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Our guide features 13 can’t-miss zoos and aquariums – water basins in Portugal for your next adventure. Explore the best of Portugal with our list of top-rated zoos and aquariums – water basins. For thrill-seekers, we’ve compiled 13 exciting zoos and aquariums – water basins. Journey through Portugal and discover 13 fascinating zoos and aquariums – water basins with unique stories.

Information about Portugal

Portugal is located in southwestern Europe, specifically on the Iberian Peninsula. Some ancient Arab accounts say that the naming of this country goes back to the word orange, as the Arabs noticed the abundance of orange trees in the area when they settled there and called it “the land of oranges”. It is definitely a country in which many peoples and civilizations settled, including the Phoenician, Carthaginian, Roman and Ottoman, and therefore you will find throughout the country many amazing monuments from these different civilizations, and you will also find many museums that explain the history of the country in detail. Portugal was ranked 13th in the list of the most peaceful countries, which made it a distinguished and famous tourist destination in the world. Portugal is also famous for the diversity of its natural manifestations, as there are many lakes, rivers, mountains, caves and many others. The country is distinguished by its old houses and buildings of many colors, and it also enjoys its mild climate, which allows it to be visited most of the months of the year. As for the capital of Portugal, it is the wonderful city of Lisbon, so do not miss the opportunity to visit this amazing country!

A list of the best Zoos and aquariums – water basins in Portugal

Looking for the best zoos and aquariums – water basins in Portugal? Look no further than our carefully curated list, selected by our team based on visitor ratings and reviews to help make your trip planning a breeze.

1- Lisbon Zoo

A picture of Lisbon Zoo
Lisbon Zoo

Lisbon Zoo – wonderful zoo with vast areas, in which you find various types of animals that were brought from all over the world. Among the animals in this park are the Sumatran tigers that inhabit the rainforests, lions, giraffes and elephants that inhabit the dry African savannah, and many colorful birds from South America. The park seeks to become a center for the conservation, reproduction and reproduction of endangered species through scientific research.


Place address: Lisbon Zoo, Praça Marechal Humberto Delgado, 1549-004 Lisboa, Portugal

2- Lisbon Oceanarium

A picture of Lisbon Oceanarium
Lisbon Oceanarium

Lisbon Oceanarium – The Lisbon Aquarium was inaugurated in 1998 AD, and at that time it was the central masterpiece in the last world exhibition in the twentieth century, under the title “Oceans: Heritage for the Future.” The museum connects Lisbon with the ocean and, with over a million visitors a year, welcomes the largest number of visitors anywhere in the country. While walking through the fascinating and memorable exhibits, visitors are encouraged to learn wonderful things about the oceans and, most importantly, how to make decisions in their daily lives that promote nature conservation. Like most modern aquariums, Oceanario is constantly developing new educational activities, focusing on contemporary environmental challenges, as well as the entertainment it provides for visitors.

Place address: Oceanário de Lisboa, Esplanada Dom Carlos I s/nº, 1990-005 Lisboa, Portugal

3- Braga Pedagogical Farm

A picture of Braga Pedagogical Farm
Braga Pedagogical Farm

Braga Pedagogical Farm – The Braga Educational Farm is an educational and environmental institution in the city of Braga, which is keen on using environmental methods for animal husbandry and plant cultivation, in which you can learn about past and current agricultural methods and learn about the method of producing traditional preparations and other food products, and thanks to its location in the city center, it is accessible It is easy to spend quiet and relaxing times away from the hustle and bustle.

Place address: Caminho da Ordem, 4700 Braga, Portugal

4- Biological Park of Gaia

A picture of Biological Park of Gaia
Biological Park of Gaia

Biological Park of Gaia – The Gaia Biological Park is the first permanent center of environmental education in Portugal. It consists of an agro-forest area of 35 hectares where hundreds of species of wild animals and plants live. The purpose of creating this park is to understand the nature of the area, including all its components (flora, fauna, climate, architecture rural, uses, customs, hydrography, etc.) and the contrast between the park’s preserved agro-forest landscape and urban surroundings.

Place address: R. Cunha, 4430-812 Avintes, Portugal

5- Zoo Santo Inacio

A picture of Zoo Santo Inacio
Zoo Santo Inacio

Zoo Santo Inacio – Santo Inacio Zoo is the largest and greenest zoo in northern Portugal. It is located in Vila Nova de Gaia, just 10 minutes from the city of Porto. With more than a decade of its establishment and visited by more than one and a half million visitors, Santo Iñácio is indeed the reference zoo in northern Portugal, it includes a group of large and green areas that recreate natural habitats, and it is also home to 800 animals from 262 species from 5 continents that help create a natural atmosphere that gives the place a unique appeal.

