Scotland In The Fall: The 15 Best Things To Do 2023


Thinking about planning a trip to Scotland in the fall? You’ve come to the right place!

Scotland is a country full of unique beauty and culture, and the fall season is no exception. I’ve been fortunate enough to visit Scotland four times in the fall, and it’s without a doubt my favorite time of year to go. The air is crisp, the mists are hauntingly beautiful, and everywhere you look there’s something new to explore and discover.

I’m not alone in my love for Scotland in fall; many travelers have come to realize that skipping summer in favor of autumn can provide an even more memorable experience. From deep-rooted traditions like Samhain, Scotland’s ancient version of Halloween, to picturesque walks through dewy heather-clad hills — there are endless possibilities for adventure and discovery when you plan for autumn in Scotland!

Things to do in Scotland in Autumn

If you’re looking for the perfect place to spend your autumn vacation, look no further than Scotland. With its stunning scenery, fascinating history, and friendly locals, Scotland is a dream destination for travelers of all ages.

And what’s autumn without indulging in some delicious food? Fall in Scotland is filled with seasonal ingredients and traditional treats. There are plenty of restaurants serving up classic dishes such as haggis or fish and chips, but keep an eye out for local specialties like Aberdeen Rowies. And if you’re looking for a unique drinking experience, then be sure to take part in Scotland’s oldest whisky tradition: the “wee dram”.

All in all, autumn in Scotland is a truly magical experience and should not be missed. With its stunning scenery, one-of-a-kind experiences, and delicious treats, this season will give you an unforgettable adventure that will last a lifetime. So grab your walking boots and get ready for some of the best things to do in Scotland during autumn!

Here are 15 things to do in Scotland in the fall that will make it an unforgettable trip!

Edinburgh in the fall

Visit Edinburgh Castle: No trip to Scotland would be complete without exploring one of its most iconic landmarks – Edinburgh Castle! Perched atop its dramatic rocky crag overlooking the city, this ancient castle has stories to tell from centuries gone by, making it a must-see for any visit in autumn.

Explore Edinburgh’s Hills & Valleys: Is there anything more iconic than Edinburgh’s dramatic skyline? Get an up-close view by exploring its hills, valleys, and glens – you won’t be disappointed! Enjoy some hillwalking up Calton Hill or hike Athur’s Seat – it’s sure to be a wonderful experience this fall.

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Edinburgh in October

Edinburgh in October is a magical time of year! Not only will you get to experience the beauty of Scotland’s capital city, but you will also be able to enjoy some spectacular autumnal events. Whether you’re into music, theatre, or outdoor pursuits like walking and cycling, there’s no shortage of things to do for all ages in this vibrant city. With its stunning scenery and rich culture, an October visit to Edinburgh promises a truly unforgettable experience!

The Scottish International Storytelling Festival

If you’re looking for a truly unique experience this fall, why not visit the Scottish International Storytelling Festival? Held in October each year, this festival celebrates Scotland’s rich storytelling heritage with performances from some of the world’s best storytellers. From ancient Celtic tales to modern-day folk stories, all the bases are covered! There are also plenty of workshops and events aimed at children, making it perfect for a family getaway.

The Edinburgh Cocktail Week

The Edinburgh Cocktail Week is the perfect way to round off your visit to Scotland. Taking place in October each year, this week-long event celebrates all things cocktails with tastings, workshops, and masterclasses from some of the city’s top mixologists. There’s even a special ‘Cocktail Garden’ where you can take part in unique cocktail experiences or sample a range of craft spirits. With its combination of education and entertainment, it’s sure to be fun time for any traveler this fall!

The Edinburgh Horror Festival

For those looking for a more macabre way to spend their autumn in Scotland, the Edinburgh Horror Festival should be right up your alley! Taking place each October, this four-day festival celebrates all things horror with live theater performances, film screenings, talks from leading experts in horror culture, and even ghost tours. Whether you’re a fan of classic horror films or modern scares, there’s something for everyone here. So don’t miss out on this chance to explore Scotland’s spookier side – after all, what better way to celebrate the season than with a good scare?

The Edinburgh Dungeons

The Edinburgh Dungeons are a great way to get your heart racing this autumn! Explore the dark and murky depths of Scotland’s capital city as you journey through hundreds of years of its gruesome past. Tour the dungeons, try out some themed rides, or take part in one of the interactive shows – there’s plenty to keep you entertained during your visit. Be prepared for a spine-tingling experience that will stay with you long after you leave. With its combination of history and horror, it’s sure to be a memorable experience when exploring Scotland in the fall!

