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Flower parades can be found all throughout The Netherlands. The Dutch word for ‘flower parade’ in The Netherlands is: Bloemencorso. There are two flower parades near my village in Noord-Holland, The Netherlands, so it’s something I’ve grown up with. Flowers are a big part of the Dutch culture and it’s one of the events you have to visit when you are travelling to The Netherlands.

Discover everything you need to know about the flower parades in The Netherlands: From the flower float in The Netherlands to the bloemencorso in the Bollenstreek. And from the flower parade route to the history of the flower parade in Holland and The Netherlands. As well as where to get tickets for the corso of Zundert and the dates of every flower parade that is included on this list.

Find the flower parade in The Netherlands you have to visit in this guide

There are around 30 bloemencorso’s to be found in The Netherlands, but I’ve included 16 of the best flower parades to visit in The Netherlands and Holland in this guide. You will discover when and where the flower parade is held, if you need tickets (and where to buy them) and the history of the specific flower parades as well as fun facts about the parades in The Netherlands.

But first I will tell you exactly what a flower parade is, so when you’re visiting you know exactly what you’re getting yourself into. Also why they are so popular to visit in The Netherlands as well as how the floats are being made.

One tip: before you visit, make sure to bring cash with you! 

The entry fee is approximate – it can vary every year, and especially with the increase of costs due to inflation and such. 

What is a flower parade, or bloemencorso?

A bloemencorso, or flower parade, in The Netherlands, is a parade with floats that are covered or decorated completely with flowers. Every flower parade has its character and theme. It’s especially in The Netherlands an event that is very popular as we have around 30 bloemencorsos through the entire country.

People don’t know where flower parades originate from, or exactly why they are so popular within The Netherlands. They suspect that flower parades were already held in the Middle Ages when it was a part of Carnival. Since the end of the 19th century, flower parades started to return to The Netherlands.

The corso is always a contest. An independent jury will decide which group has the most beautiful floats, which is an extra motivation for the volunteers to work their ass off.

We even have the biggest flower parade in the world in The Netherlands: Zundert. The corso of Zundert was even the first Dutch tradition that was placed on the list of intangible cultural heritage within The Netherlands. Other big flower parades are Vollenhove, Sint Jansklooster, Lichtenvoorde, Valkenswaard and Beltrum. These are all flower parades that are held in August or September as these use the dahlia flower. Those months are the perfect harvesting time for the flowers.

Within The Netherlands, there are so-called dahliacorso’s, where they only use the dahlia flowers to create the floats, and there are no-dahliacorso’s. An interesting thing to know is that all the dahliacorso’s of The Netherlands can be found outside of the Randstad, which is the area from Haarlem to Den Haag and Rotterdam to Leiden and Amsterdam to Utrecht. Those flower parades outside of the Randstad also are focused on combining theatre with the floats. So you will see lights, sounds and movements of and within the floats.

Other bloemencorso’s in The Netherlands, especially those within the Randstad are often more focused on flower arranging. Think of the corso of Haarlem and the Bollenstreek region for instance. These corso’s are also more focused to have a commercial impact. Whereas the flower parades outside the Randstad are part of the cultural festivities that are often combined with a fair.

Discover the flower parade of Zundert. Here you see volunteers of the biggest bloemencorso in the world in their floats

Why are flower parades so popular in The Netherlands?

One reason why bloemencorso’s became a bit more popular was because of the celebration of Queen’s Day. Until 1948, Queen’s Day was celebrated on the 31st of August as it was the birthday of, at the time, Queen Wilhelmina.

The corso of Zundert was first held in 1936, but it was at first a part of the celebration of several festivities and the committee was called the Orange committee (dedicated to the House of Orange= The Dutch Royals). Before 1936, Zundert didn’t celebrate Queen’s Day, but as the corso was greatly received the celebration of Queen’s Day was pushed to the background and the corso itself became the talk of the town.

Until the end of the 80s the committee was still called the Orange committee, however then it was changed to Stichting Bloemencorso Zundert, where the link with Queen’s Day was definitely removed. And Zundert was not the only one that has, or better, had, a connection to Queen’s Day. Many flower parades in The Netherlands had a connection to the celebrations, but many also didn’t.

So, while the celebration of Queen’s Day partly helped, it cannot be seen as the only reason why flower parades in The Netherlands began to increase in popularity. Because in general, people just don’t know why it went sky high.

