Little baby elephant’s innocent actions steal onlookers’ hearts


The sight of your kids following everything you do is a sheer pleasure for any parent. Something like this happened recently, with a momma elephant and her calf. Whatever Somboon, the momma elephant did, her calf, Haven, would try to copy it.

Baby elephant

Whether Somboon scratched herself against a tree, blew dust through her trunk, or picked up food, Haven would try to copy his mother all the time. The look of determination on Haven’s face was fantastic.

Haven was inseparable from Somboon, and he made it a rule to copy everything his mother did. The elephant calf was also a heartbreaker. Every time people came to meet him, Haven would steal a part of their hearts with his cuteness and innocence.

Baby elephant

Somboon was rescued from a trekking camp where she would carry tourists for miles every day. She was in the middle of her pregnancy during that time. Haven’s unique personality was visible from day 1. He would often fall asleep standing and without caring about the world.

Haven would constantly learn new things and explore new places. However, he preferred to make mischief while his mother munched away happily. Since elephants cannot use their trunks until they are a year old, this would often leave Haven feeling frustrated.

Baby elephant

Soon, Haven was 3 months old and weighed almost 150kgs. Elephant experts decided to introduce him to the herd very slowly. This was important to ensure their safety. Soon Haven bonded with Sudarat, the resident matriarch and nanny of the elephant herd.

The moment he grew fond of Sudarat, he began to leave his momma, Somboon. This was the beginning of Haven’s life in the herd. He would have many happy years at the elephant sanctuary.