Austrian Special Drinks


Red Bull Energy Drink

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Trying to fight his jet-lag in east-asia the Austrian entrepreneur Dietrich Mateschitz learnt about the Thai energy drink Krating Daeng. Adapting the idea for European markets he founded the Red Bull Company in 1984. After huge sales growths in Austria the brand was exported to Hungary, and soon in every corner of the world, selling billions of cans in about 130 countries. Hence Red Bull is the best selling export of Austria. Next to the actual products Red Bull produces the company also concentrates on sports sponsorships, for instance in soccer, skiing or sports flying. Find additional information here.


Almdudler - Wikipedia

Since 1957, Almdudler has been one of the most popular fizzy soft drink in Austria. Taking the expression “auf der Alm dudeln” (old Viennese dialect for “yodeling on the meadows”) and the delicious flavors of Alpine meadowland herbs as his inspiration, Erwin Klein had struck upon a way of capturing and bottling the essenceof the Austrian mountains. Today, Almdudler has established itself as Austria’s national drink. The original beverage is a sweetened drink made out of grape and apple juice concentrates and is flavored with 32 natural herbs. To some extent its taste can be compared to the taste of Ginger Ale but with a fruitier and sweeter flavor. For additional information, please click here.

Elderberry Sirup

Elderberry sirup is very common in Austria. It is commonly made from an extract of elderflower blossoms and is used in various mixed drinks but also for cooking and baking. You can even find Palatschinken (crepes) with elderberry filling.


Most, from the Latin vinum mustum (young wine) is freshly pressed fruit juice. The most common kind is the one made from grapes, which is also the first step to making wine. This popular alcoholic drink is very common to Lower Austria, especially the regions between the Mostviertel (“must quarter”) in the West of Vienna and the Bucklige Welt (“humpy world”) in the Southeast. The Bucklige Welt is especially known for its numerous “Most-Heurige” (from the Austrian “heurig” from this year), which are seasonal wine taverns, where this year’s wine and a limited selection of food is served in a very simple and sociable setting. For the Bucklige Welt region apple must is especially typical.


Pinot Grigio Bio EN

Sturm (storm, from the cloudy appearance) is a new wine that is in the process of fermentation (basically the steps between must and young wine). It is made of white or red grapes and, in contrast to must, it contains alcohol. According to the Austrian wine law, it is only allowed to be sold between August 1 and December 31 and must have an alcohol content of volume of at least 1 %.


Recipes: This White Wine Spritzer Is the Perfect Low-Alcohol Drink | Wine  Enthusiast

Spritzer (or G’spritzter, from the German word spritzen, i.e. spatter, squirt, spray, sprinkle) is a popular summer drink in Austria where it has developed to an integral part of its culture. This Austrian creation is traditionally made with white wine and soda or sparkling mineral water and can be enjoyed as aperitif, with a meal or simply as thirst quencher. To make a sweet version of the Spritzer, sweet lemonade like Sprite is added to the white wine instead of soda water. Sometimes red wine is used instead of white wine.

Aperol Spritz is a Spritzer mixed with Aperol and is served with a slice of orange. It is either an aperitif or a refreshing summer drink enjoyed by itself. Though originally from Italy, it has developed to a popular summer drink in Austria within the last couple of years.

Kaiserspritzer is a traditional variation of the Spritzer that adds elderberry syrup to the white wine and soda water.

Hugo-Spritzer is a variation of the Kaiserspritzer but it is not as sweet – fresh mint is added to white wine, soda water and elderberry syrup.


The Rise of the Radler - Elite Brands

Especially enjoyed during the summer, the Radler is a beer-based mixed drink, which has a long-standing tradition in Austria. The Radler is usually mixed with either Almdudler, Sprite or a lemon-based lemonade. During the summer months, Radler is very popular due to its reputation of being a thirst-quencher.The product is now being offered by various breweries in bottles and cans.


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2 bottles of good quality red wine
2 cups of water
juice of 2 lemons
2 cinnamon sticks
2 oranges – cut into bitesize pieces oranges for decoration

How to make it: Put all ingredients in a pot and bring it close to boil.

For additional taste cut 2 oranges in to bitesize pieces and add to the wine. Let simmer. Remove clove, cinnamon stick before serving it into lightly prewarmed glasses. Decorate glasses with an orangeslice.

Enjoy and drink responsibly.