Statue made of tulips on flowers parade in Haarlem Netherlands

Why are dahlia flowers often used in flower parades in The Netherlands?

No one really knows why Dutch bloemencorso’s have started using the dahlia flowers. But, people suspect that it’s for a pragmatic reason: the dahlia is simply suitable and available during the main flower parade season in The Netherlands.

The dahlia flowers are cheap and strong, and bloom from the end of July until September. Whenever the flowers are removed, you’ll see new flowers on the same plant only a couple of days later.

In the beginning the volunteers used to cycle, walk or drive with trucks to areas and towns that were known for its cultivation of dahlias and pick them there. However, nowadays every big corso in The Netherlands has their own dahlia fields that are maintained by, yet again, volunteers. And every bloemencorso helps the rest of the corso’s in The Netherlands, as not all of them are happening at the exact same time and dahlias keep on growing anyway.

All of the groups that participate in the corso of Zundert have their own dahlia field. They trade their dahlias to make sure that every group has the right dahlia species and colours that they need to build their floats.

How do they built the floats in a bloemencorso or flower parade?

The main thing that everyone loves about flower parades is the ‘gezelligheid’. Which is an untranslatable word to English, but it means something as cosiness, but different. Everyone volunteers to built and design the corso floats together, which is a piece of work which costs hundreds of hours of work. The groups have to put in all the work to make sure the floats are done at the correct time, which takes concentration, dedication, hard work and a good group of people, that combine their brains, to work. ‘So, how do they do it?’


Outsiders often think that the volunteers are working all summer to put flowers on the floats, however the opposite is true. The flowers wither easily, so they are only starting to place them on the floats a few days in advance of the parade.

The volunteers are actually mostly busy with creating the floats with structural steel, rebar, cardboard, paper and styrofoam.

The floats are either build in big barns or specially built tents. The big floats for the flower parades are often made in tents, as they don’t fit in the barns. Or, they create several pieces of the floats and put them together in the last couple of days.

The dahlia’s, or other flowers, are attached to the floats with either small nails, or by glueing the flowers to the floats with special flower glue. Zundert and Valkenswaard are examples of attaching the dahlia flowers with a small nail. But that’s not all. How they put the nail in the flower is something that differs greatly for every flower parade. In Zundert they tap, while they poke in Valkenswaard. They put the nail through the heart of the dahlia and attach it to the floats.

The bloemencorsos that glue the flowers to the floats do that by removing the leaves of the back of the flower. Then they cover that part of the flowers in glue, as well as the surface. Then they stick the flower on the floats.

Girl and boy in one of the traditional Dutch costumes during the flower parade in sassenheim, lisse and noordwijkerhout during the bollenstreek bloemencorso in The Netherlands



The bloemencorso, or flower parade in Zundert, The Netherlands, is the biggest dahliacorso in the world. The floats can have a maximum measurements of 19 meters long, 9 meters high and 4,5 meters wide. But one presentation can be done with several floats. There are in total 20 participants, but before the time of the flower parade of Zundert is here, they have plenty of celebrations leading up to it. Visiting the flower parade of Zundert is one of the things you have to do here.

The flower parade of Zundert first started back on the 8th of September 1936. From 1937 the corso of Zundert takes place in the first weekend of September.

The corso of Zundert is, together with Lichtenvoorde, the most artistic dahlia corso of The Netherlands. And there are even judges from the art academy of Breda and artists. This also means that the outcome of the voting differs greatly between the public and the judges, which is interesting to see.

The flower parade is on the 3rd of September 2023. The market and theatre acts start at 10:00, the parade starts at 13:30, the award ceremony starts at 16:30.

The 4th of September 2023 is the day that the floats of Zundert are exhibited from 09:00 – 22:00 at Molenstraat 155, but there will be no parade.

Fun fact: For the flower parade of Zundert they use 6-8 million dahlia flowers!


Ticket prices for the entry of flower parade and exhibition in Zundert start at around 9 euros. The tickets are around 9 euros, but only if you buy them online. If you buy them in Zundert, you’d have to pay roughly 12,50 euros.

A ticket for the grandstand is only proof of having bought a seat at the grandstand, it doesn’t give you entry to the event itself. So you have to buy a ticket for the grandstand, plus an entry ticket for the corso itself.

