Wed. May 29th, 2024

Hawaii has its own beautiful culture, and the best way to respect it is to know what to do, and what not to do.

For many people, a trip to Hawaii is the ultimate in vacation wanderlust. The islands serve up a different kind of beauty that goes far beyond what any other state is capable of, and its allure has captivated visitors for decades. And the best part is that there’s no shortage of it, what one sees in Hawaii is exactly what one will get – waterfalls, perfect beaches, lush forests, and all.

It’s not often that many people consider what to do or what not to do when visiting another state, but Hawaii is unique. Hawaii natives have their own culture and while the state is incredibly warm and welcoming, there are certainly some things to be aware of. Whether it’s avoiding miscommunication or showing a sign of respect, visiting this gorgeous state will be a lot more fun with these things in mind.

Do Save Up, Go In The Off-Season, And Fly In And Out Of Different Islands

Hawaii is not cheap and this is a well-known fact. Even during the off-season, travelers will be paying more than they would in almost any other state for simple things such as dining and hotels or resorts. It might be common sense to save up a budget for this vacation but, as some visitors find out in an unfortunate manner, you should always save up more than you think you’ll spend. This way, there’s a cushion in case there’s that one restaurant with the stunning view or an extra excursion trip to that dynamite snorkeling spot.

The off-season is the way to go when it comes to saving money. Plus, going in the off-season might allow for a little extra cash in the event travelers wish to see multiple islands. The best way to do this is to fly into one and out of another since airfare between islands is fairly cheap as long as Honolulu isn’t the destination.

Don’t Refuse A Lei Or Wear Shoes Indoors

Traditionally, a lei is something that’s given as a sign of affection or compassion for another person. It might just seem like a welcoming gesture if you attend a hula dance or dinner, but it’s truly a sign of respect to wear it. A person also shouldn’t remove the lei in front of the giver of the lei, as this is also seen as a sign of disrespect.

Wearing shoes inside another person’s house is also a sign of disrespect so, if you see a bunch of shoes lined up outside of the doorway, it’s best to follow suit. In all likelihood, sandals and flip flops are probably the only things you’ll pack anyway – so they’ll be easy to take on and off.


Do Buy Sunscreen In Hawaii Rather Than Bringing It

It might seem strange to leave a super important safety item at home but there’s a good reason for it. The state of Hawaii has officially banned any kind of sunscreen or products that could be harmful to the reefs that surround it, which is why not every sunscreen is permitted.

Rather than getting caught pulling out something with dangerous or harsh chemicals, it’s better to just buy sunscreen on the island so you’ll know that it’s certified safe. If it’s better for the environment then it’s likely better for humans, too.

Don’t Turn Your Back On The Ocean

This is a cryptic way of saying that if you’re standing on the beach and an impending wave is at your back, there’s a very good chance you’ll lose your balance. In the worst-case scenario, the current could be strong enough to carry a person further out.

In the best-case scenario, a beachgoer would come back up with a bunch of salt water in their eyes, ears, and mouth – neither of which is highly desirable. In all seriousness, the waves in Hawaii are strong – that’s why Pipeline competitions are held there every year. Even on a beach that’s not known for its surfing, these Pacific waves should never be underestimated.

Do Explore The Farmer’s Market And Take A Hike

What’s the point of visiting Hawaii if the beach is the only allure? The farmer’s markets throughout the islands are some of the best in the country and offer a unique array of foods that are unique to the state. According to Never Ending Voyage, banana bread is one of the best things a person can purchase at the market as it’s an island specialty.

Getting outdoors is practically a way of life (especially with such gorgeous weather most days) so hiking is a must-do. To go an entire trip without spending some time on Hawaii’s most scenic coastal trails would be to miss some of its best views.



By Snowy