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At some point in your life, most likely as a child, you’ve probably run around chasing birds. I know I did and that hobby isn’t lost on today’s tots. But as it turns out, it’s not just humans that love it. It turns out that this baby elephant finds chasing birds as cute and fun as it is for humans.

Baby elephant chasing birds has to be one of the cutest videos you'll see

That’s right, we know elephants are expressive and emotional creatures and they love having fun like us humans do. Honestly, this little elephant seems to be having the time of his life trying to catch the birds.

This baby elephant chasing birds is the cutest video you’ll see all day
The footage was taken of a baby elephant chasing birds in the Borås Zoo in southern Sweden. The elephant runs around carefree trying to chase down a flock of guinea fowl who are just a bit too speedy for the baby elephant.


However, this elephant is not a quitter, determined to carry on, even when he slips over, he continues to get back onto his feet and set off running once more.

baby elephant chasing birds

At that point, the mother who has been peacefully watching from a distance rushes over to check if her little baby is okay due to his fall. Now a little bashful, the baby elephant hides under his mother’s trunk.

Maybe he’s just worn out from all that exercise? Or maybe consequently he just wanted to get a hug from his mom after he took a tumble. Either way, it’s beyond adorable. This is why elephants are awesome creatures! I just wish I had a baby elephant of my own to play with.

Baby Elephant Spots Birds And Starts Chasing Them, But A Slip Up Leaves Her  Running Back To Mommy | Baby elephant chasing birds, Baby elephant, Elephant

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