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Are you planning a trip to Oahu in October? Find out the best pumpkin patches on Oahu worth visiting for some cute photos!

Are you visiting Hawaii with your family in October?

The pumpkin patches on Oahu are unlike any other pumpkin patch farms you will find on the mainland.

Keep scrolling to find out more about these unique and different pumpkin patches perfect for a pumpkin patch photoshoot!

You won’t want to miss out on this experience when you visit Hawaii in October.

Scroll down right now and click through our list of the best pumpkin patches in Oahu for a fun family outing!

Hawaii During Fall FAQs

Is October a good time to go to Hawaii?

Absolutely! With most kids back in school, this is one of the least crowded times to visit Hawaii. You can also usually find great deals on hotels and airfare. Plus, the weather is less hot than summer, so it can be more pleasant for people who get overheated easily.

What is fall weather like in Hawaii?

Personally, I prefer the more moderate temperature of fall vs the hot, muggy weather in summer. The temperatures are still in the upper 70s during the day, which is super pleasant. Nighttime can get down into the 60s, so it’s a good idea to bring a light jacket or sweater if you are doing a luau or dining outside.

What should I pack for a Hawaii trip this fall?

Since Hawaii’s temperature doesn’t fluctuate too much throughout the year, you can pack mostly the same items year-round. However, there tends to be a bit more rain in the fall. So, it’s helpful to have a light rain jacket and closed-toe shoes. It can also get a bit chilly at night, so a light sweater and pair of pants is another good idea.

Are There Pumpkin Patches in Hawaii?

Yes! There are a few pumpkin patch farms on Oahu that you can enjoy during the fall. These pumpkin farms are not your traditional pumpkin patches like on the mainland, but they are still super fun and an experience you won’t forget!

What to Wear During Your Pumpkin Patch Visit

Halloween 2021 in Hawaii - Dates

A Hawaii pumpkin patch will differ from visiting one on the mainland. Because you will go during the daytime when it is still hot, you do not want to bundle up.

Shorts and t-shirts are great, along with flowy dresses. You don’t want to bring a sweater even if it rains, as it will be too hot.


Since you’re in Hawaii, it can be fun to go for a boho/hippie vibe if you’re taking pumpkin patch Oahu photos. Wide-brimmed straw sun hats can look pretty chic.

Even though it is a farm, it is not muddy like normal farms. The mud is more like dust. You can wear your sandals or tennis shoes and be just fine; there is no need for boots. However, if it is raining, you’ll want shoes you don’t mind getting dirty.

Make sure to wear a hat and plenty of sunscreen, so you and your kids don’t get burned!

Best Pumpkin Patches on Oahu

If you’re looking for Hawaii pumpkin patches, Oahu has two pumpkin patch farms on Oahu that are open for you to enjoy during October.

Waimanalo Country Farms

In Waimanalo, Hawaii, close to Honolulu, is a beautiful pumpkin patch. The Waimanalo pumpkin patch has some super fun things that your little ones will enjoy, along with, of course, a pumpkin patch. Here are some of the main features of this pumpkin patch!

This Oahu pumpkin patch in 2021 looks a bit different due to COVID-19. But don’t let that stop you, it is still very fun for your entire family!

Drive-Thru Farm Tour

The Waimanalo farm has a drive-thru farm tour due to COVID-19. When you arrive, you get in line via your car and follow a line of cars as you go through the farm. There are two places you are allowed to get out of your car: the pumpkin patch and the sunflower field.

There are QR codes to scan along the tour to get more information along the tour as if someone was guiding you the entire time!

While it does look a bit different due to the pandemic, it is still super fun! You can spend more time with your family as you are all together in your vehicle.

Pumpkin Patch

The pumpkin patch is the first area you can exit your car. There is a huge field full of pumpkins! Along the entire field are several different setups to capture beautiful memories.

Find out the best pumpkin patches on Oahu recommended by top Hawaii blog Hawaii Travel with Kids. Image of girl with a pumpkin at an Oahu pumpkin patch.

Let your children run to find the perfect pumpkin and watch as they carry it by themselves to the counter to pay for it. Enjoy some fun pumpkin picking during your allotted time. Pumpkins are an additional cost from the registration fee.

You get 30 minutes to roam the pumpkin patch, buy your pumpkins, and take pictures. Then it is back into your car! Decorative pumpkins are also available to purchase here.

Sunflower Field

After visiting the farm’s pumpkin patch, you will drive along to see more of the farm. You’ll see plenty of llamas and goats along the way. This is the perfect time to see how a farm and garden grow in Hawaii.

Find out the best pumpkin patches on Oahu recommended by top Hawaii blog Hawaii Travel with Kids. Image of a sunflower field at an Oahu pumpkin patch.

You’ll learn and see the garden that grows many vegetables and fruits you can purchase from the farm stand at the end of your tour!

You’ll drive a short distance to see the sunflower field! This is the second place you will get out and explore the farm. This is one of the two main sunflower fields on Oahu and is a beautiful sight to see.

You can walk in between the sunflower fields and take stunning pictures right inside the sunflower farm! This is definitely something that doesn’t happen on the mainland!


