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Austria. What makes it a great place to visit? Anna, for whom it is the favorite destination, tells that Austria has many outstanding things-to-do right next to each other. This compact country brings together nature, culture, and history.

In this blog post, Anna will tell why in her opinion, it is one of the best places to visit in Europe. You will get to know what are the main points of interest and some practical information to help you plan the trip.

From now on, Anna:

Austria – The Country Where Culture And Nature Intertwine.

For some people, Austria is associated with classical music of Mozart and traditional Viennese Balls and for others, it is associated with some of the world’s best ski resorts and the magnificent Alps.

This beautiful small country in Central Europe always had a special place in my heart. I first came here in 2010 for a short hiking trip near Salzburg and since then returned here every year. Its charming fairytale alpine villages, beautiful nature, rich cultural and historic heritage make it one of the best destinations to visit in Europe.

What To Do And See In Austria

Go Hiking In The Alps

Austrian region Tyrol, in the western part of the country, is located directly in the Alps. It is famous for its ski resorts, hiking, and mountain biking trails and Alpine yodeling.  The capital of Tyrol is a beautiful and cozy city called Innsbruck. You can use it as your base for exploring the Austrian Alps.


Salzburg is also a good alternative for exploring Austrian national parks. You can experience the beauty of the Alps on a long-distance trail or on a relaxed family day hike. There are so many beautiful hiking trails out there and almost all of them are well-marked. Some of the most beautiful ones are located in the Karwendel Alps, Ehrwald, Zillertal Alps and Wilder Kaiser.

The best thing about hiking in Austria, apart from breathtaking views, is that on top of the most peaks you can have a small break at a local mountain hut and enjoy the views with a cold beer and yummy Schnitzel or Kaiserschmarrn.

Enjoy Classical Music

Austria is a real paradise for classical music lovers. It has a reputation for being the “capital of classical Music” in Europe. Many famous composers such as Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart or Johann Straus were born in Austria and took their inspiration here.

The classical music tradition is still preserved and well taken care of in modern days Austria. If you visit Vienna in winter, don’t miss the famous Viennese Ball Season. There are around 400 Ball events held across the city during the Ball Season which starts in the last weeks of November. The most famous Ball is the Vienna Opera Ball, a glamorous and elegant gala, which hosts noble high society and wannabes from around the world.

Go Skiing At Night

Did you know that Austria’s ski resort called Kitzbuhel was named the best ski resort in the world by a well-known ski resort testing portal?  Austria has a reputation of having numerous ski resorts with excellent infrastructure and facilities. The main ski season here lasts from December to April. Some ski resorts have illuminated slopes where you can ski at night, others, offer facilities for sledding.

Explore Austrian Castles And Palaces

There are so many beautiful castles and palaces in Europe. So what is that special about Austrian ones you will ask? Well, first of all, Austria is in the middle of Europe and the world’s most beautiful castles are in Europe. Second, Austria used to be part of the Austro-Hungarian Empire and played an important role in the history of Europe and its culture. One of the fanciest and luxurious palaces in Europe are located in Vienna.


The most famous of them is Schönbrunn and Belvedere. They both host classical concerts year-round and are open to visitors. If you are traveling outside of Vienna in the alpine regions of Austria, make sure not to miss some of the most beautiful and prominent castles of the country such as Hohensalzburg castle in Salzburg or Kufstein Fortress.

Read A Book In A Coffee House In Vienna And Try Famous Sachertorte

In the 18th and 19th centuries, Viennese coffee houses served as the key meeting and creative working space for the Viennese intellectual scene. That is why Viennese coffee houses culture was declared Intangible Cultural Heritage by UNESCO. The Cafe Central, in downtown Vienna, welcomed famous writers, artists, and scientists.

Today it is a place where you can enjoy your coffee and read a book for hours without the need to hurry up or watch your time. In some coffee houses, you can also hear piano music playing and join literary readings. When you visit a coffee house in Vienna, you should try traditional Viennese Sachertorte – a chocolate cake with two thin layers of apricot jam invented by Franz Sacher in the 19th century.

What Is The Best Time To Visit Austria?

There is no such thing as the best time to visit Austria. It all depends on what you want to do. If you want to visit Austrian Christmas Markets, the best time would be December.  If you want to explore Austrian national parks and go hiking, the best time will be from August to October. Please note that you can go hiking all year round, but in winter you will need special equipment such as crampons. If you just want to visit Vienna and major Austrian cities for a cultural trip, the best time to do it will be from May to September.

Practical Information

Austria is part of the European Union, meaning if you have a Schengen visa, you can enter the country easily. It uses German as its official language (with strong Austrian dialect of course) and Euro as its currency. In Austria, like in Germany, credit cards are not accepted everywhere, so it is a good idea to always carry some cash.

I hope I managed to awaken your interest in this beautiful country, and you will have a wonderful time in Austria.

How To Get To And Around Austria

The international airport in Vienna is well-connected with major European and international cities. Inside the county, it is best to travel by public transportation such as trains or buses. Generally, public transportation in Austria is frequent and reliable. If you are traveling on a tight budget, you should consider traveling between major cities by bus. FixBus is a leading bus company in Europe that offers transportation for very attractive prices.



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