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Eating in Maastricht, you’ll find a fusion of flavors with elements of native Dutch cooking alongside inspiration from Belgium, Germany, and France. Like many European cities, Maastricht has a strong social food culture; people gather to eat and linger around the table in conversation.

Whatever your budget, you can eat well in Maastricht. The city has embraced the flow food movement, placing importance on ingredients that are local, seasonal, and sustainably sourced. But you will also find international cuisine that caters to the expat population.

Head to markets like Markt and Maastrichtse Preuverij to find local flavors, enjoy long relaxing meals on outdoor terraces, and explore the café scene. There’s a concept called gezelligheid that is valued by the Dutch. It means cozy and welcoming, which is the ambiance you’ll find in many food venues around the city.


Don’t miss these top foods to try while you’re studying abroad in Maastricht:

1. VLAAI. If you have a sweet tooth, don’t miss a slice of the famous local vlaai! It’s a fruit-filled pie made with cherries, apricots, apples or plums. Enjoy with a coffee at a local café.

2. ZUURVLEES. This is also called zoervleisj. It’s a beef stew, slowly cooked with meat that has been marinated in vinegar, cloves, and juniper berries. You’ll usually find it served with fries and applesauce.

Limburgs zuurvlees met frietjes - Eatertainment

3. LIMBURGSE GEHAKTBAL. Meatballs! These are a traditional food from the region, made with ground beef and pork, egg, spices and breadcrumbs. You’ll find them served with mustard along with a side of mashed potatoes and veggies.


Super lekkere Limburgse gehaktballen - Bonapetit

4. KNIEN IN ‘T ZOER. This is a traditional Limburgish dish with a distinctive flavor that you’ll find on many menus around Maastricht. It’s a stew cooked with rabbit meat and a sweet and sour sauce.

Knien in 't zoer - Proef het Zuiden

5. STROOPWAFEL. Are you even in The Netherlands if you don’t eat at least one stroopwafel? If you’re unfamiliar with these delicious treats, they’re made of two thin waffles with sweet caramel sandwiched between them.

There are many other delicious, interesting, and unusual foods to try when you study abroad in Maastricht: Rijstevlaai (a twist on a vlaai with a creamy rice pudding filling instead of fruit), bueling (blood sausage), jodenkoek (“Jewish cookie” with a caramel flavor), rommedoe (a local specialty – a soft, creamy cheese), limburgse asperges (local, typically white, asparagus), Maastrichtse skink (cured ham), Limburgse grotchampignon (mushrooms grown in local caves), poffertjes (fluffy pancakes) and ice cream (very popular here!).

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By Lala