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Elephants are a majestic and rare exotic species of animals. Sri Lankan elephants are even more occasional, so have you ever heard about the birth of twin elephants?

Probably not because it is an infrequent occurrence that took more than 40 years to repeat.

For the first time since 1941, in the beautiful tropical island called Sri Lanka on the 31st of August, a female elephant named Surangi has given birth to twin little cute black balls of brothers who will for sure grow up to be majestic and awe-inspiring creatures.


As seen in the above picture, they both are doing well and fine with their mother, who was in labor for more than 6 hours to give birth to these little twin babies.

Their mother, elephant Sarangi is 25 years old while their father is 19 years old Pandu, both residents of Pinnawala Elephant Orphanage.


Pinnawala Elephant Orphanage is a shelter for injured and abandoned elephants, more like a nursery exclusive for these majestic creatures since 1975. Currently, there are 93 elephants in total, making it the world’s largest elephant captive run on funds and donations.


So next time you visit Sri Lanka, maybe you can pay a visit to these rare brothers. Or perhaps you will get to see these brothers in majestic clothes after some years in the Esala Dalada Perahera, which is a significant and remarkable event you will see with no other event similar to this. That is rich in culture and second to none in flamboyancy. Kandy Dalada Perahera or, the festival of the Tooth Relic, is an annual procession organized on behalf of the Sacred tooth relic of Buddha. This event lasts for about ten days showing the country’s exotic rich cultural beauty.

For a traveler who wants to visit this beautiful island, the month of August should be the best, and not to forget the Pinnawala Elephant Orphanage, where you can witness the beauty of these large animals and a slice of their lives.

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