Hidden Gems For Innsbruck


The capital of Tyrol is situated in the alps and can only be described as picturesque. No matter if summer or winter, there is always something great to do. Stroll around the old town and enjoy an afternoon in one of the amazing cafés. In our travel guide you will find great things to do in Innsbruck.

1. Hidden Gem Innsbruck: Haepinest

This cute café is a must when you visit Innsbruck. A feel – good atmosphere, excellent coffee and delicious food. The owner of Haepinest describes their cafe as a “third-wave café”, which means putting as much focus on the buying and drinking experience of coffee as on the brew itself as well as putting a new premium on aesthetics while touting higher quality and better preparations. They also offer everything your breakfast heart is craving for. How about delicious granola with yoghurt, figs, walnuts and seasonal compote? We are not only in love with Haepinest because of the menu, but also because of its interior design. A great mixture of scandinavian and vintage. It really feels like a big and cozy living room. During summer there is also outdoor seating available.


Haepinest / © Instagram: haepinest2

2. Hidden Gem Innsbruck: Umbrügger Alm

This might be one of the most modern alms you have ever been to. At the Umbrüggler Alm in the Karwendelgebirge everything is a bit different and not traditional at all. The interior is filled with wood, but not in the classic alpine style, more light decor. Umbrüggler Alm captivates the visitor with its avant-garde, yet cosy design. An open fireplace and comfortable seating ensure a pleasant stay. Enjoy the great panoramic view while enjoying your Tyrolean dish with a modern twist. Several paths lead from Innsbruck to Umbrüggler Alm, for hiking and mountain biking. The easiest way to get there is to start from Hungeburger.

Umbrügger Alm

Umbrügger Alm / © Instagram: Hannes_offenbacher

3. Hidden Gem Innsbruck: Wilten Brunch & Bar

Wilten Brunch & Bar is the perfect definition of doing two things at once and being awesome at it. During the day, this spot becomes a coffee/brunch place. Here you will indulge in generous portions of delicious breakfast dishes, pastries, coffee and tasty homemade lemonade. In the evening, you can return and enjoy its transformation to an amazing cocktail bar with a great variety of drinks. All in all, with its modern and cozy atmosphere you cannot go wrong coming to Wilten any time of the day when you are visiting Innsbruck.

Wilten Brunch & Bar

Wilten Brunch & Bar / © Instagram: wilten.brunch.bar

4. Hidden Gem Innsbruck: 360 Grad Bar

On the the 7th floor of the town hall you will find this rooftop bar with an amazing view, as the name already says a 360 degree view over Innsbruck. The elegant and luxuriously styled wine bar is located in the heart of Innsbruck’s Old Town. This is the perfect location to sit back and relax as you drink some good wine in style. Come here for a sundowner and enjoy a coffee or a good cocktail.

360 Grad

360 Grad Bar / © Instagram: artfrodite

5. Hidden Gem Innsbruck: Cafe Munding

Established in 1803, Cafe Munding is the oldest pastry shop cafe in Tirol. You know a place is worth your time when it has stood the test of time. Here you will find an incredibly wide selection of gluten-free cakes, cupcakes, and other delicious products! This spot is also famous for its mind-blowing hot chocolate which will keep you warm during those winter days. There is no way you can miss it since it’s located right at the city center in Innsbruck.

Cafe Munding

Cafe Munding / © Instagram: cafemunding1803

6. Hidden Gem Innsbruck: Woodfire Innsbruck

This hidden gem may be one of the best steak houses that you can find in Innsbruck. Steak fans will be delighted and not disappointed by the high professionalism put in preparing all beef cuts they have to offer. They have flank steaks, rump steaks, rib-eye-steak, delicious filet mignon and much more. Like any professional steakhouse, you can choose how you like your steak cooked, and oh boy do they deliver. Woodfire Innsbruck is located in front of the Innsbrucker Hoffgarten and it is totally worth it when your meat cravings are going through the roof.

Woodfire Innsbruck

Woodfire Innsbruck / © Instagram: woodfire_innsbruck

7. Hidden Gem Innsbruck: weitsicht Restaurant

Right at the top of the aDLERS Hotel you can find this unskippable hidden gem next time you are in town. Thanks to its location on the 12th floor you’ll get a 360 degree view of the beautiful city of Innsbruck. weitsicht specializes in Tyrolean cuisine with aromatic influences from around the world. This makes every dish unique and tasty. Like their eagle fish fillet refined with puffed quinoa and purple Krifol cream. No need to worry, this place is for everyone; you have dishes that cater to vegans to hardcore beef lovers. The restaurant is located in the city center so it won’t be hard to find.

weitsicht Restaurant

weitsicht Restaurant / © Instagram: weitsicht.innsbruck

8. Hidden Gem Innsbruck: Kater Noster Cafe & Bar

Located at the heart of Innsbruck, this wonderful cafe and bar is the perfect place to go out for some drinks and have fun. The atmosphere of Kater Noster is just awesome. It has a hipster vibe all around with great music in the background. Every cocktail and cup of coffee are also made with incredible care and love. They look so good that you’ll want to try them all. If you are in the mood for delicious food while sipping your drink you can order their awesome homemade Flammkuchen. This hidden gem is the perfect place to have loads of fun in this wonderful city.

Kater Noster Cafe & Bar

Kater Noster Cafe & Bar / © Instagram: kater_noster

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