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Do you want to explore the Austrian Alps but don’t know where to go, what to do, or how to begin? This Lech, Austria 3-day Itinerary is just the travel guide you need to get started.

I visited Lech in Vorarlberg, Austria during late September / early October so was able to enjoy a peek at both autumn and early winter activities. In fact, a day after I left there was Lech’s first snowfall of the season!

Black female traveler hiking in Lech Austrian Alps
Note: I visited Vorarlberg, Austria after being accepted to the invite-only Propel Conference taking place there. As a result, some of the activities/hotels mentioned in this guide were comped as part of my attendance.

In this Lech travel guide, I’ll use my own experiences and what I’ve learned about the Vorarlberg area to help you uncover core information needed to plan a great trip to Lech.

It can get pretty confusing since there is so much to do in Vorarlberg, so trust me — this guide is going to help majorly.

Also included in this post is a detailed 3 Day Itinerary for Lech, Austria at the end, so you can print out the article and follow along if needed! If you are feeling independent and want to build your own Lech itinerary, you can use these tips to inspire your own epic Lech adventure and add Vorarlberg wellness activities from the region.


  • What to know about Lech, Austria

  • When to visit Lech and Vorarlberg

  • How to get to Lech

  • Where to stay: Lech am Arlberg hotels

  • 3-day Lech itinerary

What To Know About Lech In Vorarlberg, Austria

All About Lech Am Arlberg + Why You Should Plan A Lech Vacation!

Where Is Lech, Austria?

Lech am Arlberg is a luxe alpine village in Vorarlberg, which is located in Western Austria in Europe. Lech is nearly 5,000 feet in elevation and though its residential population is barely over 1,500 people, tourist crowds skyrocket this number to about 8,000 people during high season.

What Is Lech, Austria Known For?

Lech is part of the massively connected Arlberg ski area. With stunning alpine peaks, Lech is a popular ski village and scenic hiking destination.

Because Lech is in Austria, which is also known for its alpine wellness culture, you can find countless ski and wellness hotels that offer spa services, exquisite saunas, and breathtaking mountain views. Read on for my recommendations for those activities!

Why Is Lech A Great Place To Vacation?

Lech is not only a great place to ski in winter, it is a fantastic place to enjoy mountain activities during summer too. Thanks to its quaint village vibes, you’ll get lots of delicious farm-to-table dining, cozy and comfortable lodging, and a sense of community.

Don’t let its size fool you either: just because Lech is small doesn’t mean it doesn’t pack a punch with premier services.

Lech offers just as many services as neighboring resorts, with bus, taxi, and cable car transit; medical services; bountiful shops for gear rental; lush spa services; and noteworthy dining.

When To Visit Lech

Find Out When Is The Best Time To Visit Lech, Austria

The Best Time To Visit Lech, Austria

The best time to visit Lech depends what types of activities you love (and the climate, of course).

Lech, Austria is stunning year-round but since I prefer warmer weather, I prefer all of the activities one can do when the temperatures warm up.

  • Vacationing in Lech for warm weather activities that include green hikes, swimming, and sunshine? June – September is the best time to visit Lech

    thanks to its longer sunny days and higher temperatures.

  • Big on exclusive ski trips and want to combine winter activities with your posh Lech ski village itinerary? December – April is the best time to visit Lech for sunbirds seeking a winter wonderland getaway.

Mountain town in Austria with turquoise river from the alps

How To Get To Lech, Austria

Public Transit, Rental Cars, And Other Transportation For Visiting Lech.

How To Get To Lech By Plane

You can get to Lech by plane but will still need to drive a bit or take public transit to actually get to the village. The closest airport is 90 minutes away.

Are There Flights To Lech Am Arlberg?

There are three popular airports near Lech, with Innsbruck airport in Tyrol being the closest to Lech. Here are the airports near Lech and their driving distance:

  • Zurich international airport in Switzerland (2.5 hours from Lech)

  • Munich international airport in Germany (3 hours from Lech)

  • Innsbruck airport in Tyrol, Austria (1.5 hours from Lech)

View from an airplane window while landing. Plane wing has Swiss flag

How To Get To Lech By Car

There are a few ways to get to Lech by car, and that includes taxi or private transport services, or renting a car of your own and driving.

How To Rent A Car For Lech

To rent a car for Lech, I recommend Priceline rental cars for good deals and reputable service. Sixt also seems to be quite popular for Europe but I haven’t tried them myself.

How To Get A Taxi In Lech

To book a taxi in Lech, you can arrange one on site, have your accommodations arrange it, or schedule ahead of time yourself.

  • Der Lecher is a recommended taxi service that allows you to reserve ahead of time. You can also call them +43 5583 2501 to reserve by phone.

