Elephant stretches and yawns after waking up from a deep sleep


This elephant looks as if it’s gone to the wrong size of bed after it was captured waking from a deep sleep with a GoPro camera.

After placing the camera on top of the termite mound, wildlife photographer Christof Schoeman captured the exact moment the wild elephant in Greater Kruger National Park, South Africa, came around.

And incredibly, the animal has movements similar to a human when waking up.

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The elephant becomes curious and lurches its trunk out towards the GoPro camera

After getting up unsteadily, the elephant stretched out before yawning tiredly.

After that, the massive monster stood almost motionless for a while before curiosity got the better of it, and after spotting the camera, he wandered off.

After hurling its trunk towards the GoPro, the elephant decided to throw gravel at the camera before knocking it off its perch.

Once ranging across most of Africa, the elephant population has dropped dramatically across the continent.

Nature And Wildlife
Don’t worry, this elephant isn’t ill or dead, but in fact in the middle of a deep sleep
Nature And Wildlife
But soon the elephant wakes and struggles to his feet after his period of relaxation

In South Africa, the Addo Elephant and Kruger National Park protect large herds.

Due to strict conservation measures, the elephant population in South Africa has grown from an estimated 120 in 1920 in four locations to 10,000 in 40 sites to date.

Nature And Wildlife
He may still be a bit sleepy, but the bull elephant soon spots the camera, and bounds over
Nature And Wildlife
After a few sprays of gravel at the camera, the elephant decides a swipe of its trunk is what is needed

By: natureandwildlife.tv