Place address: R. 5 de Outubro 4503, 4430-809 Avintes, Portugal

6- Furnas Waterfall and Aquarium

A picture of Furnas Waterfall and Aquarium
Furnas Waterfall and Aquarium

Furnas Waterfall and Aquarium – Furnas Waterfall and Aquarium is a park open to the public on the island of São Miguel with an area designated for outdoor physical activities, wide green spaces, a picturesque waterfall and a large aquarium with many species of fish found in the lakes of the Azores, this park is a great place to relax and spend some fun times Afternoon with family and friends.


Place address: EN1-1A 1 9675, 9675 Furnas, Portugal

7- Water Garden

A picture of Water Garden
Water Garden

Water Garden – Among the various parks in the city of Lisbon, the water park is certainly one of the most impressive and enjoyable, where the large waterfall, designed to simulate natural waterfalls, is impressive due to its size and the strength of the current flowing in it, and there are also small spots where water vapor comes out of the ground, Which adds a magical touch to the place, and during your journey to this waterfall, you will see small stones and pebbles as if you are really in the heart of nature, and the nature of trees here varies, with palms, pine trees and many others, which gives a distinctive elegance to the garden.

Place address: 1990-221 Lisbon, Portugal

8- Lagos Zoo

A picture of Lagos Zoo
Lagos Zoo

Lagos Zoo – Lagos Zoo is an amazing zoo located on the border of the town of Lagos, it is home to more than 150 different species of animals and 200 plant species from all five continents, it is centered around the animals and their welfare, conservation and protection, and is a great option if you are looking for activities to do with Your family is in the Algarve, where visitors can enjoy a 60-meter tunnel that allows them to observe different types of colorful birds, in addition to exploring Monkey Island and a small farm that allows children the opportunity to get close to pets and interact with them.

Place address: 8600 Barão de São João, Portugal

9- Maia Zoo

A picture of Maia Zoo
Maia Zoo

Maia Zoo – Maya Zoo is located in the heart of the Maya town, south of Porto, and seeks to create the best conditions for animals, and includes a group of more than 600 animals of 200 different species, and has the largest group of reptiles in the country, and you can see the most terrifying reptiles in the world, such as snakes and crocodiles and iguanas, and if you like mysterious places, you must visit the park’s amazing exhibit, which presents poisonous snakes, scorpions, nocturnal animals, piranhas, and many other mysterious and dangerous organisms.

Place address: Rua da Estação, 4470-184 Maia, Portugal

10- SEA LIFE Centre Porto

A picture of SEA LIFE Centre Porto
SEA LIFE Centre Porto

SEA LIFE Centre Porto – Visit Sea Life Center Porto and hold your breath and dive into the wonderful undersea world to discover the most amazing and curious animals, there is so much to see! Where this aquarium includes a variety of underwater environments from fresh water currents to rugged coasts, long sandy beaches and ocean depths, and includes the species presented by sharks, jellyfish and seahorses, and you can also wander through a water tunnel that takes visitors on a journey in the world of the oceans.

Place address: R. Particular Nº 1 Castelo do Queijo 1ª, 4100-379 Porto, Portugal

11- Krazy World

A picture of Krazy World
Krazy World

Krazy World – Crazy World is a zoo that offers visitors a wide range of activities related to the animal world, such as live shows with reptiles, feeding exotic animals and seeing many unique species from far away. Motor cycles.

Place address: Lagoa de Viseu – Estrada Algoz, 8365-907 Algoz, Portugal

12- Rio Minho Aquamuseum

A picture of Rio Minho Aquamuseum
Rio Minho Aquamuseum

Rio Minho Aquamuseum – The Rio Minho Aquarium is located right next to the Minho River, and it gives its visitors the opportunity to learn about the international water cycle that brings many benefits to the region. Minho, from its source through the dam areas to the estuary, and among the species that can be seen are trout, salmon, lampreys, seabass, anemones and mussels.

Place address: 4920 Vila Nova de Cerveira, Portugal

13- Madeira Aquarium

A picture of Madeira Aquarium
Madeira Aquarium

Madeira Aquarium – Madeira Aquarium was opened on September 4, 2005 with the aim of preserving marine biodiversity in the Madeira archipelago, and there are more than 90 local species distributed over 12 display tanks, and it represents the different “habitat” of Madeira’s marine world, and the ponds contain about 50,000 liters Of salt water, most species can also be found on other Macaronesian islands, such as the Azores, Canary Islands and Cape Verde.

Place address: Rua do Forte de São João Baptista 7A, 9270-095 Porto Moniz, Portugal


We hope our guide has inspired you to explore the wonders of Portugal. Whether you’re a local or a visitor, there’s always something new and exciting to discover in this amazing region. From stunning natural landscapes to rich cultural heritage, Portugal has it all. So pack your bags, grab your camera, and get ready to embark on an unforgettable adventure. Don’t forget to share your experiences with us and tag us on social media using #ExplorePortugal. We can’t wait to see where your journey takes you!



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