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Portugal is a beautiful European country with unique culture and heritage. With multiple stunning cities, breathtaking scenery and exceptional beaches, there is something for everyone here. It is also the oldest country in Europe, meaning there are plenty of historical sites worth exploring.

Many tourists head to Portugal each year to make the most of the great weather and attractions. Whether you’re looking to wander through lovely Lisbon, or would prefer to spend your time in the Algarve along the coast, you can do it all in this stunning country.

If you’re planning a trip to Portugal and seeking a little luxury, keep reading as we have all the top spots below. This way you can travel here with all the best places in mind.

The Algarve 

If you’re planning a trip to Portugal, you’ve no doubt heard of the Algarve. There is so much to see and do here, it provides the perfect break for the whole family, alongside many luxurious places worth checking out.

For those seeking a luxury beach resort in Portugal, the Algarve is the place to be. With upmarket golf clubs, pristine sandy shores, plus many great attractions, there is something for all here. Be sure to check out the Parque Natural da Ria Formosa when visiting, ideal for outdoor enthusiasts and nature lovers.

Sagres is the best spot for beautiful coastal views and dramatic landscapes. Whereas Faro is excellent for uncovering more of the country’s rich history. For those seeking fine cuisine, luxury bars and cafes, Lagos is the perfect place. There are many more excellent spots to visit, all of which have something unique to offer, check out the list below for more recommendations!

Quinta Do Lago

If you’re searching for a luxury place to stay in Portugal, Quinta in the Algarve region should certainly be on your list. Its elegant setting and spectacular encompassing landscapes provide the perfect place to relish a break in Portugal.

Indulge in one of the many fine dining establishments in Quinta, or spend some time on the golf course. Whether you’re seeking somewhere to simply sit back and relax, or would prefer to get out and about, there is something for all here.

There is also plenty of history to encounter in Quinta, providing a great place to learn more about the Algarve. With ancient mosaic traditions and attractive vineyards throughout, there is the perfect blend of luxury and relaxation here.

For anyone pursuing utter serenity when visiting Portugal, you will also find some pristine sandy shores to laze on in Quinta. One of the most favored beaches here is the Quinta Do Lago beach.


A trip to the beach in Quinta is the perfect way to unwind whilst visiting here. Whether you’re on a romantic break, a trip with the family or a group getaway, there is something for everyone in this outstanding part of Portugal.

Vale do Lobo

For anyone visiting Portugal in pursuit of luxury, Vale do Lobo is a must. This stunning part of the country is situated in the heart of the Algarve region, providing an excellent base for those looking to explore the area.

Vale do Lobo is renowned for its beach offering. With plenty of pristine shores to choose from, you will find yourself spoilt for choice. You will also find rugged cliffs and lovely dunes across these beaches, alongside captivating surrounding landscapes. If you’re seeking a true paradise, head to the beach in Vale do Lobo.

There are also plenty of excellent activities on offer in Vale do Lobo, allowing for the ideal way to see more of the region. Whether you’re seeking a day tasting wonderful wines at a vineyard, would like to head out on a luxury yacht excursion or prefer to enjoy a drink whilst watching the sunset, there is something for all here.


Vilamoura is a stunning coastal spot situated in the Loule district.  It is also considered to make up one of the three corners of the Algarve’s Golden Triangle, making it a must-visit destination in Portugal.

The area is one of the most popular places to visit in the Algarve, attracting many tourists each year, and for good reason! During your time in Vilamoura, be sure to take a stroll around the luxury marina where you will find plenty of lavish yachts, sandy beaches, vibrant bars, tasty restaurants and much more.

Despite Vilamoura’s popularity, the area is still considered to be relatively quiet, ideal for those who want to relax and unwind. The landscapes around here are also made up of lush greenery and idyllic coastal scenery. This makes it one of the best spots in Portugal if you’re looking to immerse yourself in the country’s natural beauty.

Dunas Douradas

Situated on the outstanding coastline is the beautiful resort of Dunas Douradas. It is positioned perfectly between Vale do Lobo and Quinta do Lago, providing an ideal spot to explore many of the other popular parts of the Algarve region. Not only do visitors get to soak up the golden coast here, but there are also plenty of other great things to do in the area.

Positioned near the beach and with plenty of shopping nearby, Dunas Douradas is the ideal place to stay in Portugal for those seeking a luxurious break. Spend your days by the sea or head to the golf course where you can play in the lovely sunshine.

Come evening, guests can head out to enjoy many of the excellent restaurants nearby. With a great selection of beach bars, alongside several classy establishments, you will find something to suit different tastes here.

With so much to do for a range of vacation itineraries, Dunas Douradas is a great choice when searching for a luxurious place to stay in Portugal.


Albufeira is an ideal choice for those looking to stay by the sea in Portugal. This wonderful coastal city has much to offer and many luxurious spots worth exploring. With plenty of beaches, bars, restaurants and a lovely marina, you will find lots to do in the area.

