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Tasty food is an integral part of Scottish culture. There are many fancy restaurants where you can enjoy delicious meals that will leave a mark on your palate. You can also immerse yourself in the daily Scottish life by indulging in some of the street food available. These unique delicacies are made from original Scottish produce, some of which are protected under the Geographical Indication section of Intellectual Property Rights.

Some Scotland tours feature street food tasting on the packages. Some areas and vendors have signature dishes, all unique in their tastes. The best food experiences are gotten during the food festivals. However, you can enjoy many of the mouthwatering food on this list any time of the year.

1. Octopus Takoyaki

octopus scottish food

This food is a signature of Mimi’s Takoyaki Shop. The meal is made from fresh octopus balls and various veggies to give it the unique taste for which it is known. Mimi’s Octopus Takoyaki is a favorite among locals and one of the tastiest delicacies to enjoy during the Scottish Street Food Festival. When it is not festival season, you can taste it at one of the food exhibitions the vendor attends.


Besides the famous octopus dumplings, Mimi’s Takoyaki Shop makes other fast food for street food enthusiasts. Popular alternatives include the steamed beetroot spiced with homemade pickled ginger and vegan burgers. Time your visit during the holiday to coincide with some of the food festivals the vendor participates in.

2. Crusty Chorizo Roll

scottish food 2

The Crusty Chorizo Roll is classic Scottish street food from Moskito. Despite one of the main ingredients being Spanish, this delicacy is one of the best-reviewed Scottish street food. The preference for the Spanish chorizo stems from its characteristic red color from pimenton. Pimenton is a special paprika that gives the Spanish chorizo its unique flavor.

If you come within the vicinity of Moskito’s crusty chorizo roll, order two or more and enjoy the flavor-filled goodness. Unfortunately, no detailed explanation can narrate how mouthwatering this food is, but we will try. The vendor describes the cooking process as the chorizo being cooked on the grill before being tucked into a crusty bread roll. After this, they slater it in melted gouda cheese and sauteed onions. The combo is finished with a handmade chimichurri sauce topping. A taste will leave your mouth watering for more. You can catch Moskito’s trailer at events in Edinburgh and Glasgow.

3. Paneer Bao Bun

scottish food 3

This food will not only leave your mouth watering but also give you the taste of three countries. Ginger and Chilli took an international approach to their food presentations at the Street Food Festival. The main dish is the paneer bao bun, a Taiwanese dish with an Indian influence.


The cooking process involves filling a fluffy steamed bun with marinated paneer cheese, green chutney, Jaipur slaw, sour mango, and jaggery sauce. The bun is topped with spring onions, a Bombay mix, and other herbs. The result is a flavorful delicacy with a texture that will remain on your tongue long after your last bite. You can catch a bite during one of the food festivals Ginger and Chili attend.

4. The Reuben

reuben scottish food

The Reuben is one of the best offerings on FacePlant Foods’ menu, but there are many more. This vendor focuses on plant-based delicacies that will fulfill the dreams of any vegan. However, even if you are not a vegetarian, you will appreciate the unique tastes of their meals. The Reuben is one of their customers’ favorites, and rightfully so. The “Grilled Cheeze” sandwich is handcrafted in small vegan pastrami and cheese batches. It is tasty and unique, but you can only get it from the stall.

Apart from The Reuben, you can enjoy other street food like cheesy fries or macaroni. The vendor’s goal is to provide plant-based meals that will evoke the feeling of nostalgia in any vegan. After all, the goal is to indulge in comfort food that will put you in a good mood for the rest of your stay in the area.

5. Pizza with Friarielli

pizza scottish food

This is one meal you can enjoy anytime. Wanderers Kneaded pizza with friarielli is always available in the Meadows. While the vendor offers many tasty dishes for street food lovers, this one is special. The sourdough pizza boasts homemade, fresh, and sustainable ingredients and processes.

It starts with the friarielli, also known as turnip tops or wild broccoli. This distinguishing ingredient is seasoned with garlic, chilies, and oil-packed on the pizza crust. One of the best things about the toppings is the 10-hour pulled pork combined with smoked mozzarella. The process ends with slow cook over a wood fire overnight. You get a pizza with the tastiest topping you have ever had.

If you can taste any of the food on this list, you will understand why the food culture in Scotland is lauded globally. Making delicious food is not left to high-class restaurants alone. The street food is tasty enough to make locals’ and tourists’ mouths water every time.



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