Immerse Yourself In Salzburg (Austria) ‘s 18 Best Fast Food Restaurants To Visit


Discover the top fast food restaurants destinations in Salzburg (Austria) with our hand-picked list, chosen with care by our expert team based on the feedback and ratings from previous visitors. Let us help you plan the perfect trip.

1- Tak Tak Döner

A picture of Tak Tak Döner
Tak Tak Döner

Tak Tak Döner – Despite the simplicity and modesty of the Tac Tac Doner restaurant, it is considered one of the popular and favorite restaurants for many people, due to the meals it provides with irresistible flavors, as its menu contains kebabs, Turkish doners, and delicious durums, which are served with refreshing drinks, various sauces, and fresh bread.

Place address: Herzog Odilo-Straße 112, 5310 Mondsee, Austria

2- Kebap 51 Imbiss

A picture of Kebap 51 Imbiss
Kebap 51 Imbiss

Kebap 51 Imbiss – Kebab 51 is one of the small and distinctive restaurants that serve traditional Turkish cuisine, as its chef follows traditional recipes that preserve the original flavors, and serves them with love for low prices that are accessible to everyone. The options on its menu vary between kebabs, doners, durums, cheeseburgers, schnitzels, and more.

Place address: Anif AT, Gewerbeparkstraße 1, 5081 Niederalm, Austria

3- Jausenstation Unteraigen

A picture of Jausenstation Unteraigen
Jausenstation Unteraigen

Jausenstation Unteraigen – Ontrigen snack bar offers Kaprun residents and visitors a wide variety of sandwiches and delicious local dishes, at simple prices and distinctive flavors. Among the most important dishes served here are fajitas, zingers, pizza and burgers.

Place address: Schaufelbergstraße 50, 5710 Kaprun, Austria

4- Eren Pizza and Kebap

A picture of Eren Pizza and Kebap
Eren Pizza and Kebap

Eren Pizza and Kebap – Irene Pizza & Kebab Restaurant offers its tourists and local customers a wide range of food types, as it specializes in fast food that customers can eat inside or outside the restaurant in one of the public gardens in the bosom of nature. The restaurant is famous for serving pizza of various recipes and ingredients, and kebab meals served with fried potatoes and salads.

Place address: Bundesstraße 288, 5741 Neukirchen am Großvenediger, Austria

5- Royal Kebap Pizza Haus

A picture of Royal Kebap Pizza Haus
Royal Kebap Pizza Haus

Royal Kebap Pizza Haus – The menu of the Royal Kebab Pizza House includes Turkish doner kebab, pizza slices with crispy edges and refreshing soft drinks. It is one of the small restaurants that are very popular and have a special place among the residents of the region and its foreign visitors coming from various regions, near and far.

Place address: Marktstraße, 5061 Haslach, Austria

6- BBQ King Imbiss

A picture of BBQ King Imbiss
BBQ King Imbiss

BBQ King Imbiss – Barbecue King Restaurant specializes in preparing and serving burgers of all kinds, delicious and popular for all customers, adults and children alike, using natural ingredients, fresh bread, the best types of cheese, meat and vegetables, and serves them with love with various sauces, french fries, hot dogs, grilled corn and refreshing drinks for affordable prices. everyone.

Place address: Markt 70, 5360 St. Wolfgang im Salzkammergut, Austria

7- 24 Kitchen& Bar Kaprun Restaurant

A picture of 24 Kitchen& Bar Kaprun Restaurant
24 Kitchen& Bar Kaprun Restaurant

24 Kitchen& Bar Kaprun Restaurant – The 24 Kaprun Kitchen & Bar restaurant offers visitors to the city of Kaprun indoor seating and a distinctive atmosphere that includes live music concerts and special performances that complement the rich meals provided. The restaurant offers a varied menu that includes main dishes of meat, chicken and fish, in addition to a large selection of desserts and distinctive drinks.

Place address: Nikolaus-Gassner-Straße 24, 5710 Kaprun, Austria

8- Popeye Kebab

A picture of Popeye Kebab
Popeye Kebab

Popeye Kebab – Popeye Kebab is a Turkish restaurant located near the city center of Salzburg, and it is considered one of the restaurants that is keen to provide a satisfactory and integrated experience for all potential customers, which encourages its chef to use fresh halal meat and natural ingredients when preparing doner kebab, durum, falafel, burgers, kofta and ribs Grilled, shawarma and more.

Place address: Ignaz-Harrer-Straße 56, 5020 Salzburg, Austria

9- Istanbul Restaurant

A picture of Istanbul Restaurant
Istanbul Restaurant

Istanbul Restaurant – Visit this wonderful restaurant and enjoy eating the most delicious oriental Turkish cuisine with the perfect taste and prepared based on the original and traditional recipes. In Istanbul Restaurant, you will have a unique experience with many options and dishes that suit all tastes, including shawarma or the Turkish doner sandwich with spices and the perfect taste, and a variety of delicious grills that include kebabs, kofta and shish tawook, in addition to rice seasoned with oriental spices served with chicken or grilled meat. The restaurant also serves fresh salads and delicious pickles. This restaurant is blessed with an elegant interior design with modern and youthful design and a calm atmosphere suitable for families and groups.

