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Texel, one of the Dutch Wadden Sea Islands

When you come to our country do not miss out on a nice day trip to, or stay for a couple of days on the island of Texel!

The Wadden Sea Islands are in the north of Holland. The Wadden Sea stretches out over 3 country’s: The Netherlands,  Germany, and Denmark. In 2009 the Dutch and German parts, and in 2014 the Danish coast, were added to  UNESCO’s World Heritage List.

There are five Dutch Wadden Sea Islands: Texel, Vlieland, Terschelling, Ameland en Schiermonnikoog. Texel is the largest of the Frisian Islands and the easiest to visit by train when you make a trip from Amsterdam.

The Wadden Sea has a total length of 500 km. The total area is about 10.000 km2  and stretches from the north of Holland to the north of Denmark. In the Netherlands, the Wadden Sea was half a century ago still connected to the Zuider Sea. A large inner Sea in the center of Holland. The Zuider Sea was closed by a dike – the Afsluitdijk is 33 km long – and is now called the IJsselmeer.

Texel lighthouse

The red lighthouse of Texel is on the north of the island. You can visit the lighthouse almost every day and learn about its remarkable history. It takes 158 steps to reach the top of the tower and enjoy a good view over the North Sea, the Wadden sea nearby islands. The new lighthouse is built over the old light tower. So you will discover a tower in a tower.

Texel – Photo MSH


Texel is a National Park with unique flora and fauna. You can make excursions through the park with a guide.  You book your trip at Ecomare. Ecomare is the information center for the Wadden Sea and the North Sea. You find Ecomare in the National Park of Texel in De Koog. The visitors center offers lots of information about the nature and culture of Texel. There is also a sea aquarium and a museum.

Wadden – Photo MSH

Ecomare is also known for the shelter it offers to sick seals. Visit this seals shelter. It is also possible to book a nice boat trip to see some seals and learn about the way they live in the Wadden Sea and the North Sea. Once seals are recovered and healthy again they are released into the North or Wadden Sea.

Wadden Sea
Texel Island – Photo Must See Holland

 Local life and specialties of Texel

Den Burg is the largest village in the center of the island. Here you find nice shops, restaurants, and good hotels. You do not want to miss the market on Monday.  All year long there are musical, cultural, and culinary festivities. A lot of houses and farmers in and around Den Burg are monuments. The Cheese farm Wezenspyk is not to miss on your trip. Here you can see how Texel cheese is made of cows or goat milk and of course you can taste it too.

Cheep cheese Texel – Photo MSH

Special Texel beer

The specialty beer from Texel “Skuumkoppe” is traditionally brewed by locals in a former dairy factory in the Texel village of Oudeschild. Texel residents are very proud of this delicious beer and with a good reason as I may say. Texels Skuumkoppe is a draft beer and a bottled beer, in different flavors, colors, and strengths. When I went to Texel a booked a visit to the tasting of the Texels Skuumkoppe brewery. In addition to a tasting of various Texel beers, a film about Texel and the brewery will be shown.

Texel Skuumkoppe draft beer

Nature reserve de Hoge Berg

The high mountain nature reserve is located on the north side of the island and as the name suggests you have a beautiful view over the island and the sea. The mountain protrudes 15 meters above sea level, which is high by Dutch standards. Why is it a nature park, what makes this area special? The mountain was created by clay impoundments during the Ice Age, about 150,000 years ago.

Hotspot for bird watchers

I am a bird lover, I like their singing and like to know what birds are called. The island of Texel is great for bird watchers because there are almost 400 bird species on Texel. If you cycle along the dunes you will come across several bird lookouts. And if you really want to delve into birds, you can book a birding excursion.

Young Jay
Bird watching on Texel – young Jay – photo MSH

Best place to have dinner on Texel

Topido is a small special restaurant with an outstanding menu. They serve the best seasonal dishes made with local products. You can choose fish, lamb, beef, shrimp from the Wadden Sea, Oysters, mushrooms, local vegetables, quiche with Texels cheese, and Texels beverage. It s a great joy to have dinner at this place. Reservation is needed.

A bicycle tour along five villages:

All over the island, you can rent high-quality bicycles like ATB, mountain bikes, and electric bikes. Try you pick up a new one.

  1. De Koog: Ecomare is located near this village. On the North Sea side, you find ample beaches. From the village, you walk straight to the beach. In the village, you find nice restaurants, and shops and De Koog is a hotspot to enjoy the nightlife. After a lazy day on the beach, you can dance all night long.
  2. Cocksdorp: The youngest village on the north side of the island. Originally it was located on salt marsh ground. After more land was reclaimed from the sea the new village was built near the slufter: a mud land that is ideal for birdwatching and a stunning midsummer sunrise.
  3. Den Hoorn: In the south of the island is surrounded by woods and beaches, near the National Park Duinen of Texel.
  4. Oosterend: You find the village on the Wadden Sea side of the island. Some say it is the most beautiful village on the island of Texel. With narrow historical streets and monumental architecture.
  5. Oudeschild: In Oudeschild you can visit the Juttersmuseum. In this museum, there is a collection of items that were found on the beaches of Texel.



By Lala