On the other side of the sunflower fields, there is a little place where your little ones can feed the animals! You have the option to get some food pebbles and let the goats eat from your hand or scoop, or you can buy a bundle of hay!


Find out the best pumpkin patches on Oahu recommended by top Hawaii blog Hawaii Travel with Kids. Image of a girl feeding a goat at an Oahu pumpkin patch.

There are goats, cows, and sheep to feed. Be careful because you don’t want them to bite you! Feeding the baby goats was our favorite thing to do! We could spend our entire time here just feeding and watching the animals.

Photo Ops

There are many great places to capture beautiful photos to remember this trip! The sunflower farms are some of the best photo ops in Hawaii, for sure!

Find out the best pumpkin patches on Oahu recommended by top Hawaii blog Hawaii Travel with Kids. Image of a cute photo op at Waimanalo Country Farms on Oahu.

There are many different setups inside the pumpkin patch, including a tractor you can sit on, fun poke your head photo ops, and beautiful fall-colored backdrops. Bring a photographer or your own camera and try to hit as many of the photo spots as you can!

Farm Food

At the end of your tour, you can get a complimentary lemonade and have the opportunity to grab some delicious farm food while you are there.

They have a huge variety of lemonade, including:

  • Mango
  • Pineapple
  • Li-Hing
  • Strawberry
  • Original

These have been the best lemonades I’ve ever tried! The mango and Li-Hing have been our favorites for sure!

You can also get some delicious corn that comes straight from this Oahu farm. Fresh fruits and produce are available unless they run out.

This drive-thru pumpkin patch on Oahu is one of the best experiences if you are visiting Hawaii in October!

Aloun Farms

Aloun Farms is another great pumpkin patch on Oahu. It is located in Kapolei and is a favorite Hawaii farm to visit for many different reasons.

Find out the best pumpkin patches on Oahu recommended by top Hawaii blog Hawaii Travel with Kids. Image of a pumpkin at an Oahu pumpkin patch.

Sadly the Annual Great Kapolei Pumpkin Picking Festival was canceled in 2020 and 2021 due to the pandemic. However, they still do a few activities for the kids to enjoy the pumpkin and fall season.

Here are a few traditional Aloun Farm activities before COVID-19 happened:

  • Tractor pulled hayrides
  • Pony rides
  • Mouth-watering fresh farm food
  • Picture booth
  • Fun games for the entire family
  • Huge variety of pumpkins to choose from
  • Sunflower field
  • And more!

This was one of the biggest pumpkin patch farms on Oahu. Since the pandemic, they have not held their festival in two years. Instead, they do slightly different activities.

Aloun Farms Pumpkin Patch 2021

This year, the Kapolei pumpkin patch is doing a drive-thru market. You do not need a reservation, simply drive up and grab your pumpkins! Choose from gourds, pumpkins, corn, melons, and more!

Another fun activity they are doing is called an Aloha Pumpkin Carving. Kids will carve their pumpkins and submit pictures of them to the farm. There is a competition for the best-decorated pumpkin. There are many prizes to win, including the ultimate prize: an embassy suite staycation!

Aloun Farms is a great farm to support and grab some pumpkins from. Help your kids enjoy the fall season, even without the festival. Hopefully, the festival can continue next year!

The Great Pumpkin Festival

The Holy Nativity School in Oahu puts on the Great Pumpkin Festival. This is the 9th annual pumpkin festival this year; however, it will be a bit different. This year they call it a mini pumpkin festival, but there are still many fun activities to enjoy!

Flick-Or-Treat Drive-In Movies

For three days in October, enjoy Halloween movies under the stars with your family members. Bring your costumes and some delicious food too! This is located on the Osco Field in Honolulu.

Enjoy these three movies:

  • The Night Before Christmas
  • Coco
  • Hocus Pocus

Pumpkin Festival

During the pumpkin festival, you will see a variety of fun activities for families. Grab some shave ice, festival games, and go on a scavenger hunt. Younger kids can enjoy playing on the playground as well. There is also a mini pumpkin patch you can go pumpkin picking at to get into the holiday spirit.

This Mini (but still great) Pumpkin Festival, put on by the Holy Nativity School, is for one day only. Tickets are required, and with the many mandates, there is a very limited capacity. The pumpkin festival is a fundraiser to help support the school and its students.

Kula Country Farms Pumpkin Patch - MAUI FAMILY

Tips for Visiting Hawaii Pumpkin Farms

Because these farms are different than what you would normally expect, here are a few additional tips to get the best out of your experience:

  • Bring lots of water because it gets hot and tiring!
  • Put on sunscreen before you go; you don’t want to get burned!
  • Bring a nice camera to capture awesome pictures with the beautiful landscape.
  • You might want to wear bug spray, too, so you don’t get bit by bugs.
  • Bring a wagon if you plan to grab a couple of pumpkins or a really big one; you won’t want to carry it for long!
  • Bring extra cash, as some things are cash only.

Oahu Pumpkin Patches Wrap Up

We hope you’ve enjoyed this article and encourage that if you are visiting Oahu in October, be sure to visit a pumpkin patch on the island. These Oahu farms need all the support they can get!

Fall is a beautiful time to visit Oahu. Keep scrolling to check out some of our Hawaii Halloween content here on Hawaii Travel with Kids!

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