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Normally, our mothers look after us and raised us until we can do work by ourselves. In the animal world also, the mother is the one who cares for children. It is not very common to see that the father involves in taking care of kids.

Have you ever heard the word ‘Single Dad’ in the animal kingdom? It happens in the animal kingdom too. When the mother is not able to take care of the kids, the father becomes the guardian. Today’s story is about a male swan that takes care of kids after the passing away of his mate. A swan couple near the Charles River Esplanade in Boston made a home and gave birth to nine swan babies. The visitors were delighted by seen this family. But within a very short time, mother swan passed away. The babies were alone. But the father swan looks after them by tucking them under his wings. The new babies become healthy due to this caring father.


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The death of the mother swan made visitors sad. But no fall in the visitor count come to visit the swan family.

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One visitor was able to take a picture of an inspiring sight. The father swan is giving a ride to his babies. All the baby swans are on his back. It was a very heartbreaking and heartwarming incident.

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Though the passing away of mother swan is a sorrowful incident this swan father is a real noble animal.

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