You can even go on an English speaking corso tour to learn more about the corso of Zundert, this costs you around 18 euros and can also be ordered online.

Remember the flower parade itself takes place on ONLY the 3rd of September.


The flower parade, or corso, of Zundert and its exhibition take places on the 3rd and 4th of September 2023.


Zundert, Noord- Brabant, The Netherlands

Zundert corso: One of the floats at the biggest dahlia flower parade in the world in The Netherlands. One of the things you have to do and see in noord- Brabant



The flower parade of Leersum is one of the parades that originated from festivities during Queen’s Day. They knew how to celebrate Queen’s Day in Leersum, as they always had a parade with bikes and carts that were decorated with heather, not and orange flowers.

When Juliana became Queen, Queen’s Day was celebrated on the 30th of April, but the people from Leersum couldn’t miss out on their flower parade anymore. So, they decided to plan a corso in August with decorated bikes, carts and farm wagons. In 1953, the real corso has appeared in Leersum with floats and decorated cars.

They even have a Bloemenkoningin, or flower queen, that is picked every year, so be sure to wave at her! Besides the flower parade there is an art market, a fair and plenty of more things that you can do in Leersum.

The flower parade is on Saturday the 19th of August 2023. The parade starts at 14:00 at the street called: Englaan. The award ceremony begins at 17:30 at Kerkplein.

Sunday the 20th of August 2023 is when the floats are exhibited from 11:00 – 17:00 at Englaan, Scherpenzeelseweg and Kerkplein.


Saturday the 19th of August

Entry tickets can be bought from the end of July at the Albert Heijn and Vivant in Leersum. They can also be ordered online through the e-mail address you can find on the website of the corso of Leersum. You can order them through the e-mail up until roughly 1 week before the corso takes place. After they receive your payment, you’ll be sent the tickets.

6,50 euros 13 years and up

2 euros 4-12 years

There is one grandstand located at the Scherpenzeelseweg. Tickets for the grandstand are around 10 euros each and can be bought during the flower parade. There are also 100 chairs available that you can rent for around 5 euros each.

The paper program can be bought for 1 euro at every entry location and at the grandstand.

Sunday the 20th of August

The entry fee to see the flower floats in Leersum is 3 euros for everyone 13+


The flower parade or corso of Leersum takes place on the 19th and 20th of August 2023.


Leersum, Utrecht, The Netherlands

The flower parade of Leersum. A lot of dahlia covered floats can be seen in this town in The Netherlands
Photo by: Richard Bitting / Flickr



The  bloemencorso, or flower parade, of Winkel can be found in Noord- (North) Holland. And it takes place on the 25th of September 2022.

There is a grandstand located at the Veldwachterspad, which is free to use. This way you can enjoy the Bloemencorse, without the ‘biene loof worre’, or without your legs getting tired in the West Frisian dialect.

The flower parade starts at 13:00 and finishes at 16:00. There is also a small children corso that will be shown in these hours as well.

After the flower parade the floats are placed alongside the Dorpsstraat (this is a street name) and illuminated from 17:00 – 00:00. The award ceremony starts at 20:00 on the square in front of Cafe Beentjes.

There are many other things you can do in Winkel during the corso. Think of visiting the fair, the market, listen to nice music and more.


You can buy tickets online through the website of Corso Winkel, you have to scroll down to the green tickets button. Or you can buy tickets at the same day at the entry of the Corso.

They cost 6 euros for 13+

Until 12 is 2,50 euros

The paper program is free


25th of September 2022


Winkel, Noord-Holland, The Netherlands

Clarabella the cow from Donald Duck can be seen here in Winkel during the annual bloemencorso in Noord-Holland, The Netherlands
Photo by Willen Zwier / Flickr

Sint Jansklooster


Sint Jansklooster is yet another example of how a Queen’s Day parade with celebrated cars and cars, turned into a flower parade. The flower parade of Sint Jansklooster exists since 1968, when they saw that the corso of Lichtenvoorde was using dahlia flowers and that they had a flower parade instead of a normal parade.

The corso of Sint Jansklooster is famous for being a theatre corso where movement, actors and music play an important part in this special flower parade in The Netherlands. One of the reasons why they added this part to their parade is because it helps this corso stand out in the field of bloemencorsos in The Netherlands.

