Australia Is More Than Exotic Animals And Beaches


We’ve all heard extreme tales of Australia’s exotic wildlife and its intense beaches, but there’s so, so much more to explore.

When thinking about Australia, what comes to mind for many are the likes of exotic animals and wild animals that want to take your life. From venomous snakes to house breaching kangaroos. We’ve all seen Australia’s animal madness on TV. The county of Australia, also known as the Commonwealth of Australia, is an independent nation populated by over 26-million people and holds the title for the sixth biggest country in the world in terms of landmass. However, there is usually a misconception that people have about Australia. Australia is a lot more than exotic animals and beaches. Here’s why.

7. Australian Cuisine

A nation with excellent cuisine often tends to be a great host. Due to the country’s large coastline, Australia holds the position of third biggest fishing area. Do you like seafood? Like the good kind. If so, Australia is a place for you as they consume a ridiculous amount of seafood. Turns out being surrounded by the ocean is not so bad after all. Ever wonder what shark meat tastes like? You’re bound to find that out in Australia one way or the other.

6. Australian Universities

Some of the world’s best universities can be found in Australia and for some time now, Australian universities have consecutively come up among the top one hundred universities in the world. That is some top-notch education Australian’s are getting over there. Looking for some quality education? Australian universities need to be on your list.

5. The Australian Alps

Do you love skiing? If so, you are in luck. The Australian Alps cover portions of New South Wales and Victoria and are the tallest peaks in Australia. The Alps receive lots of snow from June running through September (Australian winter). This makes it a haven for skiing lovers to go and enjoy some winter sports. Perisher is the largest ski resort in the area.

4. Clean Air

Located off the coast of Australia is the island of Tasmania. This unique island has some of the cleanest air in the world. Even compared to the clean air of the continent of Antarctica. If you love long walks then this is a place for you as you can enjoy these long walks along the coastal paths while taking in the jaw-dropping scenery of this island. However, on the chance you’d rather not walk, other options for you will help you savor every moment on the island as you can do some mountain biking or kayaking.

3. Wine

Wine? Who doesn’t love wine? Wine is something that is part of their daily lives for some. Drinking wine has become so casual it could be mistaken for water. However, in every sphere of life, quality exists. Australia is known to have a wide array of wine regions to choose from. New South Wales accompanied by Victoria is home to quite a number of these wide regions. Vineyards can be found all over Western Australia as they make wine from so many types of grapes. In need of some quality wine? Australia has you covered.

2. Cricket

No other country in the world takes the sport of cricket as seriously as Australia nor has the sporting prowess for the game. For over two hundred and ten years, cricket has been played all over Australia. Not only is cricket the most popular sport played during summer in Australia, but the men’s national team for Australia is also the oldest test cricket team in the world, having played their first game in 1877. The Australian team is the most successful cricket team in the world based on the win to close ratio and they have won sixty percent of the games they have played. It is the first team to win three world cups in a row. Do you love cricket? Australia is a place for you.

1. Big Cities

Australia is known to house about forty-one cities throughout seven states. The Australian cities are a bedrock for culture, festivals, and all sorts of events. The nation’s history has been immigrant-friendly as there is such cultural diversity. The cities have a strong economy and solid international business links, yet somehow manage at keeping these metropolitan cities from being over-crowded. In recent history, the Australian capital, Sydney, was named the ninth most popular place to travel.

While Australia is home to a ridiculous number of beaches and an extensive variety of animals, Australia remains like any other nation with its uniqueness. Looking at Australia from a distance most people only see that continent on the other side of the planet without seeing the country for what it truly is. Also, Australia has, over time, repeatedly scored well in the international quality of life and happiness surveys. Australia was named the happiest place to live on earth by the Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development and has held this title for three years. That’s not all. Australia is placed at number 8 for the most readily available nutritious food by Oxfam’s Global Food Index. Life in Australia can be unique and is definitely worth the visit.