Mon. Jul 15th, 2024


THE owners of one of the UK’s favourite breakfast cereals took social media by storm this week with the controversial* claim that Weetabix and baked beans is the perfect combination.

Companies such as KFC, Nandos, Specsavers and even the NHS have responded back with their thoughts which sparked a debate about popular weird food combinations.

So,w e decided to showcase some of Scotland’s finest food combinations that you have either definitely tried or must try:

1. Deep Fried Tunnock’s Teacake

While we can all agree that Scotland is the king for deep friend delicacies – the most popular being the pizza and, allegedly, the Mars Bar – the Tunnock’s Teacake is slowing coming up the ranks as a fried staple. Its fluffy centre and shortbread base succumb to a molten marshmallowy delight beneath a crisp layer of batter, bringing deep fried treats to an all-time sugary high.


2. Bucky Steak Pie

Let us introduce you to the Bucky steak pie. It’s believed that this concept was created at a local butcher in Alva, Stirlingshire to introduce the tonic wine into the likes of steak pie, sausages, bacon, black pudding and even haggis.

The cheap wine gives the meat products a pleasant sweet taste, which has a more subtle effect than chugging wine straight from the bottle.

3. A piece and sauce

You may be wondering what is a piece and sauce is…well it is a sandwich filled with a layer of salad cream. Many Scots like to enjoy this interesting combination as a wee snack or for their lunch when there’s nothing else in the fridge.

4. Salt in porridge

Scots have been enjoying porridge for centuries.. and rightly so. It provides so many nutritious benefits to your diet.  The famous Scottish Bard, Robert Burns described it this way


‘But now the supper crowns their simple board,

The halesome parritch, chief of Scotia’s food.’

Salt in porridge is much less common these days than it used to be – most porridge fans these days prefer it with a sweet touch, and a dash of salt now is sure to raise an eyebrow or two. But if you must try it then remember adding the salt to your oats too early can make it a hard/tough texture.

5. Pie in a roll

Aside from the debate on what we call the roll… we love to put anything and everything in this breaded treat.  When it comes to the real deal, you can’t beat a roll ‘n’ pie. A roll and square sausage is all very good if you are slightly peckish, but sometimes you just need to go the full way with a steak or mac n cheese pie in the roll. Carb-tastic!

6. Irn Bru Chicken Wings

Irn Bru, Scotland’s favourite fizzy drink, has been a long-standing accompaniment to a chippy dinner and a tried-and-tested hangover cure, but if you’re in need of another food fix, try Irn Bru chicken wings. Although this may seem weird…adding it into your meats is actually very tasty to most. Drizzling the fizzy drink over the meat to marinate it before cooking it off gives it a unique tasty flavour.



By Lala