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Are you a Nature enthusiast? Do you enjoy photography in the wilderness? Are you looking for a chance to take part in environmental preservation? While planning for your next Autumn trip, why not push for a more responsible adventure?

More than an experience, eco-tourism is an opportunity to learn about biodiversity and local heritage. When you venture into the wild, you are witnessing wildlife in its natural habitat and, most importantly, you are helping to maintain these habitats.

Nature is at the heart of our country and will surprise you again and again. Shall we discover some of these surprising destinations?

Peneda-Gerês National Park

This is the first stop for true Nature lovers! Surrounded by mountains and 80.000 hectares of forest, visitors can enjoy beautiful landscapes, hikes, local traditional food and small villages scattered throughout the vast park area.

Douro Valley

Home to some of Portugal’s most renowned wineries, Douro Valley is also packed with natural beauty. Douro International Nature Park is perfect for hiking lovers, with spectacular cliffs where various endangered bird species build their nests.

Serra da Estrela

The highest mountain in Portugal mainland and a major protected area, Serra da Estrela is perfect for the fall season: forests are filled with wildlife (like foxes, otters, boars and other mammals) and river banks invite for a calming swim.

Arrábida Natural Park

Do you have a flight booked to Lisbon? Then this Park is about a merely 40-minute drive from the capital. From the towering peaks, lucky visitors might catch a glimpse of dolphins in the bay area or gaze at brave surfers facing the waves.


There’s no shortage of beaches here, but the Algarve is so much more! Castro Marim is a Nature Reserve, Ria Formosa is one of Portugal’s 7 Natural Wonders and Vicentine Coast Natural Park is a favourite for zoologists and botanists from all over the world.


The first archipelago to be certified as sustainable tourism destination, these nine islands combine awe-inspiring scenery with sustainable adventures. Whale and dolphin watching are popular activities, but hiking is also a must – especially if you want to be dazzled by dense woods, waterfalls and volcano cavities.


Madeira island is known for the richness of sea life and its mountain range. Local organisations work hard to preserve the island ecosystem and is actually possible to partake in some initiatives. This way you can contribute to a better environment, learn more about the island and, at the end of the day, reward yourself with a fine Madeira wine.

A nation-wide commitment

With ethical tourist policies and eco-friendly initiatives, Portugal is aiming to become a leading destination in sustainable tourism. Over the coming years, the Recovery and Resilience Plan will bring European funds to climate action. About 38% of the investments are planned to cut CO2 emissions, promote renewable energy and protect the environment. Portugal is taking a step up in the fight against climate change and, yes, you can participate!

What are you waiting for?

Deciding to invest abroad is a though challenge. Not only do you have to ponder a lot of financial aspects, but you also need to understand the culturecustoms and the natural habitats that shape such a place.

Seeing unique, often threatened, natural environments is a way to push for a more responsible country. But is also a chance to discover less popular destinations, witnessing first hand how people and wildlife can thrive together.

If you’d like to know more, feel free to reach us anytime! We’ll be your gateway to live and invest in Portugal!