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New research conducted by Tesco has revealed the public’s Christmas food habits across the UK, and people in Edinburgh and Scotland have some interesting ideas.

Cheese and Prosecco are festive favourites in Scotland as new research has revealed residents in the capital like a bit of ketchup with Christmas dinner.

Key findings from the Tesco Christmas Report report include a shift away from traditional turkey in favour of more modern or global alternatives, as well as an increase in TikTok recipes and ‘Instagrammable’ spreads.

Scotland's unusual Christmas food habits as one city has ketchup with festive  meal - Daily Record

The supermarket has investigated the top Christmas trends for 2022 across the nation, offering a unique look into how Britain plans to celebrate – including Scots in the country’s biggest cities.


Looking to Glasgow specifically, Tesco found that residents are not a fan of Brussels sprouts – 31 per cent of locals said they hate the traditional festive veg compared to 19 per cent of the general population.

The study also found that, while locals are cheese lovers, they favour slightly different cheeses to the rest of the UK. Glaswegians are more likely to include halloumi and Port Salut on the cheeseboard as compared with the general UK population, and less likely to include cheddar.

Meanwhile, the focus of the city is very much on the food rather than the drink.

A traditional English Christmas dinner with Brussels sprouts

Of those planning to drink over the festive period, 17 per cent of Glaswegians are not planning on drinking alcohol on Christmas day, compared to 9 per cent of the population.


In Edinburgh, locals are looking to move away from traditional mains and serve ketchup with their Christmas dinner. According to the report, 10 per cent of residents favour the condiment with their festive meal compared with five per cent of the UK.

Additionally, nine per cent of Edinburgh residents were found to be planning to serve innovative or different mains such as steak, fish, or lobster for Christmas dinner, compared to only five per cent of the general population.

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When it came to drinks, Tesco found Edinburgh locals enjoy Prosecco the most, with almost a quarter of people having a glass at Christmas.

Following the Covid-19 pandemic and the cost of living crisis, the study also found that people across the UK are looking to replace big Christmas nights out with quieter nights in this year.

Almost half of adults across the nation are planning to have less nights out than in previous years.

According to the research, more than half of those who plan to have less nights out claim they will be doing so to save money. Additionally, 19 per cent say they plan to save money by having nights in with friends and family this Christmas.

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