The Royal Botanic Garden Edinburgh

The Royal Botanic Garden Edinburgh is the perfect way to explore Scotland’s stunning natural beauty in autumn. With over 70 acres of gardens and woodlands, you’ll find plenty to discover here! Admire the vibrant autumnal colors as you wander through the Rock Garden or take a leisurely stroll through the lawns and meadows. You can even learn about plants from around the world by exploring some of its many glasshouses.

Holyrood Palace

When it comes to exploring Scotland in the fall, a visit to Holyrood Palace is an absolute must! Located at the foot of Edinburgh’s iconic Arthur’s Seat, this historic palace has been home to many of Scotland’s kings and queens over the years. Take a guided tour and marvel at its beautiful architecture and world-famous art collection. You can even explore the Royal Apartments, where the Royal Family stays when they visit Scotland.

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Edinburgh in November

November is a great time to visit Edinburgh, Scotland. With its iconic architecture lit up in the winter twilight and Christmas markets taking over the city center, it’s an incredibly magical place to explore. The fall brings plenty of fun activities for all ages, from spooky Halloween tours of Edinburgh Castle to cozy pub nights with traditional Scottish music. Not to mention the unbeatable views of rolling hills and glens that come as part of any autumnal countryside walk! If you’re looking for a unique experience this November – consider visiting majestic Edinburgh for something truly special.

National Museum of Scotland

The National Museum of Scotland is a must-see attraction for visitors to Scotland this fall. Located in the heart of Edinburgh, this renowned museum showcases a unique collection of artifacts from all over the world, ranging from Ancient Egypt to modern history. Explore its interactive displays and get lost in time as you learn about Scotland’s past. With its stunning architecture, impressive exhibitions, and fascinating stories, the National Museum of Scotland promises an unforgettable experience during your autumn visit to Edinburgh! Don’t miss out on the chance to explore one of Scotland’s most treasured landmarks.

Castle of Light Edinburgh

Located on the Royal Mile, this unique light show celebrates Edinburgh’s rich cultural history from every angle. Every autumn, thousands of people gather to watch a spectacular display of lights and music – all set against the backdrop of its picturesque castle walls! With its mood-setting soundscapes and mesmerizing visuals, it’s sure to be an unforgettable experience during your visit to Edinburgh this fall. So why not come explore Scotland in all its illuminated glory at the Castle of Light? You won’t regret it!

Edinburgh Christmas market

The Edinburgh Christmas Market is a must-see attraction for any traveler visiting Scotland in the fall. Opening at the end of November, this market brings together festive cheer from all over the world! Wander through its twinkling stalls and explore unique gifts and decorations from artisans across Europe, or grab a bite to eat at one of its many food stands offering delicious local cuisine. With plenty of music and entertainment to enjoy too, it’s a wonderful addition when exploring Scotland this fall/winter season.

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Bonfire night

Bonfire Night in Scotland is a truly unique experience! Every year on November 5th, Scots gather around roaring bonfires in celebration of Guy Fawkes’ failed attempt to blow up Parliament. Enjoy the sights and smells of burning wood as you watch traditional firework displays light up the sky. You can even join in with traditional Scottish songs and stories – or relax and admire the view over some hot chocolate! With its vibrant atmosphere, Bonfire Night in Scotland promises an unforgettable experience that will leave you feeling warm inside no matter how chilly it gets outside!

Whisky Tasting

Whisky tasting is a must-do for any visitor to Scotland in the fall. Sample some of the finest single malts and blends from local whisky distilleries as you learn about Scotland’s whisky-making heritage. From its bold smoky flavors to its subtle nutty undertones, there’s something for everyone to enjoy! With expert guides on hand to give you a comprehensive introduction to the art of whisky production, it’ll be an educational and entertaining experience that will stay with you long after you leave. So why not treat yourself to a whisky-tasting session during your autumn visit to Scotland – it’s sure to be an educational journey through Scotland’s national drink!

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Scotch Whisky Collection

St. Andrew’s Day

November 30th is a special day in Edinburgh, Scotland. Each year on this day, the city celebrates St Andrew’s Day – the patron saint of Scotland! The festivities feature traditional Scottish music and storytelling. Enjoy tasty Scottish treats like haggis or deep-fried Mars bars as you watch the procession pass by. Participate in fun cultural activities such as Highland dancing and ceilidh dancing or browse stalls offering unique gifts from local artisans.

Edinburgh Playhouse

Edinburgh Playhouse is a unique theatre located in the heart of Edinburgh. It is the largest theatre in Scotland! Every autumn, visitors from all over the world flock to the Playhouse for its excellent performances and diverse shows. Take in a classic musical or an opera – or check out one of their frequent comedy nights! With its stunning interior design and experienced cast, it’s no wonder that this historic venue has become such an iconic part of Edinburgh life.