The flower parade of Sint Jansklooster is on the third Friday of August, 19th of August 2022. You will see the floats covered with dahlias passing you in the afternoon and evening. The first parade starts at 14:00 and finishes at 16:00. The evening parade, when the floats are illuminated, starts at 20:30 and finishes between 22:00 and 22:30.

On the 20th of August the floats will be exhibited in the streets of Sint Jansklooster.

There are plenty of other things to see and do in Sint Jansklooster, such as seeing street theatre and other artists


The tickets for entering the Sint Jansklooster corso festival are roughly the following prices:

Admission fee flower parade afternoon OR evening 13+: 7,50 euros

Admission fee flower parade afternoon OR evening 4- 12: 3,50 euros

Admission fee entering the festival: 4+ 4 euros

There is a grand stand as well, you can buy tickets for that at the grand stand itself for 4 euros.

If you’re planning on staying one entire day in Sint Jansklooster and surroundings, then I would recommend you to buy a Passe-Partout. This gives you entry to the corso festival, afternoon parade and the evening parade.

Aged 4-12: 6 euros

13+: 13 euros

You can buy e-tickets at the website of Sint Jansklooster here. And yes, the website is in English this time.


19th and 20th of August 2022


Sint Jansklooster, Overijssel, The Netherlands

Haarlem and Bollenstreek


The Bollenstreek region, was the region that cultivated most tulips in The Netherlands, while that has changed to the area of De Kop van Noord- Holland (represent!) the area is still called that way. And that’s fine. Anyway, the flower parade of the Bollenstreek region dates back the the 40s. The Second World War has ended and people needed something to enjoy and to party.

At the time, the bloemencorso of the Bollenstreek existed out of flower garlands and decorated trucks and carts. The first bloemencorso in the Haarlem region dates back to 1947.

The flower parade of the Bollenstreek is the only flower parade of The Netherlands that happens during spring. It’s one of the things you have to do and visit during spring in The Netherlands. It is also the only bloemencorso that has been made with flowers that come from a bulb, such as hyacinths, tulips and daffodils.

The evening parade in Noordwijkerhout takes place on Friday the 21st of April 2023. The floats are exhibited from 18:00 through the center and at around 21:15 it will go through Noordwijkerhout.

The flower parade that goes from Noordwijk through Teylingen, Lisse, Hillegom, Bennebroek, Heemstede and finally arriving in Haarlem takes place on 22nd of April 2023. It departs from Noordwijk at 09:15 and arrives at its final destination in Haarlem at 21:45.


On the 23rd of April 2023 the floats of the Bollenstreek flower parade are exhibited in the city of Haarlem.

There are two grandstands to be found alongside the route of the Bollenstreek flower parade. They can be found in Sassenheim and Lisse, but they are very popular so it’s best to reserve your tickets in advance here.

I would recommend you to stay in the area of the route of the bloemencorso of the Bollenstreek, as it can get very crowded alongside the route and plenty of roads are closed of for the flower parade. And if you’re planning on staying in Amsterdam, this is one of the flower parades that is near Amsterdam.


13+: around 6 euros

6 – 12: roughly 2,50 euros


21st until the 23rd of April 2023


This corso will drive from Noordwijk to the city of Haarlem. So it’s all over the place.

Floats can be seen in the centre of the Dutch city of Haarlem, Noord- Holland, The Netherlands. It's part of the bollenstreek flower parade, or bloemencorso.



The first corso in Vollenhove started back in 1905. However, they were just decorated farm wagons. A few inhabitants of Vollenhove started the initiative to start an alternative for the yearly fair that resulted in a lot of drunk people and fights.

The festivities of the corso were also first held on Queen’s Day and first existed out of plays and games that all the inhabitants could partake in. The current corso started from the 50s and slowly involved into the way it is now.

The childrens corso takes place on Saturday at 10:00.

At 14:00 the afternoon corso takes place.

The award ceremony is at 19:30

The evening corso starts at 20:30

One of the things you have to do is to walk through the streets of Vollenhove, because not only is it a beautiful Dutch town, the streets are also beautifully decorated.


Admission fee 18+: around 9 euros

4- 17: roughly 5 euros

A ticket for the grandstand is 5 euros.

You can buy tickets online via the corso website of Vollenhove, or you can buy them when you enter the parcours. Which is an easier way.


