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Are you planning to visit Switzerland soon for a vacation? Irrespective of whether you plan to travel to this beautiful country for pleasure or business, solo or with your entire family, you will definitely wish to return home with a few gifts and souvenirs for your dear ones. However, with so many options available in the country, zeroing in on what to purchase is undoubtedly an overwhelming job. After all, you may want to spend your money on items that will make your trip to this incredible nation a memorable one and also things that you will enjoy gifting others. The country boasts a plethora of Swiss-made products that can be found easily in cities such as Basel, Lausanne, Zurich, and Geneva. So, what should you focus on purchasing here? We have put together this list of what to buy in Switzerland so you can return home with the ideal souvenir for your loved ones and for yourself.

1. Swiss watch

Vintage Cariole 17-Jewels Men's Manual Wind Watch, Swiss-Made

Switzerland is popular for manufacturing and exporting world-famous Swiss watches. The county is known for making some of the world’s finest watches. Some of the biggest watch brands such as Cartier, Swatch, Omega, and Rolex manufacture their watches in Switzerland. If your budget permits, you should certainly purchase a Swiss watch, which is associated with superior craftsmanship and sports an elegant design. Swiss watches are also famous for their ornate design and accuracy. So bring a smile to your loved one’s face by gifting him or her a watch from Switzerland.


2. Cuckoo clock

Cuckoo clocks

While some people feel that the cuckoo clock is basically an invention of the Germans, the Swiss have ensured that these clocks have a new look and feel to it by adding their own distinct touch. Intricately designed, these clocks usually feature Bernard dogs, colorful flowers, and people dancing in traditional costumes. Cuckoo clocks in Switzerland are popular for their high-quality craftsmanship, top-notch design, and soothing music. It can be an excellent souvenir for your dear ones back home.

3. Music box

Mermod Music Box swiss 1895 IMG 0254

While people usually associate Switzerland with Swiss watches and Swiss chocolates, there is another wonderful souvenir the country is famous for manufacturing. You can pick up beautiful and intricate music boxes as gifts for your friends back home. These music boxes are known for sporting a classic style, and they play delightfully popular songs such as “Edelweiss” and “Moon River”. So buy a few of them as souvenirs before going back home.

4. Swiss army knife

Swiss army knife closed 20050612

It is possible that you already own or have heard of the Swiss army knife before. Such a knife is very useful for people who are in the habit of repairing things every now and then. While these are easily available throughout the city of Zurich in various shapes and sizes, you can also find them in other places. Victorinox and Wenger happen to be two of the most well-known brands that sell Swiss knives. They can be excellent gifts for your boyfriend or other male relatives in your family. They are also handy tools for campers, outdoorsmen, and people who are into DIY projects.

5. Swiss chocolate

Swiss army knife closed 20050612

There is hardly a person in the world who does not associate Switzerland with delicious, sinful Swiss chocolates. This country is one of the top exporters of chocolates to other parts of the globe. While there are many renowned chocolate brands in the country, Lindt and Nestle are the largest and most famous. So, do remember to buy some chocolates before returning to your homeland. Simply visit one of the local stores and ask for handmade or pre-packaged chocolates. You can also go to a supermarket and grab some of the local brands. Swiss chocolates are one of the best gifts to purchase here. However, do not deny yourself the experience of indulging in a piece or two while packing some boxes for your dear ones.


6. Cowbells

Swiss Cow Bells

If you thought you can only get chocolates and watches in Switzerland, think again. There are plenty of other options for souvenirs in this country apart from those. For instance, you may wish to contemplate choosing some intricate handmade items as gifts. Did you know that traditional handicraft products are some of the finest items to purchase in Switzerland? Cowbells are an example of customary Swiss craft. These come in different sizes and are typically made of cast or hammered metal. Pick up some pretty cowbells and gift these souvenirs to your friends.

7. Swiss wine

A glass of red wine

Your vacation in Switzerland will be incomplete if you do not savor a glass of Swiss wine. Switzerland is known for a host of amazing wines, so if you have someone at home who is a wine lover, buy a bottle or two while you’re here. Visit Geneva in case you want to purchase wine from one of its numerous vineyards. Most of the vineyards that produce these wines are located near that region since the weather there is warm enough for the plants to thrive. Foodies are perpetually in love with Swiss wines, and while they are not as publicized as wines from other European countries, they areequally good.

8. Wooden toys

Wooden toys

Swiss people are extremely fond of gifting wooden toys to their little ones, particularly the beautiful wooden animals manufactured and sold by Trauffer. If you want to gift a souvenir to a kid back home, wooden toys are a great choice. Trauffer is a family-run business, and their wooden toys can be easily found in various toy stores all over the country. These include all kinds of farm animals, including some Swiss classics such as marmots, ibex, and St. Bernard dogs.

9. Appenzeller dog collars

Appenzeller dog collar

A beautiful green region in the magnificent Swiss Alps, Appenzeller is the place of origin for the mountain dog or Appenzeller Sennenhund. In Switzerland, dogs have been wearing the famous tan, black, or red Appenzeller dog collars for more than two centuries now. The fashion is so popular that it is spreading in other countries around Europe. These collars are available in different price ranges, and you can pick them up based on your budget. The leashes and collars today are available in modern or traditional variations of the original design.

10. Cheese fondue set

Full cheese fondue set - in Switzerland

Cheese lovers will definitely feel like they’re in heaven when they arrive in Switzerland, as the country is synonymous with different kinds of high-quality cheese. A popular dish in Switzerland, cheese fondue is offered in many eateries, on boat cruises, ski resorts located on mountaintops, and in almost all Swiss homes. While cheese fondue is popular in various parts of the world, it tastes different and special in its country of origin and is made with fresh cheese such as gruyere. It is served with freshly baked bread and brandy or white wine. For souvenirs, you may consider opting for a packaged fondue mix made in Switzerland. In fact, the ultimate gift for any foodie would be a Swiss cheese fondue set.

Buy these wonderful gifts in Switzerland

An incredibly beautiful nation, Switzerland is a haven for tourists. From vineyards to mountains, you will wish to return home with a souvenir from your vacation. If you are trying to make up your mind about what to buy in Switzerland, there are quite a few products to take your pick from.



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