Mon. Jul 15th, 2024


One day, Ashley and her mini dwarf pony, Pumpkin, had a very important vet appointment. She was going to have braces molded. Because of the way Pumpkin was bred, she ended up being a dwarf pony, and this caused some issues. Dwarfism is when a pony is short in stature because of its genes or a medical reason.


Pumpkin’s old family didn’t have the resources to fix her legs. So they surrendered her and her mother to Ashley’s farm. Al of Pumpkin’s four legs was affected, unfortunately. And Ashley wasn’t sure if they will going to be able to help her.

When Pumpkin first arrived at Ashley’s farm, she seemed so fragile, but after a day or two, Ashley realized that in Pumpkin’s mind, she was no different than any other pony. And as long as she saw Pumpkin having that will to live, she wanted to keep fighting for her.

Unfortunately, all four legs needed braces, which could have been very complicated. And it all depended on her spirit and her will to want to move. If the vets could get the right stabilizer, then Pumpkin would do well.


When the vet came to put the brakes on for the first time, there were some things to fix on them, so the vet took them back to the hospital. Pumpkin seemed determined, and like she wanted to walk, so the vet redesigned and adjusted the braces for her.

So when they put the brakes on for the second time, Pumpkin started running like she never even had any issues with her legs. And she could finally run together with her mom and with other ponies, she could finally make new friends and just enjoy life. It was the best thing that could happen to her, and that happened only because of Asley’s kindness.



By Snowy