27th of August 2022


Vollenhove, Overijssel, The Netherlands

Varend corso Westland


Varend Corso Westland is a yearly flower parade that sails through several places in Zuid ( South)- Holland), such as  Westland, Schipluiden, Maassluis, Den Haag, Delft and Vlaardingen during three days. You will discover what products, such as flowers, plants and vegetables are farmed in the Westland area.

The 23rd of June in Westland at 15:30 Honselersdijk, Trade Parc Westland, Schipluiden and enters the final destination, Maassluis, around 20:30- 22:00.

The 24th of June at Maassluis, at 13:00 and will sail through Maasland, Vlaardingen, Schipluiden, Den Hoorn and will finish in Delft at 19:30.

The 25th of June starts again in Westland where they depart from Honselersdijk Trade Parc Westland at 12:00. They sail through Naaldwijk, ‘s-Gavenzande, Poeldijk, Den Haag and Kwintsheul at 18:15.

The 26th of June starts in The Hague, or Den Haag, at 10:30 at Trekvliet. Then it will head into the centre of The Hague, before it will go to Rijswijk, Den Hoorn, Wateringen and finished at Honselerdijk in Westland at 19:00.


There’s no need to get any tickets for the floating corso of Westland.


From Thursday the 23rd of June until Sunday the 26th of June 2022.


The three days have completely different routes from the each other. The areas are: Rijnmond, Westland and Delfland. Have a look at the routes of the Westland floating flower parade here.

The Westland floating flower parade in Zuid-Holland, The Netherlands, is one of the most popular events in The Netherlands to visit



Lichtenvoorde is another beautiful flower parade that can be found in the Eastern part of The Netherlands. It’s together with the flower parade of Zundert one of The Netherlands most artistic flower parades. If you’re looking for things to do in Gelderland, then visiting Lichtenvoorde is always a great idea. The corso of Lichtenvoorde exists for a long time already and it originated from a fair that was always took place in the end of August.

Even when Wilhelmina became Queen of The Netherlands, Lichtenvoorde already had a flower parade, back on the 6th of September in 1898. But it took this beautiful town in Gelderland until 1926 before the flower parade had a yearly return.

This year, on Sunday the 11th of September 2022, Lichtenvoorde celebrates more than 90 years. So be prepared to celebrate and see even more spectacular floats than before.

On the 11th of September 2022 the flower parade of Lichtenvoorde starts at 14:00 from the Gert Reindersstraat.

Just as any other corso, or flower parade, in The Netherlands and Holland, there are many activities in Lichtenvoorde during the corso as well.


Entry fee 17+: 10 euros

Grandstand: 10 euros

Combi ticket entry and grandstand: 17,50 euros

Entry exhibition area: 17+ 2,50 euros

You can buy also tickets for the grandstand also at the VVV, or tourism office, of Lichtenvoorde until the 7th of September.


The 11th of September 2022.


Lichtenvoorde, Gelderland, The Netherlands



Every year on the second Saturday in August you will  see floats, cars and other forms of transport completely covered in flowers during the flower parade of Rijnsburg. The parade also has themes and uses hundreds different flower species. And that is what makes Rijnsburg bloemencorso one of The Netherlands most visited events. On the Friday before the flower parade in Rijnsburg you can visit the Flower Parade Show from 16:00- 22:00 (also free) at Royal FloraHolland, which is where you can already admire the participating vehicles with all their beautiful flowers.

The first bloemencorso of Rijnsburg took place in 1946, which also makes this flower parade one of the oldest of Holland and The Netherlands. And it will go through Rijnsburg, Katwijk and Noordwijk. On Sunday you can walk through the exhibited floats on the Koningin Wilhelmina Boulevard in Noordwijk.


There’s no need for an entry ticket or to pay admission fee to see the flower parade of Rijnsburg.


12th, 13th and 14 of August 2022 (but the parade is only on Saturday the 13th of August).


Rijnsburg, Zuid-Holland, The Netherlands

The Rijnsburg flower parade in The Netherlands is one of the most special and popular parades to visit.
Photo by: Jeffrey de Graaf / Flickr

Anna Paulowna


This event in Anna Paulowna is called the Bloemendagen, or Flower Days, and it is basically very similar to the one of Nieuwe Niedorp, which you can find below, only in Anna Paulowna they work with hyacinths. The idea is that the inhabitants of Anna Paulowna create mosaics with hyacinths. And truly, they are stunning.

