Baby Duck Won’t Give Up Trying To Follow Mama Over Curb


Ducks are rather cute. They have short necks, large bodies, and have a really funny way of walking. A distinctive waddling gait if you will. They produce funny sounds and as such have been the subject of many cartoons and comedic skits. There are various species of ducks and to be honest, not many people are interested in how these creatures live their lives.

There are so many different species and yet all of them have the trademark gait.

Check out this mother duck and her nine ducklings. Someone was able to film them crossing a busy bridge. This family of ten doesn’t seem to care about the cars that drive by so long as they get to the other side.

These ducks are in Madeira Island, Portugal and are intent on getting to the other side.

They do get to the opposite side eventually and mama duck scrambles on to the sidewalk with her young waiting their turn. She really could have helped them up first… but anyway, some of the ducklings jump up the curb and make it easily while some struggle a bit more.

What’s interesting is those yet to make the climb are walking parallel to the sidewalk. Now we’re guessing this means mama and those who made it up are already walking on and the others on the road are following their direction. Wait up, guys!

This is a lesson for life guys so better make that climb and fast.

It gets quite alarming as one duckling gets left behind and even falls flat on his back trying to climb up the sidewalk. Even the viewers shared in the moment of fright but luckily, the person filming the ordeal says,

“Due to the thousands of comments to ask about the duckling, I want to inform you that the duckling stayed with his mother. It’s true if it was not us, the duckling would get lost. But we took him to his mother. Happy ending”

This little one got a little human help for not making the climb.

Mama and her kids are Muscovy ducks and are native to Central and South America though they have found their way in Europe and other places. They are normally found in fresh to brackish water ponds and rivers where people can feed them.

So why do these guys keep crossing the roads? Mama needs a little education in motherhood. Unless this is a family trip.

Drivers and pedestrians are kind enough to stop and let them cross.

Wherever it is they’re going, it must be a nice place.

They cross again and make it up another curb with the same hilarious moment of perhaps the same duckling who can’t make it up and falls flat on his back and spends a few seconds just laying there.

Come on, man. Honestly.

It’s every duck for himself and he seems to get lost in dreamland.

He makes it eventually and catches up to the others but really… This one probably got a lot of teasing. Or quacking. Mama stops by a stone wall and looks to be counting if all her waddling kids made it. They did, mama.

They walk on at a slower pace and seem to be in deep conversation. No one gets left behind and wherever they’re headed, we hope it’s duck friendly.

Watch and see if they went over the hill and far away in the video below.

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