Be sure to head to the promenade in Albufeira where you can take in the magnificent coastal vistas, alongside the bright buildings that line the shore. The area offers the perfect blend of natural beauty, family activities, bustling beach clubs, fantastic cuisine and much more.

An evening in Albufeira is also sure to impress. With plenty of entertainment throughout the city, you will find yourself immersed in the vibrant scene that the streets here have to offer. This is also an excellent way to make the most of your time here, by exploring all that Albufeira has in store for visitors and locals alike.



Ferragudo is a quaint village at the mouth of the River Arade. It is known for being one of the prettiest places in Portugal with its authentic charm and peaceful atmosphere. Spend your time here wandering around the idyllic streets or perhaps rent a bike and head to the stunning lighthouse.

There are also some great snorkeling opportunities in Ferragudo, with a plethora of marine life to see. For those seeking a relaxing setting to enjoy all that gorgeous Portugal presents, a trip here is a great option.

Ria Formosa

You will find Ria Formosa in the southern part of Portugal, situated in the impressive Algarve region. The area is renowned for its connecting islands that join into the sea. It is worth visiting here as the unique lagoon is something not to miss.

Due to Ria Formosa’s unique location, it can be accessed by either a ferry or boat trip from Olhao that will take you around the different islands. Alternatively, visitors are also able to walk from Ilha da Culatra to Ria Formosa.

This beautiful natural park oozes charm and luxury and offers outstanding beaches, alongside picturesque scenery. For anyone seeking a little serenity when visiting the Algarve, Ria Formosa is one not to be missed!


Madeira is mainly popular among families. Its rugged landscapes and wild beauty make it somewhere worth visiting when in the country. The island is renowned for its beautiful sandy shores, turquoise waters, and exceptional coastal vistas.

This is the ultimate place to relax and unwind as Madeira has everything you need for a tranquil getaway in Portugal.  It is also perfect for those seeking to explore more of the country, with a network of excellent trails and natural beauty no matter where you look, there is something for everyone here.

Be sure to visit the gorgeous city of Funchal where you can discover luxury eateries and beautiful gardens. This also provides an excellent opportunity to take in the culture throughout this lovely city. With a famous cathedral and museum, you will discover plenty to do for the whole family here.


With colorful buildings, beautiful architecture and plenty of history it comes as no surprise that so many go to Lisbon when seeking luxury in Portugal.

Popular neighborhoods include Alfama and Mouraria. Alfama is favored among those seeking quaint cobblestone streets and stunning scenic viewpoints. With cathedrals to explore and history to uncover, guests get a true sense of luxury when visiting here. Mouraria offers a plethora of ancient churches and Lisbon’s oldest house. This is the perfect place for those looking to explore more of Portugal’s fascinating past.

There are also several luxury villas in Lisbon, providing the perfect place to relax and unwind after exploring the city. Spend some time in the bars, restaurants and cafes littered throughout Lisbon or lounge by the river where you can spot surfers riding the impressive waves.


The stunning Old Town in Porto is a recognised UNESCO World Heritage Site. Perched along the Douro River, the town oozes charm and historical architecture. This is ideal for anyone seeking a true sense of luxury in Portugal.

For wine lovers, Porto is ideal as the area is known for its port wine with tours and tastings throughout the region. There are also several excellent bars, restaurants and shops across the city, allowing for some luxury shopping in Portugal.

Be sure to visit the stunning piazza in the city where you will find a vibrant square with lots to see and do. Explore the area and take in the surrounding architecture, or simply sit back and relax as the world goes by. For history enthusiasts, a visit to the Clerigos Church and Tower will do the trick. This stunning Baroque church also provides the perfect place to see the city from a bird’s eye view.


Sintra is known for being one of the prettiest places in Portugal. The area offers a plethora of charm and pine-covered hillsides. Many describe Sintra as a true fairytale with beautiful castles and colorful buildings everywhere you look.

There is more to Sintra than meets the eye though, as behind all the stunning architecture, the area also has a wealth of history to discover. Visit the ruins of a 10th-century Moorish castle and a 19th-century town, exploring here has much to offer.

It is worth noting that due to Sintra’s beauty, it can be busy during the summer months. To avoid this, tourists often stay outside of the town and travel here for day trips, this way they avoid the hustle and bustle and large crowds.


We hope that after reading this article, you can now visit Portugal with all these luxury places in mind. The country offers a plethora of charming towns and cities, perfect for those seeking luxurious rental villas and more. Whether you choose to spend your time eating in fine dining restaurants or would prefer to soak up the several historical attractions, this lovely European country has it all.

Portugal is also ideal for families, couples or groups as there is so much to see and do for all. The Algarve region, in particular, is an excellent choice for a range of vacation itineraries. With so many excellent places to explore and luxurious accommodations throughout, a trip here will leave you with excellent memories and a stunning setting to relax in utter serenity.

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