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Activities You Can Do at Night in New Zealand

Some things are just better at night. We’re thinking of the wildlife that decides to be active in the dark, the amazing New Zealand night’s sky, and having drinks with friends to round off your day. The adventurous side of New Zealand also continues after dark, with bungy jumps, mountain biking and skiing… So with all that in mind, we decided to put together this list of all the awesome things to do at night in New Zealand.

After all, sleeping is for the weak!

1. Campfire Storytelling

Share stories with fellow backpackers and toast marshmallows. Check for any fire alerts or no fire signs before you light up! Our favourite place for a bonfire is at North Beach in Westport.

Campfire Stories - A horror comics anthology by Asa Wheatley — Kickstarter

2. Night Mountain Biking

Some mountain bike parks are open after dark. Hire a light at Woodhill Mountain Bike Park in Auckland on Wednesdays. Keep an eye out for special night riding events.

Mountainbiking in the dark | Stuff.co.nz

3. Stargazing

New Zealand has some of the clearest dark skies for seeing the Southern Hemisphere stars. Find the best stargazing locations here: 5 Stargazing Sites in New Zealand.

Stargazing | New Zealand Geographic

4. Glowworm Spotting

Or if it’s too cloudy to see stars, find some glowworms. There’s plenty of places to see glowworms in New Zealand.

Where To Find Glow Worms In And Around Auckland | Urban List NZ

5. Night Skiing

The winter season at Coronet Peak, Queenstown, means the floodlights come on for Park After Dark. Spend your Fridays and Saturdays skiing and riding until 9pm.

Countdown on to night skiing | Otago Daily Times Online News

6. Wildlife Spotting

Some wildlife is best seen at night, such as the little blue penguins in Oamaru and the nocturnal kiwi bird.

New Zealand's top 5 unique wildlife encounters | Austravel Blog

7. Relax in a Hot Pool

Whether it is one of the natural hot pools around Rotorua and Taupo, or in some fine hot pool establishment, it is one way to relax and watch the sunset.

New Zealand Hot Springs for Every Type of Traveler | TravelAge West

8. Pub Crawl

Catch up with friends over a drink in a bar, or pub crawl in New Zealand’s biggest party spots like Queenstown, Auckland and Wellington.

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9. Internet Browsing

Go online when most of New Zealand is offline (the later the better). Plus, you can speak to friends on the other side of the world who are awake.

10. Night Fishing

More active fish, less competition and avoiding sunburn are all reasons to fish at night! Make sure you have a fishing permit.

Men fishing at Northcote Point, with the Auckland Harbour Bridge and the  skyline of the city behind, Auckland, New Zealand | Blaine Harrington III

11. Go to a Gig

Whether it’s at one of the festivals or a gig in a bar, New Zealand is not short of live music.

Concert Review - Post Malone, Auckland New Zealand, 2018

12. Night Bungy Jump

Bungy jump in any style you want while looking over the lights of Queenstown. This activity is only available in winter.

The Best Photography Spots In Queenstown — Kinging-It

13. See the Southern Lights

Go at the right time to the right places and you might be lucky enough to see the polar activity phenomenon of the Southern Lights, a.k.a. Aurora Australis. Find out more in The Best Times and Locations to See the Southern Lights in New Zealand.

Expert says high chance New Zealand skies will be lit up by the Southern  Lights, Aurora Australis | Newshub

Source: nzpocketguide.com


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