Place address: Istanbul Restaurant, Bahnhofpl. 2a, 5700 Zell am See, Austria

10- Papa Pizza

A picture of Papa Pizza
Papa Pizza

Papa Pizza – If you are looking for halal dishes while you are in Salzburg, Austria, all you have to do is visit the wonderful Baba Pizza restaurant, which offers a distinctive variety of delicious dishes. It is considered one of the fast food restaurants, as there are shawarma, burgers, and pizza of all kinds, in which you can order whatever ingredients you want to add or remove, pasta, and many other delicious dishes that you must try during your visit to Salzburg. It also provides an impressive range of various drinks, including hot and cold.

Place address: Papa Pizza, Ignaz-Harrer-Straße 8, 5020 Salzburg, Austria

11- Umut Kebap Pizza Burger

A picture of Umut Kebap Pizza Burger
Umut Kebap Pizza Burger

Umut Kebap Pizza Burger – The menu of the Umut Restaurant, located in Salzburg, contains a variety of irresistible Turkish and Mediterranean dishes, including kebabs, burgers, fresh bread, delicious pizza slices, schnitzels, doner kebabs, durum, grilled kofta, falafel, and more; In addition, it includes a range of alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks.

Place address: Schwarzstraße 12, 5020 Salzburg, Austria

12- City Kebap

A picture of City Kebap
City Kebap

City Kebap – You will find delicious Turkish dishes in this city kebab restaurant, which offers a variety of delicious dishes, including kebabs, which is one of the most delicious Arabic dishes served, shawarma, pizza, fried chicken with crispy potatoes, sandwiches, various salads, and other delicious dishes. Knowing that all dishes served are halal. It also provides a great selection of various drinks. Do not miss the opportunity to try the restaurant’s dishes and get a unique dining experience, in a comfortable atmosphere, and with great service.

Place address: City Kebap, Rainerstraße 24, 5020 Salzburg, Austria

13- DÖNER MANN – Burger House

A picture of DÖNER MANN - Burger House
DÖNER MANN – Burger House

DÖNER MANN – Burger House – Doner Man Restaurant – Burger House is very popular and has a special place among both locals and foreign tourists, thanks to its simple décor and wonderful atmosphere punctuated by some beautiful celebrations, in addition to its distinguished team that is keen to satisfy all potential customers; The menu of this restaurant includes both delicious burgers, irresistible doner kebab sandwiches, salads and refreshing drinks.

Place address: Siebenstädterstraße 10, 5020 Salzburg, Austria

14- Snacks and More

A picture of Snacks and More
Snacks and More

Snacks and More – This wonderful restaurant is a small popular restaurant located in the center of the charming city of Salzburg and there is a large courtyard outside where you can enjoy the meal in the open air. This restaurant offers a variety of oriental dishes, knowing that all the food it provides is halal. Where you can take a short break in the middle of your busy day, visit the restaurant and enjoy some delicious meals such as delicious kebabs, excellent Arabic shawarma, and pizza of various kinds as well. You will also find a variety of drinks, including coffee and soft drinks.

Place address: Snacks and More, Pfeifergasse 16, 5020 Salzburg, Austria

15- Jausenstation Häuslalm

A picture of Jausenstation Häuslalm
Jausenstation Häuslalm

Jausenstation Häuslalm – Hoislam fast food restaurant offers a wide variety of Austrian local meals with distinctive flavors and rich seasonings such as burgers, pizza, fajitas and cured meats, in addition to a number of fresh healthy salads and delicious appetizers.

Place address: Kitzsteinhorn 20, 5710 Kaprun, Austria

16- Reyna Kebap

A picture of Reyna Kebap
Reyna Kebap

Reyna Kebap – Rina Kebab Restaurant enjoys elegant classic décor and a comfortable intimate atmosphere, and is distinguished by its kind and helpful staff and competitive prices that are suitable for everyone. This restaurant specializes in preparing Turkish and Mediterranean food according to the correct recipes, and serves it with various appetizers and refreshing drinks. Customers can enjoy doner kebab, shrimp with seasonal vegetables, seafood pasta, some types of pizza, grilled fish, and more.

Place address: Steingasse 3, 5020 Salzburg, Austria

17- Papa Joe‘s Pizza-Pub-Grill

A picture of Papa Joe‘s Pizza-Pub-Grill
Papa Joe‘s Pizza-Pub-Grill

Papa Joe‘s Pizza-Pub-Grill – Papa Joe’s Pizza Bob Grill is an Italian restaurant that serves delicious Italian pizza in addition to a variety of dishes, fast food and Italian pasta. The place has a simple and calm design and is an ideal place to dine with family and friends.

Place address: Kitzsteinhornstraße 59, 5700 Zell am See, Austria

18- McDonald’s Saalfelden

A picture of McDonald's Saalfelden
McDonald’s Saalfelden

McDonald’s Saalfelden – This wonderful McDonald’s restaurant is one of the branches of the international McDonald’s chain that serves American fast food. This branch, located in the Salzburg region, is characterized by its wide area, which makes the place environment comfortable and suitable for family and friends meetings. Among the dishes offered by the restaurant on the menu are delicious burgers with fried chicken or meat, french fries, ice cream, cookies and many others.

Place address: Leogangerstraße 16a, 5760 Saalfelden am Steinernen Meer, Austria


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