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Megan Shute for Only In Hawaii on the things residents of Hawaii love.  Join us for a snorkel tour or manta ray tour and add something to the things you love list! Hawaii is perhaps the most unique of the 50 American states, and as a result, people who call the Aloha State home have a distinct perspective on life. While living on an island chain in the middle of the Pacific Ocean has its frustrations and annoyances, most locals will agree that there is no place they’d rather live — and here are 14 reasons why. There’s certainly so much to love about Hawaii.

1. Hanging out at the beach.

friends hanging out on the beach hawaii | A. Perez Voyages

Is there really anything better than spending time with your friends in or near the crystalline waters of the Pacific Ocean?

2. Staying active.

10 Best Places to Go Surfing in Hawaii - What is the Most Popular Surf Beach in Hawaii? – Go Guides

From surfing, SUP, and scuba diving to hiking, kayaking, and even skydiving, Hawaii locals ove it all and we’re lucky to have access to these activities year round. No need for a gym membership here!

3. Malasadas, shave ice, spam musubi, acai bowls, rice, mac salad, etc.

Malasadas (Plain or Haupia Filled)

Everyone who lives in Hawaii loves these amazing foods, though honestly — we also just like eating in general.

4. We also absolutely adore fresh fruit.

25 Delicious Kinds of Fruit in Hawaii You'll Love! – Sand In My Suitcase

This includes pineapples, mangos, papaya, lilikoi, guava, coconut and many others. Have you really lived until you’ve tried lychee fresh from the tree?

5. Near-perfect tropical weather.

Hawaii Weather Today » Hawaiian Islands Weather details & Aloha Paragraphs / August 25-26, 2013

Let’s be honest: we like our sun bright, our trade winds constant, and our weather warm. Don’t forget about the rain showers — yeah, we like those ten minutes a day, too.

6. Living slowly.

10 Things you should know before moving to Hawaii
In Hawaii, life is meant to be lived a little slower than on the mainland — and that’s exactly how we like it.

7. Getting up early.

Cold and you have to get up early… but WORTH IT! - Reviews, Photos - Skyline Hawaii - Tripadvisor
Whether you are trying to squeeze in a pre-work surf session or catch the sunrise from the top of a mountain, getting up early is just part of the life. Besides, it’s easier to wake up in the morning when you are promised a cup of Kona coffee. or a signature Hawaiian sunrise.

8. Being barefoot.

Aloha! The Barefoot Hawaiian Performs Live at the Lake | Des Plaines, IL Patch

People in Hawaii don’t wear shoes on the beach — and definitely not in anyone’s house. When we do wear shoes, they’re “slippahs.” The only time I put on regular shoes is to go on a particularly strenuous hike where good traction is a must.

9. Living amongst wildlife.

What Animals Live In Hawaii? - WorldAtlas
From honu (green sea turtles) and vibrant tropical fish to whales, dolphins, and geckos, Hawaii has got it all. If you haven’t been swimming with a Hawaiian green sea turtle yet, add the experience to your bucket list immediately!

10. Hawaiian sunsets.

Where to Watch the Sunset in Hawaiʻi - Hawaii Magazine
There is really nothing more magical than a Hawaiian sunset — except maybe a beautiful sunrise.

11. Rainbows.

Hawaiian Rainbow Photograph by Frederick DeBram - Fine Art America
Hawaii is known as the Rainbow State for a reason. It doesn’t matter how often I see a rainbow, I always stop and admire the beauty that is Hawaii.

12. Free entertainment.

The cost of living in Hawaii may be astronomical, but at least many of our favorite activities — like swimming, hiking, and snorkeling — are free!

13. A welcome lack of snakes.

Yeah, you read that right. There are no snakes in Hawaii, and we definitely love this fact.

14. Spreading the Aloha spirit to everyone they meet!

The Aloha Spirit sure is intoxicating.

By Lala