The reason why the Flower Days in Anna Paulowna started was because there was simply not much to do in this area. While Anna Paulowna is not far located from the beach, they wouldn’t get the visitors and tourists from the beach area. So while people were wondering how they could attract tourists, they suddenly found the perfect way with the Flower Days as it’s one of the best things to do during tulip season in Anna Paulowna.

For the past 25 years the hyacinths are shared from a central point. And when you’re in Anna Paulowna anyway, bring a visit to the Poldertuin as well. It’s one of the best things you can do when you’re there.


You don’t have to pay to see the mosaics in Anna Paulowna


16th of April until the 20th of April 2022.


Anna Paulowna, Noord-Holland, The Netherlands



Eelde is one of the most beautiful flower parades of The Netherlands, Europe and the world. It’s not just me who’s saying that, but apparently a lot of experts are agreeing with me. What’s special about this corso in the province of Drenthe is that it’s a mix between flower arranging corso’s and the dahlia corso’s.

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The flower parade of Eelde exists since 1957 and currently it’s one of the biggest event in the province of Drenthe and one of the things you have to do and visit when you’re there.

The flower parade is on Saturday the 3rd of September 2022 and starts at 14:30.

On Sunday the 4th of September 2022, the floats will be exhibited at the Mozartweg.

There are plenty of other interesting things to do in Eelde when you’re visiting the flower parade. Think of a special market, great food and a firework show at Saturday night at around 22:30.

The award ceremony takes place at Saturday 18:00. On Sunday, all the festivities end 18:00.


The admission fee for the corso of Eelde is both on Saturday and Sunday roughly 5 euros for everyone who is 13+. You can buy your entry ticket at one of the many entrances. There is also a grandstand available and tickets for those cost of roughly 12 euros.


3rd and 4th of September 2022.


Eelde, Drenthe, The Netherlands

The flower parade of Eelde can be seen here. It's the biggest flower event in the Eastern part of The Netherlands
Photo by: Jos – FPS Groningen / Flickr



The first time the flower parade of Valkenswaard was organised was back in 1953, which was a way to celebrate the liberation of Valkenswaard back in September of 1944. The bloemencorso of Valkenswaard has a changing theme ever since the year 1994. The first theme referred to the reason why the people of Valkenswaard have eventually started to organize a flower parade. The theme was the liberation of Valkenswaard which happened in 1944.

A creative committee chooses the ever changing theme of this parade in The Netherlands. The corso consists of 14 big wagons that are 12 meters long, 4,5 wide and 6 meters high! The corso of Valkenswaard is a combination of street theatre, music and lots of flowers.

It takes place during the second weekend in September. Specially for English speaking people there is a grandstand with English speaking information about the parade and the flower wagons.


13+: roughly 7,50 presale, 9 euros at the entrance

There is also a grandstand and you can buy a combi- ticket for the entry and grandstand seating which costs 13 euros in presale and around 17 euros at the same day of the corso.


On the 10th and 11th of September 2022.


Valkenswaard, Noord- Brabant, The Netherlands

Nieuwe Niedorp


The Floralia in Nieuwe Niedorp is not exactly a corso, however you will walk through a beautiful street in Nieuwe Niedorp where a lot of colourful dahlia mosaics are located. This event takes place during a weekend in September.

Don’t forget to discover more of the things that you can do in Nieuwe Niedorp during the Floralia, such as listening to music, discovering the Floralia fair (10:00- 17:00 on Sunday) and plenty of more.


The admission fee costs roughly 5 euros for everyone above the age of 12. It can be paid at the several entrances.


On the 17th (15:00- 22:00) and 18th of September 2022 (10:00- 20:00).


Nieuwe Niedorp, Noord- Holland, The Netherlands



Winterswijk is home to one of the bigger flower parades of The Netherlands and Gelderland. The last weekend of August is when the corso takes place. Both on Friday and Saturday you will see endless floats passing by. And on Sunday you’ll be able to admire them standing still in Winterswijk.

The flower parade of Winterswijk starts at Friday and Saturday at 10:00.

After the flower parade in Winterswijk is finished they will exhibit the floats at the area of De Tricot, which is an old factory. In the evening the floats will be illuminated, which creates a magical experience.


There’s no need for any tickets.


26th, 27th and 28th of August 2022.