Autumn in the Scottish Highlands

If you’re looking for a destination that combines adventure and beauty, look no further than Scottish Highlands in the fall. Whether you’re planning a weekend getaway or an extended vacation, here are some top things to do in the highlands during autumn.

IMG 0485

For starters, take in all the natural beauty that comes with Scottish fall foliage. You’ll see reds and oranges decorating the landscape as trees transition from summer to winter and everything takes on a golden hue. A few great places worth visiting include Glen Etive where you can go for hikes along picturesque hills and Ben Lawers National Nature Reserve with its gorgeous mountain views.

Next, let’s not forget about the one-of-a-kind experiences that Scotland has to offer in the fall. Take a tour of historic castles like Eilean Donan and explore their sprawling grounds as you learn about Scotland’s fascinating history. Or head to Loch Ness for monster spotting and see if you can spot the elusive “Nessie” during a boat cruise on the lake!

Distilled Festival in Speyside

The Distilled Festival in Speyside is an annual event that celebrates Scotland’s whisky culture. Held in the heart of whisky country, this festival offers visitors a chance to sample some of the finest single malts and blends from local distilleries while learning about Scotland’s rich whisky-making heritage. Enjoy tasting sessions led by experts, participate in masterclasses, or take a tour through a distillery for an up-close look at the craftsmanship behind these incredible spirits. With its wonderful atmosphere and informative talks, this is one festival you won’t want to miss if you’re visiting Scotland in the fall! So make sure to add it to your list of things to do while exploring Scotland’s amazing whisky culture.

Isle of Skye

The Isle of Skye is a magical destination during autumn. With its spectacular landscapes and colorful foliage, there are plenty of things to do in this northern region of Scotland. Take a boat trip around the island’s rugged coastline, hike through the dramatic Cuillin Mountains, or visit the iconic Old Man of Storr – one of Skye’s most recognizable landmarks. Or simply relax and take in the breathtaking view as you watch Highland cattle graze in the fields nearby. From its dramatic foreshore cliffs to its tranquil lochs and secret sandy beaches, there’s something special about exploring Scotland’s Isle of Skye in the fall that you won’t find anywhere else!

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Loch Ness

Take a boat tour along Loch Ness and keep your eyes peeled for one of Scotland’s most mysterious residents – the legendary Loch Ness Monster! Although sightings remain rare, the changing colors of the surrounding foliage make it an even more exciting experience.

Glen Affric

Glen Affric in Scotland is a stunning destination during autumn. This national nature reserve, located in the Highlands of Scotland, boasts some of the most breathtaking landscapes imaginable. With its golden hues and vibrant colors, it’s easy to see why this place has been described as “a paradise for walkers”. Take a stroll through ancient forests populated with native wildlife, or explore winding trails that lead you past glistening lochs and tranquil streams.


Culloden in the fall is a perfect destination for anyone interested in Scotland’s rich history. This site marks where the Battle of Culloden took place – a clash between the Jacobite forces and the British government that left many dead on both sides. Explore the battlefield, admire its monuments and cairns, or take part in an audio tour that explains how this momentous event shaped Scotland’s future. As you wander around these peaceful grounds in autumn, it can be truly humbling to think of all those who fought here centuries ago. Visiting Culloden during this season will leave you with an unforgettable experience of Scottish history – one that stays with you long after your visit!

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Enjoy Outdoor Activities:

What better way to explore Scotland in the fall than by getting involved in some outdoor activities? Whether you’re looking for adventure or something more relaxing, there are plenty of things to do that will make your trip even more unforgettable.

Autumn is the ideal time to take advantage of Scotland’s many trails and explore its breathtaking landscapes at their best. So why not lace up your hiking boots and take on one of the legendary Munros – mountains over 3,000 feet high?

Enjoy Scotland’s Wildlife in the fall

If you’re visiting Scotland in the fall, make sure to take advantage of its stunning wildlife. With so many species of birds and animals calling this land home, there are plenty of opportunities for spotting some incredible creatures. Take a boat tour on Loch Lomond and keep an eye out for rare bird species such as red kites or ospreys, visit one of Scotland’s nature reserves where you can spot wild deer and red squirrels, or go whale-watching near Oban – all experiences that you won’t want to miss!

Loch Lomond

Loch Lomond in the fall is a sight to behold. With its shimmering blue waters and vibrant foliage, this area is truly breathtaking during autumn. Whether you’re looking for an active day outdoors or a peaceful afternoon stroll, there are plenty of things to do around Loch Lomond that will leave you with unforgettable memories. Take a boat trip across the loch for a unique view of all its hidden corners, embark on one of the many hiking trails that follow its shoreline, or simply relax by the beach and take in all the beauty of Scotland’s mystical landscapes.

