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Greetings from the Schönbrunn Palace in Vienna, Austria! Austria is a beautiful country that I highly recommend for travelers. Today, I’m sharing some of the big differences between Austria and the U.S. for travelers. From the money in Austria, typical Austrian food to tipping in Austria, these are the facts about Austria that you need to know!

Austria Travel Tip #1: Language in Austria

German is the official language of Austria, and they speak German with an Austrian accent. A lot of people in Austria also speak English, so you won’t have any trouble getting around if you don’t know German. However, it’s always helpful to learn a few key German phrases before your trip, which will improve your interactions with the locals.

A few basic German phrases to know before you visit Austria:

Please = Bitte

Thank You = Danke

Yes = Ja

No = Nein

I Want = Ich Will

Where is? = Wo ist?

Toilet = WC

Tip for Austrians visiting the U.S: Nobody speaks German in the States, you’ll need to know some English to get by.

Austria Travel Tip #2: Money in Austria

In Austria, the currency is the Euro, which comes in several bills from 500 Euros to 5 Euros. Unlike the US, the Euro coins actually have value. The 2 Euro coin is worth more than $2, so keep track of them.

You can use your credit card most places in Austria, but cash is still king, so you want to make sure you’re always carrying some Euros in Austria. When you withdraw cash in Austria at the ATM, try to get some smaller bills that are easier to spend.

Tip for Austrians visiting the U.S: The currency in the US is the dollar, and the bills are all green. You can use a credit card almost everywhere in the U.S. and many places won’t accept large bills of $50 or $100.

Austria Travel Tip #3: Electrical Plugs

The electrical plugs in Austria are the same as elsewhere in Europe, with two round plugs. All you need is an adapter to fit your U.S. plugs into the wall. You don’t need a converter to charge your electronics in Austria, as most laptops and phones have a built-in voltage converter. Don’t bother with small electronics like hair dryers or shavers as the voltage difference will ruin them. It’s easier to buy a cheap one when you arrive.


Austria Travel Tip #4: Eating Out in Austria

Dinner time in Austria is about the same as in the U.S., with busy hours from 5:30 until 7:30. Also like the U.S., Austria has very large portion sizes. Traditional Austrian food includes Wienerschnitzel, lots of pork, streudels, and cakes. Both Austria and the U.S. are melting pot cultures, so you’ll find many international cuisines to try. Austria once owned part of Italy, so you’ll find great Italian food in Austria. Same with Hungary, so there’s good goulash in Austria. Tipping in Austria should be around 10% of your bill.

Tip for Austrians visiting the U.S: Tipping in the U.S. is around 15-20%.

Austria Travel Tip #5: Service in Austria

Service isn’t great in Austria. The service in Austria is professional, but if you are looking for extra help, or expecting someone to stop by every once in a while, it doesn’t happen. The service is efficient, but not very friendly.

Tip for Austrians visiting the U.S: Service is very attentive since they rely on tips for income.

Austria Travel Tip #6: Transportation in Austria

Austria has great public transportation. The buses and trains go everywhere, even in the smaller towns. You really don’t need to rent a car in Austria, but if you want to explore at your own pace or drive through the mountains, I recommend it.

Tip for Austrians visiting the U.S: Public transportation in the U.S. isn’t great. To really see the country, you’ll need to rent a car.

Austria Travel Tip #7: Bathrooms in Austria

The bathrooms in Austria are usually free, unless you are at a train station, where you’ll need some coins to enter the toilet. The public toilets in Austria are also very private, unlike the U.S. which often have cracks in the doors, or broken latches.

Tip for Austrians visiting the U.S: Bathrooms are free everywhere you go.



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