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The beautiful country of Scotland is known to surprise its visitors with unique experiences with its history, adventures, whiskey, and, most importantly, food. The national dish of Scotland, haggis, found mention in even the renowned Scottish poet Robert Burn’s poem “Address to a haggis.” Comprised of sheep’s pluck (lungs, liver, and heart), onion, oatmeal, and spices, the savory pudding has a nutty texture.

The traditional dish is usually served with Neeps – also known as swedes – and Tatties – rutabagas and mashed potatoes and is an essential part of the celebration of Burn’s Supper. For a visit to Scotland to be complete, trying out this interesting delicacy is a must. Here are the 10 best places to get haggis in Scotland.

10. Arcade Haggis & Whisky House

This pub in Edinburg is often touted for its splendid collection of Scottish whiskey and is known as the server of the best haggis in town. To provide an unforgettable Scottish experience the menu is filled with a variety of choices of haggis.

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Starting from the Scottish breakfast to the option of adding it even to the nachos, the city’s craze for haggis is quite evident. The classic haggis Bon Bons with whiskey marmalade is a dish appreciated for its simplicity and authenticity. For the vegan, the option of gluten-free & vegan haggis is an impressive addition on the menu.

9. Howies Victoria Street

Carved out of the same rock on which Edinburg castle stands tall, Howies Victoria Street is a restaurant with stunning interiors. To match up with its historically significant surroundings, the restaurant is designed with wooden floors, stone walls and displays splendid Scottish art. The secret behind its palatable dishes is the fresh, local and seasonal ingredients that the chefs work with. For instance, the venison for the award-winning haggis is sourced from their estate at Perthshire. The thyme juice blends with it so well that it makes it one of their most sought-after dishes on the menu. They are also known to be perfect hosts for a party and have a premier range of wines.


8. The Royal McGregor

Another nirvana for haggis lovers at Edinburgh, The Royal McGregor whiskey bar and restaurant has been serving traditional Scottish cuisine for 20 years. The locally sourced produce selected carefully by the head chef, Greg Russell has to be credited for its remarkable dishes. The vivid breakfast menu has haggis in almost all its dishes representing its importance in the Scottish food business. The Haggis Fritters with sweet chili and honey dressing is a flavorful starter and is worth a try.

The authentic Haggis tower, burger and chicken breast stuffed with haggis has always received an overwhelming response from the guests. Scotland’s finest malt whiskeys compliment the dishes well, so grab a glass while you delve into the tasty haggis.

7. Ubiquitous Chip

The restaurant located in Ashton Lane in Glasgow has been included in the Good Food Guide since its opening in 1971. They believe in the philosophy of provenance and has been sourcing local produce for its quality food. The Chip not only has a fine dining restaurant, but it has a contemporary brasserie, a pub, an open terrace and a corner bar on its different floors. The brasserie on the first floor is a place recommended for haggis lovers. The Chip’s own venison haggis and its vegetarian version is the highlight of both lunch and dinner menus. One thing that is common across all the floors of this multifaceted venue is the Glaswegian welcome.

6. Happy Haggis

Located at the south end of Aviemore, Happy Haggis on the main street is known for serving delicious food since 1974. The family-owned business makes sure that you feel welcomed by its warm hospitality. It has an expansive and fully licensed menu that accommodates most people’s needs.

The kid-friendly menu and a dedicated section for toys and books ensure that even the kids have an amusing time while you indulge in your favorite dish. The Scottish favorite burger with cheese and haggis is named the Kilted Soldier on the menu and is delectable. The haggis served with peas and chips is also popular for its unmatched taste.


5. No. 10 Bar & Restaurant

The winner of the Restaurant of the Year – Casual Dining at the SLTN awards 2017, No.10 Bar & Restaurant is located at Aberdeen’s West End. With its stylish food and welcoming ambiance, the restaurant is ideal for contemporary and relaxed dining. The menu changes frequently to make the most of fresh and seasonal ingredients, but Haggis Bon Bons remains the favorite dish in the Buffet Menu. The head chef, Andy Stephen, has meticulously curated the Autumn menu and it includes an impressive list of versatile dishes. The combination of classic haggis, rosemary, leek bonbons with spiced tomatoes and whiskey ketchup is one such flavourful delicacy that is praiseworthy.

4. Wedgwood – The Restaurant

The celebrated chef, Paul Wedgwood, along with his wife established this brilliant fine dining space in Edinburg in 2007. The aim was to host a perfect evening for its guests with delicious food and pleasant surroundings. The numerous awards the restaurant has won throughout the years displays how successfully they have achieved their goal. Moreover, Paul won the Chef of the Year title at the Edinburg Restaurant Awards 2019. At the restaurant, you can choose from an eclectic express set menu or a la carte. For haggis lovers, the evening menu has pleasant surprises to offer. The Wedgwood Haggis, along with a Jerusalem artichoke and kale is one such dish appreciated for its innovation.

3. The White Hart Inn

Edinburg’s oldest pub has a lot of engrossing stories associated with it, especially of its haunted cellar and strange noises. The ancient tavern was established in 1516 and is an undisputed part of Edinburg’s heritage. However, braving a visit to this place won’t disappoint you as it is also famous for its authentic food and award-winning haggis. For those who like to be entertained while having a scrumptious meal, this place is the right choice as they play live traditional music every night. The haggis, neeps, and tatties served with whiskey sauce is one of the most popular White Hart favorites that deserve a try.

2. Greyfriars Bobby’s Bar

This centrally located pub in Edinburg is named after Scotland’s favorite dog Greyfriars Bobby, which was an epitome of faithfulness. This dog-friendly pub is adjacent to the iconic candlemaker’s hall and is surrounded by major attractions like the National Museum of Scotland and Edinburg University. Since 1873 it has been serving delicious and freshly cooked pub food. The haggis with mixed spices is served with mashed swede, potato, and gravy to offer a melt-in-the-mouth experience. The toad in the hole is another amazing dish where pork and haggis sausages are skillfully placed in a Yorkshire pudding. Grab a drink of your choice along with it for a delightful haggis treat.

1. Urquhart’s Restaurant

Urquhart’s Restaurant is located in Inverness and vouches to provide fresh home-cooked food. It has been serving guests with pride since 2011 and offers generous portions of delectable meals at an affordable price. The small family-run restaurant has an intimate and charming ambiance and booking in advance is recommended. The chicken on haggis with whiskey cream sauce is an outstanding choice. Vegetarians also won’t be disappointed here as they have vegetarian haggis, plus neeps and tatties on the menu. The aroma itself is appetizing and you can also customize the orders according to your dietary requirements. The only sad part is that the restaurant is closed on Mondays.



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