Are There Shuttles To Lech From The Airport?

Actually, yes! Not only is there private transport available (at a higher cost) but there is a more affordable option: shuttle service.

Arlberg Express Taxi, for instance, is a taxi service for the area, a private transport provider, and also offers shuttle service from Zurich airport for only 50 euros per person. This is comparable to train prices and is hassle free since you can book and pay ahead of time.

Driving Tips For Lech

Google Maps is obviously your best friend for driving directions, and luckily the motorway is really straightforward, but there are a few important things you should know about driving to Lech.

Right now you can only drive to Lech via the Flexenpass during winter. That means if you are coming from north of Lech, you should allot for more driving time because Lech – Warth (L 198) is not passable.

You should also have car winter tires and truck snow chains when driving to Lech during the winter (between November thru March). This is mandatory only during inclement weather when the street conditions are harsh, and you’ll see signage.

There are tolls in Austria and vehicles should have toll stickers (your rental will probably already supply, but ask to make sure). If your rental car doesn’t have a toll sticker you can get one from a gas station, in a post office, at border crossings, or from the Lech tourism board.

Women walking along a main road in Lech

Public Transit In Vorarlberg: How To Get To Lech Without A Car

There are heaps of public transit options throughout Vorarlberg, including to the popular ski village of Lech.

You can get to Lech via train or coach if you don’t have a car. And once you are in the village of Lech, there are a number of local buses that can transport you to your favorite hikes or slopes.

Here are your options for getting to Lech and getting around Lech without renting a car.

How To Get To Lech By Train

The closest train station to Lech is Langen am Arlberg and trains from Railjet service this route. This station is a 20 min taxi ride away from Lech. It also possible to transfer to a local bus (bus 91) to get into town too.

If coming from Zurich HB (main railway station), there is also the Eurocity Transalpin. Which can take you directly to the St. An ton am Arlberg

train station. This station is about 30 minutes from Lech and can get you into town via taxi or the local bus (bus 92).

How To Get To Lech By Bus

There are many buses in Lech and the Vorarlberg region. As previously mentioned, the 91 and 92 bus can transport you from the nearest train stations — and they depart regularly between 7am and 5pm.

There are also buses (Ortsbus Lech bus) throughout the districts to help you get around to scenic landmarks and excursions. The Wanderbus is a local hiking bus.

  • Lech travel tip: Don’t forget to get a Lech Card, which will make most of this transit within the area FREE — including open cable cars during summer.

Black woman holding up a Lech card in the mountains

If you are traveling in Lech outside of standard bus tours, there’s the James night bus, which costs about 6 euro per person and runs from 8pm to 3am. I took it once to see an evening exhibit in the area and it was pretty easy. Here is the schedule and meeting points for that; you should have cash.

Where To Stay In Lech

Hotels In Lech, Austria And More For Your Stay!

There are so many beautiful hotels in Lech am Arlberg, and the village isn’t that big, which will make searching for lodging locations easy (it is very difficult to have a bad location).

Top Rated Hotels In Lech, Austria

I really enjoyed the Lech hotel I stayed in while visiting, so of course would recommend that one first and foremost. But it’d be a disservice to you to not include other great options too!

My Recommended Lech Hotel: Hotel Sandhof

I stayed at the Hotel Sandhof for two nights and loved that it was a sustainable four-star hotel conveniently on the main road, and offered a sauna and restaurant onsite and breathtaking views!

Window view of Lech mountains and village

Each of the rooms were different, with some boasting romantic balconies overlooking the town, and most guest rooms adorned with epic window views of the surrounding mountains or alpine village.

At the Hotel Sandhof, I thoroughly enjoyed the wellness centre. From the infrared steam room to the dry sauna, ice bowl, relaxing waterbeds, and more… it was bliss!

I also recommend their onsite dining options. Breakfast was included with my stay, with plenty of buffet options and made to order eggs. I had dinner here twice and both times the farm to table cuisine was impressive!

Other Lech hotels to consider:

  • Hotel Arlberg Lech

  • Hotel Haldenhof

  • Hotel Bellevue

Modern bathroom in hotel
Black woman in hotel spa in Lech Austria

Lech Airbnb Options

Lech is a luxury ski destination so it is no surprise that private lodging and home rentals are high ticket items.

If you’d like to rent a full chalet with amenities like a hot tub and fireplace, you should be prepared to pay a significant amount of money. Large, multi-room chalets with these features can range from $1,000-$8,000 per night if you want to be in the heart of Lech.

If you are willing stay at a smaller apartment and forego certain amenities (ie. hot tub) and visit day spas and saunas instead, you can get more bang for your buck while still in the center. Apartments on Airbnb or VRBO range from $250-$500 per night for 1/2BD.

