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The Incredible Tartan pants and their styling guide!

In Scotland, trousers are known as trews. For centuries, they were a practical garment worn by men on the farms and in the country. Today, these trousers are considered to be like trousers but they are not!

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It is typically made of heavy woollen fabric, although other materials such as cotton may also be used. Trews are a type of trousers that are worn by men in Scotland, Ireland and Wales. They have a kilt-like garment and pattern which is known as tartan. Tartan is a type of pattern that is composed of a symmetrical checked design. The pattern can be found in many places, including on the Scottish flag, in traditional Scottish dress, and on Harris Tweed.

Tartan patterns are said to be one of the most popular types of checked patterns. They can be seen on many items such as clothes like kilts, curtains and tablecloths, furniture and even cars.


What is the History of Scottish Trews?

The tartan trews or pants date back to 1538 as a style of woven plaid material trousers, as a piece of clothing ideally utilised during the High country winter where the kilt would be unreasonable in such cold weather. The word is triubhas in Scottish Gaelic. Truis or trews are anglicised spellings meaning pants.

The history of Scottish Trews is a long one, with the first documented use of the word dating back to 1538. It is often associated with trouser-like garment, but it can also refer to any type of tartan pants. Scottish trews are a type of trousers that are traditionally worn in Scotland.

The word trews comes from the Scottish Gaelic word trois, meaning trousers. There are many different types of Scottish Trews out there, but for the most part they have similar features. Scottish Trews used to be made out of wool, and is full-length, but more commonly they now use a cotton-poly blend. The material is usually soft and comfortable to wear. They are typically worn by men and women. Some people even wear them as part of their outfit for festivals or even with suits at formal events.

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Traditional tartan trews were tight around the brings down legs and free around the upper leg and mid-region. Not at all like present day trees, which are cut straight (twist and weft) on the material, conventional trews were cut on the slanting predisposition. This permitted the texture to stretch and form around the body.

What are the Materials that Make up a Scottish Trew?

A Scottish Trew is a traditional, hand-woven fabric that is made from sheep’s wool. Trews are traditional Scottish woollen garments that were traditionally woven by hand. The wool is sheared from the sheep’s back, combed and spun into yarn which is then woven into a cloth. Trews are often worn by country people as well as in the Scottish military.

A Scottish trew is made up of various materials, such as wool and linen. The materials are then woven into a fabric through a process called carding. The carding process involves the use of a large comb to break the fibres apart and create a dense, even surface for weaving.

The removal of the shearing wool by hand also creates a unique tartan fabric pattern in each trew. This pattern can vary depending on where it was woven and how it was woven or felted.

Why Choose Scottish Trews as Your Outfit?

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Men’s Tartan Trews are Scottish garment that can be worn either as a trousers or pants formally or casually. Trews are made out of wool, which makes them warm and durable. They are comfortable to wear in different seasons and they are also versatile since they can be worn as trousers. Versatility of trews can be seen by the use of them. People are wearing these trews as part of their formal attire or even casual. Trews are also known for their durability and resistance against rain, wind, snow, and other natural elements.

Styling Your Trews With Us!

Whether settling on a customary set of Trews or a more modern set of tartan trews, you can wear them at a wide range of occasions and events. Trews are generally worn with a Prince Charlie Coat for formal occasions nonetheless, a more easygoing tweed coat can be worn with trews to suit any event.

A more present day and flexible choice, our Plaid Pants coordinates impeccably with the vast majority of our coat styles and can be spruced up or dressed down, contingent upon the occasion and climate.

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