Feeling Bullish Two Male Elephants Go To War Over Watering Hole


Two male elephants went to war over a small watering hole in South Africa’s Addo Elephant National Park.

The desperate search for water during South Africa’s long draught made the bulls, which were already in musth and looking for female mates, even more aggressive.

Other animals waiting nervously at Carol’s Rest watering hole quickly scattered when the fight broke out.

The two elephants charged at and shoved each other, kicking up large amounts of dust.

The fight was captured on camera by physiotherapist Bessie Vermeulen from Bloemfontein, South Africa.

Bessie, 58, said: “I was visiting the park and I noticed that these elephants were behaving differently.

“They were guarding a small waterhole called Carol’s Rest and chasing away any intruder.

“Normally they don’t mind sharing and will tolerate any other animals.

“Even the smallest elephant was chasing away warthogs and zebras.

“The zebras seemed more timid than the warthogs who would worm their way in to get a drink.

“All the animals seemed agitated and restless.

“Eventually only a few bulls were left, with the zebras still waiting around the fringes for a drink.

“Suddenly the male zebras seemed alarmed and jumped up as if sensing something and then the two bulls went for each other.

“They were pushing and shoving each other and kicking up dust.

“It was over in a minute and the defeated bull left the waterhole.

“I imagine the reasons for the conflict were the terrible drought and the bulls being in musth.

“Luckily there were no other animals caught up in the fight.”

By: storytrender.com