3 Day Lech Itinerary

Here Is An Itinerary For Three Days In Lech, Vorarlberg

Day 1 In Lech, Austria:

Travel to Lech won’t be quick unless you are already in Vorarlberg (which I highly recommend). I have a whole wellness getaway guide on the different things to do in Vorarlberg across the regions, so check that out of you have extra time in your itinerary.

If you are just able to dedicate 3 days/2 nights in Lech, then you should plan for the first half of your Lech Day 1 to include being in transit.

Here’s the breakdown for day one in Lech.


Travel to Lech Zürs am Arlberg by car, bus, or train-to-bus. See the above transportation tips for arrival in Lech, and keep in mind it can take 2-5 hours to get here, depending on where you’re coming from.


If you are able to arrive in time to still enjoy the afternoon, I recommend you take your Lech Card for summer cable car access (or cable car access with your winter ski passes), and take in the village from the sky. Perfect for photos!

You can also use this time to take the Panorama bus to view Lake Formarinsee, which is covered with your Lech Card. This destination is definitely a Lech highlight!


Have a Lech welcome dinner at your hotel or a nearby restaurant. We dined at Hotel Sandhof and it was fantastic. There’s a 5-course evening menu from 7-9pm as well as optional wine-tasting experiences guided by their in-house sommelier.

Food dishes and wine at a restaurant

Day 2 In Lech, Austria:

On day two, I recommend you indulge in unique dining experiences and embrace Lech’s fantastic scenery outdoors. If you are here in the winter, I recommend this day for skiing and other fun winter activities.

Here’s the breakdown for day two in Lech.


Take advantage of dining with panoramic views at the Rüfikopf Panorama Restaurant just a cable car ride away from central Lech. Open times are 9am-4:30pm and the restaurant is at the top of the Rüfikopf cable car.


Take a guided hiking tour along one of Lech’s awesome trails to enjoy to endless scenic landscape around you. You can follow one of the clear, short trails or secure a guide to help to explore deeper. We used an Arlberg Alpin hiking guide and hiked part of the Lechweg trail and crossed over to the Zug Waterfall.

Many of Austria’s hikes have a tradition of enjoying lunch at the peak. Instead of coming down to dine, why not enjoy one of the restaurants up top or pack your own charcuterie board for a delightful treat?

Afro Latina Black female hiker in the Austrian alps


After your hike and lunch, come back to your hotel or a neighboring spa to soak and relax at the sauna. Austria is known for its wellness activities intertwined with alpine culture so most hotels (especially the ones I listed earlier) will have stunning facilities and rejuvenating services.

For your evening activity, book a guided Skyspace tour if you are interested in a unique art exhibit that showcases the stunning night sky, and head to Hotel Tannbergerhof for a taste of après-ski culture.

Day 3 In Lech, Austria:

Time will fly by while you’re in Lech. So make the most of it! Depending on when you depart, you may or may not have extra time to spare for more exploring. With that said, let’s assume you planned well and aren’t leaving until the late afternoon — then there is plenty to still do!

Here’s the breakdown for day three in Lech.


Book a unique mountain breakfast / hiking experience to the Kaltenberghütte. Breakfast is served from 9-10:30am from June/July thru September and must be reserved at least the day before.

You can reach this spot by 2-3 hour hike or get part of the way there by bus for free with the Lech Card. I recommend you bring swimwear too because there are lakes nearby for those who want to swim.

If you are here in the winter, this visit may not be feasible but there are plenty of other restaurants at the top of cable car routes if you want to dine with a view. Alternatively, you can cozy up at the hotel and take advantage of the robust breakfast spreads there.


After your hike, take advantage of one more visit to the sauna. And enjoy a steam room, infrared sauna, or Finnish bath! After all of the outdoor activities you’ll be doing, it will be worth it. Then have lunch at one of the oldest restaurants in Lech: Hus Nr. 8.

This is a scenic spot with a beautiful backdrop of Austria’s mountains, and has a great fondue and raclette menu.

Two women eating fondue at an outdoor restaurant in the mountains

Have An Extra Day? Here Are More Things To Do In Lech!

I truly think the best way to explore any place is to spend at least 5 days there. Especially when you are coming from a long way. Maybe even paired with a multi-day trek like the new Arlberg Trail if you’re up for the challenge!

I realize that not everyone can extend their stay, but if you are lucky enough to have extra time in Lech, I recommend visiting the protected nature areas called “gypsum holes”, exploring one of the many walking paths, cycling or renting an e-bike to see more of the area, or even swimming in the forest pool.

Whatever you choose to do in Lech, you can be sure it will be scenic, have limitless access to nature, and convince you that you definitely have to come back for more.




By Lala