How to Spend a Weekend City Break in Innsbruck: A Charming City at the Austrian Alps


Perfectly located at the feet of the Austrian Alps, you can find the charming city of Innsbruck. If you are visiting Austria and love Winter sports, make sure you don’t miss this beautiful destination! Here I am sharing my one-day itinerary in Innsbruck from Salzburg.

Located at the feet of the Austrian Alps you can find the charming city of Innsbruck.

Located at the Inn Valley, the city is surrounded by picturesque mountains providing breathtaking views over the Alps, lovely colored architecture, and a perfect spot for lovers of Winter Sports.

Innsbruck is the perfect destination for those who want to explore the surrounding valleys, mountains, and villages of Tyrol. It has also been a gateway to neighboring Italy, Germany, and Switzerland.



How to Get to Innsbruck

Planning to visit Vienna and Salzburg, I realized that I could actually do a quick day trip to Innsbruck. However, I would definitely recommend you spend more time truly explore the city.

+ By Train: We traveled from Salzburg to Innsbruck via train. But you can also travel from other cities in Austria and Germany. The tickets can be a bit expensive for a day-trip, but definitely worth it. The journey provides you the best views as the path is surrounded by mountains all your way to Innsbruck!

+ By Air: Did you know that Innsbruck has its own airport? Most of the flights happen between the main cities in Austria and the surrounding countries of Germany and Switzerland.

+ By Couch: FlexiBus is definitely one of my favorite coaches to use when traveling around Europe. Cheap and comfortable, this is definitely a valid option for those traveling within a budget. The trip from Salzburg can take around 6h30 mins and costs around 20 EUR (17.65 GBP / 23.74 USD).

Best Things to Do in Innsbruck

As we arrived in the city, we just couldn’t be more fascinated with the beautiful mountains full of snow. We just couldn’t stop ourselves from wanting to go up the mountains. As we arrived, we quickly got our way to the center of the city. The city is not that big, and get your way to the city center is not difficult.

In the middle of Innsbruck Historic Old Town, you will find the Golden Roof – Goldenes Dachl. The Golden Roof is 3.7 meters high and decorated with 2,657 fire-gilded copper shingles. This incredible piece of architecture was built by Emperor Maximilian for its own marriage in order to defeat the rumors regarding the imperial financial difficulties.

Wander around the Old Town, we could easily reach the riverside and walked towards the funicular that took us to the mountain.

Nordkette is the mountain at the heart of Innsbruck and is part of Austria’s largest nature park – the Karwendel Nature Park. The mountain can be easily reached directly from the city of Innsbruck in just a few minutes! The view from the top is fantastic and is a perfect place for hiking, winter sports or just to relax in the snow.

The Hungerburg Funicular enables visitors to reach the mountain in less than 10 minutes. There are several stops on your way up, and the prices depend on where you want to stop. The top of the mountain is called Seegrube and reaches an altitude of 6,250 ft. Here you can practise some skiing, or simply enjoy the views.

After a long day enjoying the mountains, we decided just to wander around the city. The main street of Innsbruck looks straight out of a fairytale – a typical colorful city surrounded by mountains. While wandering around, you can enjoy many lovely cafes, restaurants, and shops, including a Hard Rock Cafe.



Final Thoughts

Have you ever experienced traveling to a place surrounded by mountains? Austria is a good option if you planning to have a winter vacation in Europe. Innsbruck is now one of my favorite cities in Europe, all because of its magic and natural beauty. It definitely, deserves a visit!