Winterswijk, Gelderland, The Netherlands

The bloemencorso of Winterswijk has the most floats of any of the flower parades of The Netherlands
Photo by Jan Janssen / Flickr



Drogeham is a bit of a different and more special flower parade in The Netherlands. It is a gondelvaart, or basically a parade on the water, but Drogeham celebrates a gondelvaart without the water. I know. It can be a little confusing. But basically the floats aren’t floating in Drogeham, but they are on the road. It’ll be the 56th time that the Gondelvaart will be organized in Drogeham.

It all started on Queen’s Day the 30th of April 1968 when there was a party for the local youth in Drogeham. They were wondering why nothing was ever organized for the older youth. And that same night there was a party.

Drogeham got inspired by the Gondelvaarten of places such as Aldeboarn, and decided it was time to organize a gondelvaart on wheels. Thus they did and the rest is history.

The parade of Drogeham, or Gondelvaart on wheels starts both nights at 20:30. 


The entry is roughly 5 euros for everyone who is aged 13+. You can get tickets at the same day of the event.


16th and 17th of September 2022; starts at 20:30.


Drogeham, Friesland, The Netherlands



The flower parade of Beltrum was organised for the 60th time in the year of 2021. The bloemencorso of Beltrum always takes place on the first Sunday of September from 13:00.

The flower parade of Beltrum starts at 14:00-15:30, however there are plenty of activities you can do or see beforehand, so I would definitely recommend you to go earlier. Discover the fair, the old Dutch games, great music and plenty of more!


The admission fee for the flower parade of Beltrum is roughly 4 euros for everyone 13+. You can buy tickets for this bloemencorso in Gelderland at every entrance.


4th of September 2022


Beltrum, Gelderland, The Netherlands

Discover the Beltrum flower parade in The Netherlands. Here you see one of the floats of this parade.
Photo by: Wytze / Flickr

Some of the flower parades are held during tulip season in The Netherlands. Discover where you can find Dutch tulip fields in The Netherlands here. One of the best regions for finding tulip fields in Holland is the Kop van Noord-Holland, or top of North-Holland. This is also the area that I’m from and I’ve combined all my insider and local information for exploring the tulip fields of Noord-Holland in this guide here. I have also made an article for you where you can find the best accommodation to stay in the middle of tulip fields.

Find the best beaches of Noord-Holland here. And if you’re searching for beaches to visit near Amsterdam because it’s getting hot in here, I got you!

There are a lot of events, besides the flower parades, in The Netherlands. Think of King’s Day, which is the day when we celebrate the birthday of the King and almost everyone has a day off. It’s the biggest party of The Netherlands and the one I look forward the most.

Another event that you must visit is one of the cheese markets of The Netherlands and Holland. Find a full guide with information on the cheese markets of The Netherlands here. The cheese market of Alkmaar is certainly the biggest of The Netherlands and most popular, but did you know that there are plenty of other things you can do in Alkmaar in one day? No? Well, it’s time to explore Alkmaar beyond the cheese market with this one day itinerary.

A great day trip from Alkmaar, especially if you’re looking for nature reserves to visit in The Netherlands, is Schoorl. You can find the highest and broadest dune area of The Netherlands in Schoorl, click here for more information. Another great day trip from Alkmaar is the historic and medieval city of Hoorn. Not only does Hoorn have a cheese market as well, but Hoorn is a beautiful city near Amsterdam that you can easily visit in one day. The last day trip from Alkmaar I would recommend you, is a visit to one of the most beautiful Dutch villages or towns of The Netherlands and Noord- Holland. De Rijp is a century-old fishing town in The Netherlands and has plenty of things to do for one day.

And your time in The Netherlands will probably be over by this time, so it’s time to head to the airport. If you’re using Amsterdam Schiphol Airport, I would recommend you to read this insider guide to Amsterdam Airport, which includes shops, restaurants and more information. But before you’re headed that way, don’t forget to explore the secrets of Amsterdam with my 2 day Amsterdam itinerary to all the hidden gems, including insider tips for a few days of exploring. Don’t worry if you’re flying through one of the other Dutch airports, because I have written another guide on the other airports in The Netherlands and Holland.

I hope you’ll be making your way to The Netherlands for at least one of the flower parades, or bloemencorsos. And, of course, that this guide to the flower parades of The Netherlands and Holland will help you a lot. It’s a magical sight to see and I’m certain that you will love the experience. Share this post!!



By Lala