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Amsterdam remains by far the most attractive residential city in the Netherlands, according to the annual Atlas for Municipalities survey. Emmen is at the bottom of the list as the least attractive large city, NRC reports.

The average Netherlands resident values work, cultural facilities, safety, catering, a university, and beautiful nature when it comes to where they live. And Amsterdam offers all of that.

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“Amsterdam is the largest city in an area with many jobs and many facilities. Where else can you find a Rijksmuseum and Concertgebouw and a cafe on every street corner? Where else can you find two comprehensive universities?” researcher Marten Middeldorp of Atlas Research told the newspaper.


That is also why Emmen in Drenthe dangles at the bottom of the list as the least attractive large city in the Netherlands for the umpteenth time. “We are not saying that you cannot live comfortably in Emmen. There is a lot of greenery and a beautiful zoo, and it is relatively safe. But there are few jobs and facilities, and the culinary offer is also meager, all things the average Dutch person finds attractive,” Middeldorp said.

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If you only look at the nature in the city, called green- and-blue by the researchers for trees and grass and water, Arnhem would be the most attractive city in the Netherlands. “Nature and water have undergone a revaluation due to the corona period. The theme is also relevant due to the nitrogen crisis, the loss of biodiversity, and the water quality. And then there is climate change.” On average, gree-and-blue contribute 17 percent to the attractiveness of living in the 50 largest municipalities.


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Arnhem has many streets with many trees and is close to large, protected nature reserves. But that is not what puts Arnhem on top of the green-and-blue list. It is the presence of high-quality green-and-blue within the neighborhoods that do it, plus the nature in the wider area. “What people especially appreciate is having a pleasant view. They want to walk in a park near their home and picnic with the kids.”

Rotterdam has the most people living below the poverty line. Heerlen scored worst regarding the participation of women, the proportion of people unable to work due to occupational disability, and perceived insecurity. Roosendaal scored best in nature management.

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After Amsterdam, Amstelveen, Leiden, and Utrecht are the most attractive large cities in the Netherlands



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