the sheep’s milk yogurt.

You’ll see wine glasses on each table, however, they are not for wine! Each meal is preceded by a measure of bitter drops to stimulate biliary flow, that you pour into this glass.

With the Mayr Cure, you also learn how to properly chew your food to activate saliva beneficial for digestion, with the help of the spelt bread and organic crackers placed on your table. It’s also important to put your knife and fork down between each mouthful and to fully savour each bite.

Level 4 lunch at Park Igls
Level 4 lunch at Park Igls

A Typical Day at Park Igls

Park Igls is a place to truly relax and rejuvenate. A typical day here is anything but typical!

Start off by sipping 250 ml of bitter water (Epsom salt solution), designed to help rid your body of toxins, before taking part in therapeutic programmes that have been tailored to your individual needs.

Depending on the programme that you choose, up to 5 full body massages are included. These are a must, performed by expert therapists such as Patrick and Naki and with the option of a sports (energetic) version or a lymphatic (gentler) treatment.

I had a couple of physiotherapy classes with Lisa which were helpful, and I enjoyed the beeswax liver compresses in the bath department. I also recommend the body exfoliation and nourishing pack treatments in the bath department. For these, your whole body is wrapped up in order to get the maximum benefit from the salt and essential oils.

A body wrap treatment at Park Igls Health Retreat
A body wrap treatment at Park Igls Health Retreat

In addition, you will learn how to apply abdominal wraps yourself using a hot water bottle – they are an efficient way of improving the liver’s detoxifying function and best applied before bedtime or lunch.


Follow your morning treatments with a morning glass of bone broth in the tea lounge. It’s important to drink around 1 litre per 20kg of bodyweight during your treatment. This will help to release toxins from the connective and fatty tissues, which can then be expelled via the kidneys and liver.

Park Igls bone broth
Park Igls bone broth

Wait for 4-5 hours after breakfast before having a healthy lunch with protein. Spend the rest of your afternoon either participating in personal training sessions in the fitness studio or enjoying one of the outdoor attractions at Park Igls like the garden or nearby forest.. The tea bar has a wide range of herbal teas, each chosen for their health benefits.

Browse in the stylish shop for workout clothes or take part in an aqua jogging, yoga or pilates class. Nordic walking is another popular activity, as are the morning and evening walks led by enthusiastic staff members.

After dinner, end the day on a high note by listening to music from the grand piano or participating in a health talk by one of the doctors. Park Igls promises an experience you won’t forget!

For guests staying longer than 3 days, the municipality provides them with a complimentary bus ticket. It’s easy to visit the picturesque town of Innsbruck, which is a 15 minute bus journey. Park Igls also arrange group visits to local attractions such as the Bergisel Ski Jump StadiumBrenner Outlet shopping and the Tyrolean State Theatre for a small fee.

Relaxation class with a harpist
Relaxation class with a harpist

Tips for Making the Most of Your Stay

  • A health break at Park Igls offers many ways to refresh and recharge. If you’re suffering from issues such as burnout or joint pain, there are specific programmes such as the De-Stress, Menopause, Fit after Covid, Immune Booster and the Physio-Fit that are worth booking.
  • An abdominal treatment, performed by a physician is very beneficial. This painless therapy unblocks the abdomen’s lymphatic system, improves oxygen supply to the tissues, promotes efficient energy metabolism and increases blood flow to the abdomen.
  • If like me, you suffer from tinnitus, you might like to consider a session of ear acupuncture. They also offer hypno-acupuncture, which I didn’t have time to try.
  • All guests can take advantage of the epsom salts, hot water bottle, and herbal teas available throughout your stay – these can help relieve stress and relax tense muscles.
  • Try a daily Kneipp application, a form of hydrotherapy that was popularized by Father Sebastian Kneipp. It has been practiced for centuries in Europe to get your blood flowing, reduce swelling in joints and arteries and boost immunity. Kneipp treatments at Park Igls involve alternating between warm and cold water – either by stepping into warm pools of water and then cold pools or by immersing your arms or body up to the waist.
  • Download the Park Igls App to keep track of your appointments, the weekly programme and to access hotel information and excursion tips.
  • Igls Tourist Information Office is located in a picturesque building on Hilberstraße, a few minutes walk from Park Igls. They speak perfect English and can give you information on things to do in the local area.
  • Ideally, book a 10 day or 2 week stay for optimal curative results. Many guests stay for 3 weeks. Either way, you will leave your stay at Park Igls feeling revitalized!
Kneipp arm bath at Park Igls
Kneipp arm bath at Park Igls

How to Get to Park Igls

Located in the stunning Austrian Alps, Park Igls is easily accessible by car or public transportation or bike. If you are driving from Innsbruck city center, it is only a 15 minute journey.

Complimentary parking at the underground car park is included for hotel guests, together with a transfer from Innsbruck airport or railway station. No matter how you get there, visiting this luxurious Austrian wellness resort is sure to be a unique experience!

Park Igls putting green with a view of the Austrian Alps
Park Igls putting green and view of the Alps

What to Pack for Park Igls

  • When visiting Park Igls, preparing ahead of time and packing the right items is essential. Bring plenty of warm, comfortable clothes for excursions, your favorite pair of headphones for the gym and a good book to read on your balcony. Many guests leave their finished books behind in the library for others to read.
  • The dress code is relaxed and informal, particularly during the day when many guests are wearing towelling robes after their treatments. For dinner and the music evenings, some guests do wear a smart jacket but it’s by no means essential.
  • Don’t forget to bring a swimsuit as well!
  • Ideally, leave moisturizing creams and perfume at home, since they can interfere with the detoxing process. There’s a highly rated beauty spa in-house ready to provide assistance should you ever need it. So go ahead and create some extra space in your bag without having to worry about leaving any beauty essentials out.
Bergisel ski jump stadium by Zaha Hadid
Bergisel Ski Jump snapped from the bus!

Final Thoughts On Park Igls Health Retreat In Austria

Anyone who has visited Park Igls in Austria would agree that it is the perfect place for healthy rest and relaxation. The beauty of nature, coupled with the health-oriented medical solutions offered by their Mayr cure program, makes for a complete package that helps activate the body’s ability to heal itself.

Not only do you get tranquil time away from daily distractions, but also the medical expertise to attend to every medical issue at hand. All in all, if you’re looking for an effective and safe way to rejuvenate your body and spirit, Park Igls health retreat is the place to go!

To summarize, Park Igls Health Retreat offers an immersive experience ideal for anyone looking to enrich their wellbeing and connect with nature. From healthy eating plans to guided hikes and massages, there is something for everyone here.

It’s easy to focus on a healthy lifestyle during this stay. Park Igls provides great accommodations and services that more than make up for the cost. For those looking for profound regeneration in nature, there is no better place than this retreat. At the end of your stay, you are given a therapy brochure which gives tips for healthy living and easy recipes. It also reveals your visible transformation, with arrival and departure photos that are quite a revelation!

Hopefully this article gave you everything needed to make an informed decision about Park Igls. Feel free to read our other wellness-related articles full of more tips on living a stress-free everyday life!



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