Loch Lomond Scotland in the fall

Cairngorms National Park

The Cairngorms National Park in Scotland is a must-visit destination during autumn. From its rolling hills and lush valley floors to its rugged mountain peaks, this area of Scotland is truly breathtaking in the fall. Take a stroll through ancient forests filled with vibrant foliage, explore winding trails that offer spectacular views of snow-capped mountains, or take a boat tour on the Loch Morlich to admire its serene beauty from afar.

Visit the Outer Hebrides and Orkney Islands

Take a boat ride out to the stunning Orkney Islands and discover a truly unique landscape of secluded beaches, rich wildlife, and ancient archaeological sites. The changing autumn colors coupled with the wild sea views make this an unforgettable trip!

Visit St Andrews

Home to one of Britain’s oldest universities and the birthplace of golf, St Andrews is a quaint historical town situated along Scotland’s stunning east coast. Take a stroll through its cobbled streets and discover classic architecture, ancient churches, and captivating museums.

Attend Festivals & Events:

As the summer fades away, Scotland is alive with music festivals, traditional ceilidhs, and cultural events that will make your trip even more memorable. From the Edinburgh International Festival to local harvest celebrations, you won’t be short of things to do in Scotland this fall!

Samhuinn Fire Festival

The Samhain Fire Festival is a unique event that takes place each year in Scotland during autumn. This celebration has been around since Celtic times and is widely considered to be the origin of modern Halloween celebrations. Taking place near Edinburgh, this magical night consists of a bonfire, traditional drumming and dance performances, as well as fire art installations inspired by ancient folklore tales.

Visitors can also take part in activities such as mask-making workshops or storytelling sessions to deepen their understanding of the festival’s history and symbolism. Make sure you don’t miss out on this spectacular event if you’re visiting Scotland in the fall!

If you’re planning on visiting Scotland this autumn, there is no shortage of things to do! From hikes and whisky tastings to exploring ancient castles and historic gardens, Scotland has something for everyone. So what are you waiting for?

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FAQs for Scotland in the fall

What is the best time to visit Scotland in the fall?

The months of September and October are typically the best times to visit Scotland in the fall. The autumnal colors, mild temperatures, and fewer crowds make this a great time to experience all that Scotland has to offer.

Do the leaves change in Scotland in the fall?

Yes, the leaves do change color in Scotland in the fall! You can expect to see stunning autumn landscapes with fiery oranges, reds, and yellows across the countryside. Throughout October and November, you’ll be able to enjoy the spectacular beauty of Scotland as it transitions from summer into winter.

What type of activities can I do while visiting Scotland in the fall?

There are plenty of activities to keep you busy during a trip to Scotland in the fall! You can take part in outdoor activities, like hiking and cycling, or explore one of Scotland’s many historical castles and monuments. Of course, you don’t want to miss out on sampling some delicious local cuisine either – there are plenty of great restaurants offering traditional Scottish dishes. Don’t forget to top off your visit with some whisky tasting, too!

What is the weather like in Scotland in the fall?

Generally speaking, the weather in Scotland throughout autumn tends to be mild and can range from sunny, warm days to cooler, wetter ones. Be sure to bring a variety of clothing for your trip so you’re prepared no matter what the weather brings!

What should I pack for a trip to Scotland in the fall?

As with any season, it’s best to always pack layers when visiting Scotland. This will allow you to add or remove items depending on the temperature and weather. It’s also a good idea to bring a waterproof jacket and comfortable walking shoes, as there are plenty of outdoor activities available during this time of year. Don’t forget your camera either – you won’t want to miss capturing the beautiful autumnal colors of Scotland!

Is there anything else I should know before visiting Scotland in the fall?

It’s always a good idea to plan your trip ahead of time and research any safety concerns or health advisories that may be relevant. Make sure you’re up-to-date on all necessary vaccinations before traveling, and familiarize yourself with local laws and customs. Other than that, all you need to do is sit back, relax, and enjoy this wonderful time of year in Scotland!

Jessy at the Quiraing

Final Thoughts: Scotland in the fall

Scotland in the fall is a sight to behold – rolling hills lined with golden-orange trees, crisp air that invigorates every breath, and of course amazing whisky! Whether you’re looking for an adventure or simply want to take some time to appreciate the beauty of nature, Scotland is sure to provide. So don’t miss out on all this incredible season has to offer and check out my epic fall whisky tour in Scotland today! I guarantee it will be an experience you won’t soon forget. Happy travels!