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Scotland, the land of natural beauty, proud Gaelic culture and damn fine whiskey. We’re in love with its beguiling rugged landscapes – from its steep mountain ranges to its majestic lochs and craggy coastline. Not to mention its quaint seaside towns, rural villages and vibrant cities – which quite frankly, charmed the socks off us. We even pulled together a 10 reasons why you need to visit Scotland blog, in case you need to be persuaded…

That’s why we made sure we had a collection of places to stay in Scotland, from castles to holiday homes and cottages. Because we want everyone to experience a real Scottish adventure.

Need help figuring out where to stay? This handy guide is here to help you make your decision. And if you’d like to learn more, feel free to get in touch with our concierge team.

Where to visit in Scotland: Our must-see spots across this captivating country:

Argyll Scotland Ben More on Mull Island

Argyll is known as Scotland’s adventure coast, as it’s home to 23 inh abited islands and an impressive coastline which encompasses everything from rugged wilderness and nature reserves, to white-sand beaches, historic ruins and a huge selection of water-sports. It’s ideal for an activity-filled family holiday.


ayr beach

Ayrshire is steeped in history, from the impressive number of castles (there are 40) and intense tales of battle, to its links with famous Scots, like the poet Robert Burns. Not just for the history buffs, Ayrshire is home to four scenic islands and a lovely selection of seaside towns, with lots of cycling and hiking trails.

where to visit in scotland edinburgh old town at sunset

The capital city of Edinburgh is a vibrant, cultural hub with beautiful buildings entwined in its landscape. The art scene is thriving (culminating in the world-famous Fringe Festival), the history is spellbinding, and the nightlife is enchanting. It’s truly a city that comes alive after dark.

scottish highlands where to visit in scotland

Discover the true beauty of Scotland with a trip to the Highlands. The rural landscapes and scenic vistas are enough to hypnotize you; peppered with crumbling forts, secluded beaches and historic ruins, it’s a total feast for the eyes. It’s the place to come if you’re an outdoor adventurer, with challenging hikes up the likes of Ben Nevis to kayaking across the lochs and mountain biking.

Loch Lomond Aerial Sunset

This incredible national park obviously got a mention in our list of 10 best lochs in Scotland! The largest lake of mainland Britain, Loch Lomond is steeped in folklore and mythical creatures, and offers breath-taking views. It’s perfect for the whole family with attractions like fairy trails, adventure courses, water-sports and walking routes. Or if you’re looking for something more relaxing, it’s also the perfect place to kick back and enjoy the scenery.

Landscape Of The Beautiful Rolling Scottish Borders Countryside At Sunset

The easiest place to find for those coming from England, the Scottish Borders is home to diverse landscapes and experiences, from rolling hills to rugged coastline and stunning lochs. Outdoor activities range from fishing to cycling, and the array of traditional towns and villages offer up quaint days out, with gardens and tearooms aplenty.

St Andrews beach scotland

St Andrews is a well-known historic golfing destination. With a golf museum and 10 excellent golf courses to choose from, including the world-famous Old Course, it’s a must-visit for any golfing aficionado. Plus, with historic wonders like the Cathedral and Secret Bunker, it’s a total gem.



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